Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chubby Pirates

I think Nodame, from Nodame Cantabile, is right when she says that Mozart is pink. But I do see this kind of pink when I listen to Mozart... is an antique looking pink and goes nicely with browns and strawberry pink.
So because of Amadeus I cam up with chubby pirates and there will be more of these. Ahahahaha. Here's a wallpaper.

Actually I made this drawing when I was waiting for my food at Cedele (I like Cedele but aside from the breakfast set I still haven't found anything else particularly tasty or to my liking).
Because I had been going around eating I felt I was like Kane, going island hopping and tasting the good foods of life hahahaha.
The difference between me and him is that I might get chubby and he doesn't... so I decided: I wanna see chubby Kane. Apparently Castalia still liked him, particularly in the second pose. The one I picked.

And because they are nice and chubby an almost square format suits them better and I wish I could make little post - its or small notebooks out of these he he he. I used to design stationary and it's fun. If I find a shop in Singapore that can print small set of stationary for me I'll totally go for it.
BTW this will be a multicolor notebook... because I am preparing pages for the others too... including Pifo and Pea and Josh.
Time for me to go to work, now... see you later.

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