Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Pirate Balthasar - Chapter 11 END

We've finally reached the end of chapter 11.
Oh my God... we're already tackling chapter 12, the last one of volume 3... and that marks also the midpoint for the series as volume 4 is the second to last one!
Actually just yesterday I was considering that in 2 months I will be celebrating my first year in Singapore... and this year definitely flew! *_*
But anyways... you know the drill, click on the title of the post to read it on Smack Jeeves and enjoy!

Il Pirata Baldassarre - Capitolo 11 FINE

Ed eccoci alla fine del capitolo 11. Wow, stiamo entrando nel 12 che è l'ultimo del volume e finito il terzo volume facciamo anche il giro di boa nella serie, superando la metà.
Il quarto sarà il penultimo volume... com'è volato sto fumetto.
A dire il vero constatavo giusto ieri che tra soli due mesi festeggerò il mio primo anno a Singapore! Un anno... nemmeno me ne sono accorta!

A ogni modo, buona lettura! :D

5 senses wallpaper

I don't know about you, guys, but I love wallpapers... so I've created one from the 5 senses set.

If you noticed... the illustrations are built on a background with stripes, each stripe's a color of the couple... so here are the 5 stripes put together and designed as I originally planned them... to slit into the illustrations as if we were peeking into their world.

And in a few hour the release will be up! *W* So... see you later!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pifo Gaga over the Rainbow

Sorry this might go on Facebook twice but to repeat is never wrong XDD

Alright! I finally managed to develop the 4th Fan Fictional concept - putting the cast of TPB in other stories - here's: Pifo Gaga over the Rainbow

As you may recall this one was: Pifo as Dorothy and the guys... going to see the Wizard of Oz voted by 15 (18% of the voters).

The Peter Pan and Wendy might come first... also because I changed my mind on it... as in... I'm using Hook and Peter Pan instead! XDD You'll see it's quite strange! XDD

So... let's play another little game... who are they?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5 senses - touch

Before I move onto more fanarts (both from me and others) and the release itself, which is coming up really soon, by the way, I want to finish the set of illustrations dedicated to the 5 senses.

Oooh when it comes to touch there is no doubt about it: Kane and Castalia are all touchy-feely. No surprise here, right?

She slips her fingers under his mask... he slips his hands on her back... and whether the time is right or not they are always wrapped around each other - but not in a cheesy way, more on a level of proximity that is equal to zero, since the very beginning. They way they sit or talk to each other is very uncommon and unique to a language that is all their own.

So for touch, here we go the Balthasars themselves!

I am taking into consideration the 7 deadly sins as the next theme and also somebody suggested to see pregnancy pictures (I have a perfect model for that, right now XDDD) and then I'll see one by one the other requests as I'm basically also a little ahead with the Fan Fic illustration (although I skipped two to go directly to the Peter Pan one... and am only left withe Pride and Prejudice and Pinocchio). So yeah... expect to see Pifo Gaga Over the Rainbow soon XDDD

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tha Fashion Game: second and third entry

We have two more entries for the fashion game, today.

The first one is from Sopeck and the second one from Rachele.

I can see that Kes' shirt is almost a constant already and Castalia is going more and more into Kane's colors :D

So nice, eh? So many participants in so little time!
I hope to see more so that we could have big polls!

I am guessing it might be hard to vote for the whole sheet, maybe we like one dress more than another in each set...
So I'm contemplating voting for the individual girls and opening 5 polls. What say you?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tha Fashion Game: first entry

Okay, we have a first entry for the Fashion Game from Lady Eos.
She proposes these colors for the new winter outfits, pretty nice, eh? *_* And she was fast too (I was not fast enough in uploading this instead).

Just one thing to remember though: Callista is wearing Cat's clogs still and those are yellow so that is one thing we cannot really change too much.

Anybody else wants to give it a try? *_*

The other thing is... I overshot chapter 11 so it will have 49 pages overall (3 extras), that's because one of the scenes that ended up in the comic was originally intended as a special.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Here we go... as promised here's the greeting card I was supposed to draw for Italy's 150th birthday.

Let's not forget this pirate is Italian too.

There is nothing wrong with loving your Country, its beauties, the heritage, the culture - the hard part is celebrating the people (there's very little to celebrate there!). Truth is the best line I can think of quoting, right now, comes from the Agora movie: there are more things that unite us than things that divide us. (actually that movie is pretty enlightening on the fact that not using common sense will divide the house and then we either all gonna die or the wrong leadership take power).
Of course to most people is more convenient to blame history and many other factors for the fact they live in a bad environment or a dirty city... it's not because they themselves don't care and allowed certain things to happen by keeping silent... noooo... it was something that happened 150 years ago! LOL Strange enough there are other cities right next door that look like a garden instead... so let's face it: it's just convenient to blame the past for your crappy present, even if you are the one littering and loitering NOW.

In the end the other quote I would like to share is one of the 18 rules of life written by the Dalai Lama: In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don’t bring up the past.

The past should never be used as a weapon for rancor but it should be something we learn from in order not to make the same mistakes all over again.

Which is never the case, that's why when it's time to celebrate and be light headed Italians get serious but when it's time to be serious they get light headed, nothing gets accomplished and then it's easy to put the blame on others and complain with the neighbor.
Let's bet... now they are all fighting over this March 16th thing because it's cool to go political on an anniversary... the next World Cup we win they'll be going: Italy Italy Italy! XDDD

P.s. this blog is moderated. I have the right to celebrate March 16th whichever way I like. If you don't like it, don't read the post and don't look at the picture... but do not post your political views in comments, I don't talk politics. I don't care for politics and I will not accept your comment... simply because I can: this is my blog.

Happy Birthday Italy!

Friday, March 25, 2011

5 senses - taste

This pumpkin sure taste yummie...
I could not think of anybody else for taste if not the voracious Lio.
So here we go and bon appetit, dear!

Only one more to finish the set for the 5 sense... then I'll make a wallpaper with these 5 all together :D

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tha fashion game

Since we are already voting for the real beauties contest... and we are left with nothing to play with while the polls are still open... I thought about planning another little game.

Here are the winter outfits for the girls... in sketch form. This game concerns the colors of the new outfit. Now... still taking into consideration what the girls' favorite colors are, let's think about a couple of things: 1) back then, just like now, colors would change and follow fashion so winter clothes usually don't have the same colors of the summer clothes 2) some of them are entering relationships so some colors are muting and merging with the colors of the loved one. 3) the materials used are different hence the dye will take a different shade of the fabric.

How to play:

- You can print and color this sketch with your colors...
- You can digitally paint this picture...
- You can send me a set of swatches indicating the outfit that should have those colors and where (and I paint for you)...
- You can send me a photograph with colors or patterns...

Where to post:

As usual you can either leave your link in the post reply here or on Facebook, on Deviant Art or send me and email at dedadaniels(at)

The contest will close by the end of April because the clothes will go on the girls in the May release and we'll need at least a couple of weeks to vote.

The girls will each have a full color cameo with the color picked by the winner... and the winner can request anything! :D How's that?

5 senses - smell

Of course, you awesome smelling thing, had to be the protagonist of our 3rd sense: smell... driving poor Kes nuts.

Actually in a little while the whole thing will come up in the comic itself, so stay tuned, we'll know why the doctor smells so nice all the time! (there is a reason... pirates never smell nice! We talked about foul smells, back in those days, in the blog curiosities)

Go Kes you are but one inch away from his precious neck! XDD Gnam Gnam gnam!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Afternoon tea... with shallallaaaaas!

Today I have an incredible fan art/fan fiction.... mhhh... how to call this? Fan Comic?
Isolde created this awesome 3 pages comic about.... shallallas...
I can totally imagine them talk.

Shallalla 1: "Gee, Shallalla, what do you want to do tonight?"
Shallalla 2: "The same thing we do every night, Shallalla—try to take over the doc!"

Isolde I forgot to ask you... do you want me to link your fan fic to your blog or something? How do I CC this to you?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 senses - sight

The second of the 5 senses is all about sight, because clearly - God bless him - Mr. Handsomest Man in Europe is quite a sight to see... only Pea does not see it! hahahaha

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder... so it's innocence and a bunch of other stuff... so let's make this couple about... the sight! XDD

Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter 11 C - curiosities

A second floor... is it something so extraordinary?
In facts... it was.
Usually even if you'd had a staircase in a house - particularly one that is not build on top of a shop - it would lead to a terrace or a space under the roof, kinda like an attic, where you would either store or put things to dry... like corn, wheat and pickles...
That kind of second floor... was usually meant for laundry.
To have a second floor with rooms, bedrooms, mean also that you might have a loggia above and not just a random attic.

Now, truth is Cassandra comes from a big mansion... right? The Academy looked pretty big... but I don't know if you remember that it was a bit run down and had pots on the floor and the soldiers were sleeping in a big room that might have been like a big hall... and the sisters were sleeping together.
Dottor Fynn's house might be smaller in size... but it's a house that feels like a home!
Why the right index finger and the shawl?
Well... the only marriage Westley might have witnessed could probably be his sister's (the owner of the ring).
He was probably pretty young and does not remember much of it but he still wants to follows tradition.
Traditions are part of who he is... even though he might have lost faith in God and stuff he was still raised in a certain way and, being the traditional man he is, he probably wanted to do things the proper way... the Jewish way.

So you see... Cassandra becomes a Jewish bride.

But he does not remember much except the finger and the shawl... so he come up with his own formula and a promise. But it's not like he is a Rabbi or think this version of the ceremony is "legal" (like Kane). They got married in a catholic church the night before but he want to give Cassandra something she could remember.

Pea's hands are ones of a working woman now.
Martin calls her Milady and offer his hand only to receive not the hand of a lady, in return, but one of a person who scrubbed decks and has red fingers.

A lady does not work. Her hands are white and soft and never suffered what Pea's hands had to suffer.

That's why he assumes, since she does look like a lady, that she is prisoner and is being treated like a slave, forced to work against her will.

The cold glare... yup, that's where Pea got it from.
It's a family thing... the girls were raised by nuns.
Pea and Kes would spend more time with the aunties, to learn the good art of becoming a perfect lady, hence a wife.
That's why they grew up adopting the same mannerism, in the end.

By the way... the malicious pinkies... come from the aunties too.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Il Pirata Baldassarre - Capitolo 11C

Ed ecco la terza parte del capitolo! Aaah, anche questo capitolo sta per volgere al termine... ç_ç che emozione!
Buona lettura! Ci vediamo domani per le curiosità! :D

The Pirate Balthasar - chapter 11C

Click on the title of the post to continue reading from page 24. Chapter 11 is reaching and end... Oh, my God... only a few more pages to go! ç_ç
Or enjoy our flash version of the chapter.

Greetings I've forgotten

I am way behind on a lot of greetings.
The first one is for St. Patrick's day!
Two day later: greetings... from one Irishman to all Irishmen out there, Captain Steeves wishes you all to have fun on the greenest day of them all! (btw he is the Irishman not me, that came out wrong) XD

March 19th is Saint Joseph... which happens to be father's day in Italy... so here we go: auguri a tutti i papà. Happy father's day!

Last thursday it was also a big anniversary for Italy, her (yes, Italy is a lady) 150th birthday.
I am preparing something for that too but I will post it far from the actual date to avoid stupid polemics (yes, Italians are like that: when they need to party they throw serious sh*t at you and when you have to do serious things they party then complain about nothing getting done... they need to straighten their thinking a bit XD).

But let's not forget that our Pirate is Sicilian... therefore he is Italian and I am pretty sure he'll love to celebrate his roots. So wait for his patriotic, btw there's nothing wrong with being a bit patriotic, illustration... it will be green, white and red!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shallallas plotting fan art!

Hahahaha thank you to Isolde for making my day with this beautiful drawing of the shallallas plotting, while having a nice cup of tea, and planning: how to acquire the much desired target, Doctor Fynn.

Apparently they are going for the neck! XDDD

I should have a special about what's a normal day like in the life of shallalla.

Friday, March 18, 2011

5 senses: hearing

So amongst the proposal for the themes there was this one that seemed pretty simple to do in an hour or so without thinking too much and fry my brains even further.
Plus 5 are the senses and 5 are the girls...

Now, that doesn't mean I am not taking into consideration the other proposal... in fact some of them looks so yummie that might bump into the 3 hours illustration aaaand I want to put some thinking into them. So keep on proposing because you guys do come up with incredible ideas and I really need help every once in a while too. ^^"

Off to work on today's page I go, bye bye now.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

theme proposal and updates

First of all a reminder... voting for the Real Beauty Game is still open.
Look to your left, you will see in the column links that will take you directly to the polls for each character.

On average 140 people participated in the game (well, it's not an average the numbers go from 101 for Martin to 147 for Westley who is, currently, the most voted real beauty).

Here is how it goes:
147 votes for Westley
145 for Foxy
144 for Quoque
143 for Cat
141 for the girls
138 for Kane
101 for Martin

Martin lacks in vote is probably due to the fact that six votes were lost when the test broke and I had to recreate it... Kan is clearly due to the fact that nobody up there still match our imagination so we'll have to look better (in fact he is the one who received the most: "I don't like the choices" comments in the "other" field).

Also the guys chosen for Quoque look too old for him... so try to imagine them at 15. ^^" I cannot really post underage people in my blog without google getting my ass for parental permission.

We also got new proposal so we'll have a second round of this game... soon. :D


Now... talking about the theme proposal:

I am currently working on more than 8 project at the same time so... I have to admit it my noodles are fried and I cannot think of themes for the quick illustrations.

Alright, maybe it's better if I start from the beginning.
The extra illustrations and freebies I create go in 3 different ranges of time I spend on them:
1 hours, 3 hours and 5 hours.

in 1 hour I create: the chapter covers; the illustrations sets like "too darn hot", "song and dance", "breakfast", "boys pin ups" and so forth; cubee, paper dolls and other freebies.

in 3 hours I create: more rendered illustrations with background like "her special day" "girls pin ups" and some of the completed fan arts, or something like the covers for volume 1.

in 3 hours I create: Volume covers and some of the fan arts like the Musketeers (the background took time) and red hot riding hood.

As you can see the girls pin up and the fan arts go into the category that requires a lot of time and I can produce only in a few days (because I can only spend a certain amount of time per day on TPB).

What I ran out of... is ideas and themes for the quick ones, like breakfast and song and dance...
in short I am saying: I accept requests!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sneaky peek

I wanted to keep this for later so... yeah, it's not a sneak peek but a sneaky one! XDD

A... small portion of the cover for chapter 12... or is it?
Speculate! XDDD

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Colored doodle

With this I finished to color the doodle I did while I was bored during the course of that training torture thingy.

The other thing I have to say is that I went to watch Rango last night and my opinion of Gore Verbisnki as once again risen (even though the movie is not completely successful, it sways at one point towards the end but then waltz back into a nicely done wrap up). I'm beginning to suspect this guy has fun on alternate movies, so the next one it won't be as nice (too bad cuz it's POC 4).

The other thing I notice is: the man is a walking movie database. I stopped counting after a while but he quoted over 50 movies and in one scene was able to quote something like 12 different movies in 2 minutes! Pretty impressive because the scene was random and funny but know what he was quoting made it more fun.

Definitely a perfect parody, from a stand point of a classic parody. I don't know how much of this is Johnny Depp's improv too (I mean, like quoting Groucho Marx and stuff). There's only one moment when the movie goes from Rango di Random... btw, score but the most incredible copycat of all time, the unoriginal Hans Zimmer (who always plagiarize classical music people don't know about). This time was an easy task imitating Ennio Morricone, he was asked to so he didn't have to hide spare notes to make it sound differernt (but not harmonious)... XDDD

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's bath time

It's a classic: people who are into hair will have kids who are into hair. My nephew is like that too... he likes to touch everybody's hair... if you let him do he could give you a perm XDDD so you try to take the habit away.

But let's say the boy doesn't want to take a bath? What do you do? You let him play with you hair... 100% epic win for mama Kes.

For the Japanese situation... twitter has created a blog page with very useful information:

Today... Facebook pages asking to donate using paypal, via wordpress pages and stuff are spreading like crazy.

I have to be honest... no official certification, no money from me. First of all I don't know who you are and what will you be doing with my money. Second of all... a lot of these pages one day they are here the next they are gone (I have seen 3 of them disappear already). My third point is: even if your intentions are good, you always have to go through official channels because they are organized and equipped and maybe you don't know the first thing about how to do it.

So my suggestion to you, out there... is to use Red Cross or official channels. They will be needing all the help they can get and they know what to do.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Callista in the morning

I start with an illustration because I have been drawing a bit these past two days to try and relief the stress from the week before.

I hope you enjoy it! :D

I continue posting but I also continue with the bulletin about the Big Japan Quake:

If you have tumblr you can help donating via reblogging this message.

I don't think donations have started yet, though (I think they need to do a few estimates and get the situation under control)... so they'll eventually donate.

For direct donations this page might be useful.

And for those of you who are big manga and anime fans, this page is constantly updated with the names of the artists who reported to be safe:


Per l'Italia... ci conviene aspettare Agire e vedere cosa dicono.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake

Alright, guys, posting continues... but please keep an eye on the Red Cross website to see if they are organizing any form of help for Japan.
The effect and damages left by the Earthquake are still too recent but help is coming to Japan and maybe we can be part of it.
I can only start suggesting a little thing... because phones are not working properly in certain area.

If there's anybody out there who has relatives in Japan and has problem finding them:

These are the two association that are working to restore family links, they are getting started now. I don't know if it helps and to what extent. I don't know... but I hope it helps.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The product of boredom

I will not survive this training course!!!!
Actually the worse is probably gone.... and I might have not survived it if it continue for another week.
Thank God it was only five days!

Anyways... being unable to draw for 3 straight days (I only managed to produce 1 page of the comic) made me feel so sick, so sick and stressed... that I would not sleep at night and would wake up in the morning with my guts in a knot.

The first 3 days were like.... super tiring.
This guy would come in and talk talk talk! Gave you notes and tell you: read them.
I'm fine... I do the same (but I do go through the notes at least once).... but not to that extent.

He said that to keep people interested you need to tell them stories. I do that too... but his stories were not funny and some of them very localized and not explained.
So they did not make sense to me.

Also I think you need to know how much of storytelling you can include and how much of lecture needs to be achieved.
Out of 8 hours he would talk for 6, make us do one or two activities, the remaining 5 hours he would talk... of himself.

Don't get me wrong... super nice person! I adore him... a bit self celebrative (I do this, I do that, they tell me I'm good type)... but super nice. At one point I kept going to the bathroom to give my brain a rest!

I talk a lot too... but to me story and talking ratio to showing is 1/3 and the one often includes the activities and Q/A! Or I talk to comment what I show.
If I were to talk for 3 straight hours I would not have my vocal chords anymore.

At least the last two days... were more standard... but there were more activities and labs and I was able to draw cuz I did not have to stare at the man telling stories.

Overall, though, even if it wasn't very useful to me, who teach in a practical school... I will definitely give the course super positive feedback: it worked wonderfully for the rest of the lecturer there with me!
There's nothing wrong with the course! SIDM is simply a different kind of school. School of Interactive Digital Media... that's what we are. We don't do no math test!
So definitely the course is fantastic, my feedback will go into the school suggestions... in a month or so... to let them know that, probably, for SIDM lecturer they might want to consider another solution, including internal training.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hip Hip Polls Hurray!

Alright, I didn't expect to see so many people voting. Thank you.

Currently my drawing is slowing down due to a certain training class (that unfortunately was not designed for Art School, even though the lecturers are fantastic people... but their stuff just won't apply for a practical artistic school)... Unfortunately I come back home completely drained. Thank God I draw ahead of myself like crazy so I can afford slowing down!!!

Also the big Fusion Show is on... so today was like... 8 am to 10pm.
What's a fusion show? It's the diploma show of our students... if you want to check out some of their works please come and visit the website.

I waited to draw this part of the story for so long... and now I am not enjoying it because I got suck in this useless training thing, sigh! Sorry if my drawings seem to be all over the place.

I am able to doodle in class though so be prepared, tomorrow, to see what boredom does to me XD


Back to the polls!

The most voted poll is: my ideal Westley!
Some of you proposed alternatives... so we might organize a walk off between the winner of the poll and the new proposed real beauty! *_*
Or we could create a brand new challenge: here's the champion... find the challengers! Could be fun, right? XDDD

Thank you for voting and please spread around the news that we are voting! *_*

Pea Cubee

Finally another little toy.
Here is Pea! So elegant even as a cube... aaah, such a lady!

Anyways I'm almost out of toys... so... I was wondering: what would you like to have next to play with? :D

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

25 expression challenge, second entry

This one looks like a tough game to play.
But tell you what... GreenLemon sent me a list and I copied and paste the thing for her... so you don't have to go through the trouble of making the thing yourselves.

She is a CXC fan so you'll see only Cat and Callista. (I think I might have gotten some of them wrong, sorry, forgive me some of the pages you gave me actually had Wes in it).

So here's our second entry for the 25 expression challenge! :D

here are the changes required:

I'll leave the question mark on drunk until you tell me what to put there. ^__^

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Chapter 11 B Curiosities...

Marsala wine is a sweet wine produced in the city of Marsala (that's where the name comes from) that got very popular outside of Italy in the XVIII century.
It also became much stronger in its alcoholic content after that... to be exported and kept well during journeys...

So before that popularity reached it... it was still a very light, sweet wine. So imagine how many cups Cassandra had to drink in order to get drunk.
Now you know why she's got to pee so bad!

Baroque music did change quite a bit in just a few years... already towards the 1650 madrigals had gone from 4 voices performances down to three or two voices.
Monteverdi helped transition from polyphonic to monodic and concertato.

Girls the age of Pea would already know madrigals with soloist part and in the XVII century madrigals already had instrumental music accompanying the voices. Because England stayed behind in the evolution with madrigals... I am thinking Pea should sing solo madrigals with basso continuo using a lute, which was more common in Southern European Countries.

They do.
In fact if you go to Sicily not only you find many dessert that are based on almond paste (like marzipan) but you can also make a drink called orzata... unlike what Wikipedia states... the real one is home made by melting almond paste into water and there aren't any other ingredients to it.

It's only cold water and almond paste.

How could this happen? In some Regions priests were prepared to receive eloping couples (see... in Sicily there's this thing called "fuitina" - which means eloping - that is still in use today! Latest count was 300 per year!). In short sometimes, if the families were against a marriage, the girl would arrange to elope or pretend to be kidnapped by the future groom.
Sometimes they would run away, let the night pass and then force the family to accept them (allowing them to "repair to the damage", being the girl no longer a virgin, with a wedding ceremony) or they would go and knock at the church's door in the middle of the night and the priest would marry them on the spot (particularly lucky for the girl: better married than dishonored). It became common, with time, to marry these runaway couples on lateral altars, not the major one, and little by little knocking at the church's door shifted towards dawn.

No, brides had no trains, no long veil, no nothing... they would only wear their best dress (white gown came to be used in Victorian era) and leave the hair untied, falling down their back (as a symbol of purity). Of course each religion and Region had different types of ceremonies...

Right now Kes is just blabbering nonsense (in the Italian version she mentions pageboys and long veil - cultural related joke to accuse the useless lavishness and pomp of today's wedding ceremonies, such a waste).

Monday, March 07, 2011

The Pirate Balthasar - Chapter 11B

Click on the title of the post to continue reading from page 13.
Or enjoy our flash version of the chapter.

Il Pirata Baldassarre - Capitolo 11B

Ed ecco la seconda parte del capitolo!
Buona lettura!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Real Beauties... voting for Quoque!

Or follow the link:

Real Beauties... voting for the girls!

or click on the following link:

Real Beauties... voting for Martin!

People there should be 4 Martin not two!
I must delete and recreate the poll because it just doesn't want to show it right... sorry for the lost votes!

or follow the link:

Real Beauties... voting for Westley!

Iif you don't see the widget follow the link:

Real Beauties... voting for Kane!

and if you cannot see the widget above you can follow this link:

Real Beauties... voting for Foxy!

Or follow this link if you cannot see the above widget:

Real Beauties... voting for Cat!

Or go to if you don't see the above widget:

I left an "other" option opened... in case you want to pick body parts and compile your own lego cat! XDD Like first guy - hair, second guy - eyes-

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Impressions tic tac

Maybe this time Martin will leave... a big impression on Pea!

Maybe the doctor will leave a big impression on Kes too...

He will probably leave a bigger impression on the Shallalas!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Back Cover Volume 3

This one should have come out by the end of chapter 10.
Actually, no, the front cover should be out by the end of the second chapter and the back cover by the end of the volume... but I am working a little ahead of myself here.

So here's Cat for the back cover. Once again I chose a very famous painting to complete the theme for these covers.

Very easy to guess which painting I used... it's veeery nice but different and older than the ones used for the front!

Now.... Oh, my God! Lio should be on the next cover and I cannot associate her with any artist.... any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

No more words with background.

This is temporary.
This set of illustrations are supposed to make a third big illustrations... therefore I need to rethink the background for "no more words" in order to find a way to join the 3 of them together.

Just to try out I put the background of Her Special Day behind No more words... but I'll probably need to rethink this a bit because the light feels to strong.

Will I eve complete the task of completing this friggin' poster? I shall keep on trying XDDDD ahr!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It's coming...

Something is coming....

Is it scary?

Is it painful?

It will be funny... for sure! XD