Friday, September 28, 2012

Romics 2012

Se passate per il Romics, oggi, saró a questompanle chiamato Japan Oriented che prende luogo alle quindici. Dopo il panel forse saró allo stand del romics per un po'. Ci vediamo!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Greetings from the Coliseum

I am drawing, slowly but I am drawing.

Not feeling well had me thinking about one of the 100 things I wanted to do before I die: draw in the Coliseum.

So the other day I picked up some paper, went to the Coliseum and even though I am still not doing that well... I started sketching the new page.

Of course after I did this cool thing and felt better I did a stupid thing. I saw a girl at the train station who was not able to pull her suitcase up the staircases (since the station is under renovation, all escalators aren't working) and since I had been there myself - and nobody helped me, except this one time I was in Japan and a nice salaryman helped me up the hill... I helped her.

Never pick up a heavy suitcase with a fresh surgery wound still healing. I am still crying over the pain.
I shall be inking soon.

Sorry for keeping you waiting, everything shall be back to normal after september 30th.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Pirate Day

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Unfortuntately due to health problem I am forced to postopone this celebration of one month.
The comic will also be available soon too on a daily basis... for now, I am sorry, but I can only upload every once in a while.

Please enjoy this first set of photos from my own personal disney and lego pirate collection.
I have more journey to the past to show and we have some fan graphics and recipes coming right up.
Unfortunately I did not finish my drawings on time, my health should get better soon.

I will show you a work in progress as soon as I can.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Out there! - page 2

He's oursss! - Complete

He's oursss! Complete! Ready to be read in one go! Enjoy!

E' nossstro! - Completo

Ecco qui lo speciale completo (precede la pubblicazione su shockdom ma è meglio approfittare quando issuu collabora).

Buona lettura! :D

Thursday, September 13, 2012

He's oursss! - page 20

Very slow internet... it was an adventure to upload the page today.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Journey to the past n. 3

This one really is a journey down memory lane! Look what I've found! It's the first script of The Pirate Balthasar - back then was called Pirates (then along came Roman Polansky and I had to change name to the story).

Of course I already had written/draw an entire comic before I decided it should be changed, improved, and written down.
This one was printed with one of those super noisy printers with needles going zooooing zoooing zoooing across the paper hahahaha.

And look at this one, this one is like from when I was 12 (can tell huh?)

My very first drawing of a pirate. Back then he was just called pirate captain (yeah, like the protagonist of the new Aardman movie hahaha). He does look like Philip from Sleeping Beauty a bit because... I was very fond of Sleeping Beauty and Philip (love).

Sunday, September 09, 2012

He's oursss! - page 17

The Pirate Balthasar - Special - Hugs

Hi guys, for those of you who still enjoy reading all the specials in one go, here's the collected pages for Hugs. Enjoy :D P.s thank you all for the best wishes. Surgery went well and I am up and walking already.

Il Pirata Baldassarre - Abbracci

Eccoci qui, lo speciale abbracci tutto accorpato. Un po' difficile vedere col calendario quando posso metterli online questi speciali, per questo non posso più fare il conto alla rovescia, voi tenete d'occhio l'elenco sulla destra del blog. E' la lista a tutti gli speciali pubblicati individualmente e messi su issuu - visto che mediafire ci ha bloccati per pirateria (a quanto pare non possiedo i diritti delle mie opere, le sto distribuendo senza il consenso dell'autrice, cioè... me! LOL) Buona lettura. A presto col prossimo speciale intitolato: Nossstro!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

He's oursss! - page 16

Journey to the past n.2

This is pretty interesting and also rather recent, I think it happened while I was working on Pirates of the Caribbean, hence the more realistic looks/fashion.

These are sketched behind my director's notes too hahaha. How funny.

I used to draw with ball point pen like crazy!

So as I was browsing amongst my drawings I realized that... I used to draw quite a lot as a kid!
I always complain that I don't draw enough, after this morning I begin to think I should calm down a bit - I am running out of space for all this paper!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

He's oursss! - page 14

Journey to the past n. 1

Hello mates, I am vacationing in Italy and as I was looking for my secret stack of watercolor paper... I stumbled upon some veeeeery old stuff.

Okay, expect horrible drawings, you can tell by the paper, so thin and yellow, that these drawings are more than 20 years old.
This set is from 1990, they were initial studies for some of the scenes that you already saw in the Pirate Balthasar.

Let's see if you can tell who these are and what's going on (except the one with the child that was only used for an illustration).

Monday, September 03, 2012

He's oursss! - Page 10

Hi guys,
I'm traveling back to Europe so the next updates will be coming at a different time (8hours difference).
I'll try to find a time that matches this one the closest.