Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tic Tac... toe?

Drawing is almost complete.
2 more pages to go.

Here are the pages BEFORE the juicy part... and I will show you the pages after... but I will not show you the juicy part. You come and read that, lah? (<--- I'm picking up some Singaporean English = S'inglish!)

I changed the look on SmackJeeves... but my web design skills truly suck. I lost two fans hahahahaha. It's kind of sad, now that the comic is entering the interesting part.
If this were a movie I would say... the set-up is done, description of character and ordinary world achieved. Act I is through. We are in Act II officially and, from now on, stuff will happen... no matter what.

I was checking the polls... looks like the Alice idea is going to be a super winner followed by Oz... (oh, Pifo, the force is strong with you!). Interesting... ^_^

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