Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More fan art but first....

Before I start this post and show elianthos on a rampage I would like to spend a couple of minutes to remember Satoshi Kon.

I've just learned about his passing away last Tuesday and honestly am still in shock. I was looking forward to his next movie Yume-Miru Kikai. I love robots! . The source of the news is ANN a famous website dedicated to Japanese comics and animation and a reliable one. I still hope this is not true because he was only 47.

His surreal storytelling and great sense of humor always made him my very favorite Japanese contemporary director! Miyazaki fans, don't get me wrong, I like most of Miyazaki's production but not the whole thing. He is not consistent to me and I have to confess that I like the old production better, it was more intuitive (I still love him, though, Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies of all times). But Kon was my favorite.

When it comes to his work I have not found a single thing which I haven't loved from the bottom of my heart... plus I do prefer things that make me think while laughing and his timing is much tighter especially on line delivery! His dialogues are full of subtext and they are very musical. I am a story person after all, after I'm stunned by visual, the first time, I get stuck on story and other things. The themes he touched were closed to my heart too.
Every time something like this happens... I feel a bit orphan.

Let's pass onto happier things. ^__^
Elianthos went on a rampage, while I went on a rampage hahahahaha.
So you'll get 2 more illustration from her, today!

Of course don forget to visit her Deviant Art account and leave a nice feedback message for her.

Here's Foxy with a little bit of Lio....

And Cat with much more of Feetsie, so much more that... eer... DA wants Mature Audience tag for nipples, even if it's artistic nude.

If you click on elianthos name at the beginning of the post, you can reach her uncensored Live Journal page and won't have to deal with tags in DA.

Fickle is to shy to comment these but he likes the green one!

<_*_>___l --- Foooo greeen!

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