Thursday, June 30, 2011

Volume 4 cover

I have posted this one on Facebook yesterday already.
Actually I was planning on posting another illustration today but... I forgot to transer it to into my hard drive.

But since we are already at the end of chapter 13 and beginning of chapter 14 it's about time I revealed what the front cover of volume 4 would look like (Foxy will be in the back :D).

I hope you like it.
We're only a few hours away from release so... sorry but you'll have to wait two days to enjoy elianthos' new fan arts because I will need to updated and post curiosities first.

After that I will post the specials! :D

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another OC Game entry!

Today our friend Zoeyagent proposes two characters: Clyde and the Old Lady.

Here is how she describes them:

"The old lady will take Kane away from Castalia while in the middle of a crowd in a market place (or something) thinking it's her husband because of her oldness and such (poor eyesight).... and she rambles on about the passed... "Oh I remember the time...." Kane tries to fight back from the old ladies clutches but she interrupts and babbles on and on about the old days living in her exaggerated fantasies..... When Kane finds a way out he latches some random person (Clyde) from wherever to the old lady which doesn't seem to notice....

Then Clyde will notice who is on him, and seeing that Kane did it he will say.... "DAMN YOU PIRATE BALTHAZAR", Old lady then taps him harshly in the face because of language.... then says "Honey, Language!"

This old lady would probably be about a little over half of Kane's height with squinted eyes.... and Every time she sees Castalia she will say "just one moment little boy"...... and if she sees pifo she will say "little girl"..... "

Sounds like a lot of fun, right? XDDD
Thanks for submissions, guys, we have quite a lot to play with! :D I want moooooar moooooar!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Graphic Challenge: second entry: Water gif

For the Graphic Challenge our friend Mogeygriffin has created an animated gif based on water.
Now the gif is quite big so you can either click on my thumbnail and see it in its full size and resolution on my photobucket or click on Mogey's name up there, go visit Deviant Art and leave her a nice comment.

I advice the second option if your connection is not activated by sloths spinning a wheel, like mine (I had to download it to fully enjoy it). Any way you wanna see it still go and leave her a nice comment :D, it would be nice!

You want to see it full size: they move and blink :D it's super nice!


I also received new fan art and a new entry for the Oc game. Thank you!

I will be posting them next (I try to post all the things you send me in order :D).

Monday, June 27, 2011

New wallpapers

Just so you know I've updated the wallpaper section of our treasure room.

In addition to wallpaper for chapters 1 to 14, you can also find the 5 sense and, now, the 5 elements.

As you can see I am not very good with graphic stuff so I hope that many more of you will participate in the Graphic Challenge :D.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cosimo... eventually...

This is a new fan art from elianthos entitled "Cosimo, eventually".

In short this is what she thinks Wilson Kane looks like without a mask (aaah the good old days of the "guess who Wilson Kane is" game).

I am much stranded on lettering today. So I shall leave you with this masterpiece and get back to work.

Click on her name to reach her on deviant art and leave her a nice message.

BTW Nature is wrong it shouldn't have given males pink lips. Apparently if I draw pink lips my characters are not recognized as males but if I remove it they do. XD It's funny.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chapter 14 - cover

Here we go!
This is the cover to chapter 14... yes!

Chapter's title: sweet!

This volume is going: Selfish, sweet, selfless, bitter.

And since we are almost at chapter 14 you know what this means... that the front cover for volume 4 will be out next (I have it ready already ouhuhuhuhuhuh!)

Graphic Challenge: first entry!

We already have a first entry!!! Actually two versions of the same wallpapers can be seen here and here and thanks to Tiffc for being so fast! :D

The update will be up for download in 5 days.... and I bet you are wondering what the cover to chapter 14 will look like.... especially after I might have mentioned that Cat and Callista will be on the cover of chapter 14 AND 15. Yes! (you know what that means, right?)

So stick around I might show you the cover in a few hours.

Ah... I forgot... there will be two specials at the end of chapter 13 :D.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Updates, fan arts and new games?

Alright, alright, let's start from the fan arts... as promised.
We start from this beautiful drawing of Callista by Mogeygriffin (you can visit her Deviant Art account and leave her a nice comment :D).

I always welcome new fan arts and I keep on saying that there's nothing better than waking up in the morning and find a freshly baked fan art waiting for me at the breakfast table! :D
But I know that you guys are always very busy so... I appreciate that you still find time to send me drawings.


The poll is closed the results are here.

The OC game is still on. You can post a link to your blog with your creation in the comments here, you can post a link to photobucket, you can submit via Facebook or Deviant Art or you can email you work to me at: dedadaniels(at)

We have quizzes and games for your enjoyment to the side (to see which Papadopulos are you, or play the color scheme interpretation or if you like to play the 25 expression challenge the pirate way).


New Games

Are you good with graphics?
Pick any drawing from here and/or here and let's have a contest about the best: wallpaper, icon/avatar or animated gif!

It shall be called: The Graphic Challenge!

You can use photobucket's filter (I think flicker allows you to change stuff around too), or any graphic program to create your thing. You can do anything you like with it!

I'd say we play with this until the end of August, what do you say?

(as usual submission can be emailed to me - dedadaniels(at) - or posted here in the comments to the blog, or on facebook or on deviant art).

I hope you guys like the idea,
Have fun!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The poll is closed... and we're in trouble.

And how did you manage to have so many ties? Hahahahaha.
First of all thanks to all the 184 people who voted in such a short amount of time (we're getting very good at this! :D).

But here's the dilemma: which one should go first?

The cast in contemporary setting --- 56 (30%)
Callista and Cat - The Little Mermaid --- 56 (30%)

Kane and Castalia - Phantom of the Opera 23 (12%)
Foxy and Lio as Robin Hood and Lady Marian 13 (7%)
Wes and Kes Much Ado About Nothing 10 (5%)
Pifo as Snowhite and the guys as the 7 thieves 8 (4%)
The Odylliad 5 (2%)
Pifo goldielock and the 3 brother balthasar bears 5 (2%)
Martin as the Prince on the Pea 4 (2%)
Josh and Nairi as Montecristo and Aidee 4 (2%)

The first one is actually a set of illustration. The second one is a very long illustration. But I have sketches for both... so... shall I surprise you?

Vacation is over

I have a few things to share with you... including some nice fan arts that were sent to me while I was away.

But first I wanted to share some pics from my 3 days vacation with you... to show you that, even though I go on vacation, The Pirate Balthasar never takes a break.

This is Nikoi island, a little patch of Heaven off the coast of Bintan (Indonesia)... not too far from Aceh (pirates anyone? Yes, there used to be... but apparently after the tsunami things in Aceh have calmed down quite a lot - some times good things come out of very bad bad things, sigh).

I went there for three days to just unplug before the semester started again (I had not taken days off for a year) and, of course, I brought drawing materials along.

One side of the island is mostly windy but I could sit almost anywhere and draw without being disturbed... but I would have a small crowd of people stand behind me, peeking over my shoulders going "oooh" every three minutes.

LOL I am telling you, the way I draw doesn't make sense until the last 30 seconds of the drawing, all you see in the first 2 minutes are shapes and scribbles... then the eyes appear and the facial expression does the rest hahahaha.

In short I managed to draw some... 14 pages in one day.

Ah, don't rely too much on what you see in the black and white storyboard, some of the pages where crossed out because I could achieve just as much with less dialogues and pages. So the storyboard have been edited quite a lot.

Anyway the fresh air, the view from my room (which was, in fact, a 2 floors hut) were good and inspirational. I got a few ideas from this experience since the crew is going to land on an eco-friendly island themselves quite soon.

I am planning for Pifo to do something brilliant and now I feel like going to re-read Robinson Crusoe (although The Italian Robinsons by Salgari would make more sense since they got stranded somewhere in Indonesia too, sooo.... same vegetation).

I did some pillaging and plundering (came back with a bag full of sand and dead corals - I don't pick shells unless they are broken, otherwise the hermit crabs would be left homeless - I sailed the pirate way, shouted over the wind the pirate way, drank (a lot of water, which is apparently very precious and hard to find :D) the pirate way... but the thing I did the best, the pirate way, was... CHILL!

I took a chill pill and enjoyed life because I have life and being able to rest and relax is, nowadays, a form of luxury!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beads and pieces

I don't think I posted this... did I?

You know how I like miniature paintings... so I am trying to create one using beads.
It's the usual 5x5 cm. The beads are made of glass.
Depending how the light hits it is very pretty and shiny.

I think the line used for the chin is too dark and she looks like she has a beard hahahahahaha.
Anyway it works much better when you look at it from very very far. It's like... pixel art! :D

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Callista mermaid concept

It seems like the Callista mermaid thing might happen sooner than expected (she's been voted a lot).
So I started some concept for it and I though I might share a bit of my thinking process with you :D

First of all I start figuring out a composition and an action.

The composition is the one to the bottom right.
It will be portrait, very elongated (the type facebook does not like and does not want to upload).

Then I try to determine a second composition inside the composition... I want a sort of heart shape for them.

Then the action: she was expecting him, he holds his breath but is finally there and she is delighted and wags her tail around him.

Then I look for references.

I try to sketch tropical fishes I like and see how many elements I can use in the concept for the mermaid.

I don't like mermaids looking too human. I think the reason why sailors should be drawn to mermaid is not because they are pretty girl (the fish tail is a total turn off, if you ask me... I have been at sea for month and you don't have a lower body? Who cares how pretty you are if I cannot do "stuff" to you?).

I doesn't make sense. But if they looked amazing, precious, something you might want to capture and show off... then it would make sense.

There's something about tropical fishes: they look like jewels to me.
A mermaid should be like that too.

So I develop a concept and a turn around... a cross section even though is gross... and studies of features, facial expressions and such.

I don't think a fish would need hair.
And mermaids, as they are always depicted, don't look hydrodynamic to me.

So my mermaid has to look pretty but fast.

Ecventually I think I'll make her golden and blue and very colorful.

She should be something very amazing. One of those creature that move you tear and scare you at the same time.

And because Cat and Callista's theme is to go beyond - it's about acceptance - it would be cool if he looked very plain and she didn't but they are still incredibly fascinated by each other, right?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chapter 13 C - Curiosities

Apparently Cassandra has sensitive ears... and also has a soft spot for Wes' voice. So imagine how she likes to hear her full name pronounced with that funny accent of his (that in shallalah's language is considered to be sexy)... whispered in her hear.
It's like the hyenas in The Lion King... ooooh, say it again! Mufasa!

Discipline on board... it's the quartermaster's duty.
Cat should take care of the situation and divide Wes and Foxy... fighting over a woman.
But Wes is also the First Mate and can be disciplined by Kane alone. We know though that Wes can override Kane's order if he thinks they might put everybody's health at risk.

It's complicated. Hence there's a moment of silence during which Wes realizes he picked a fight instead of using his higher status.

Can you guess what movie am I referring to for the creation of this scene? It's one of my favorite animated film and caffeine has a certain effect on the protagonist. My favorite scene ever! In our case potatoes trigger a very strong reaction in poor Josh and he totally flips.

And so what's wrong with Josh? Kane tries to explain in his own words what his brother's condition is. He cannot even figure out if it's an illness or not he simply thinks his brother is strange.

Still he was able to figure out loopholes in his brother weirdness and he managed to "program" him... or train him - as he states - in order to make him self sufficient and safe.

He spent his whole life doing so... which brings us back to Callimaco's conversation with Pea, when he states that Josh can be pretty dangerous if not handled in a certain way and that Kane knew how to while he was so presumptuous to know he could have done the same not considering the outcome of his reckless choice (resulting in the accident that made him limp).

We haven't seen anything yet.

Callista is another underestimated creature.
She went around "dream this and dream that"... but apparently she was trying to hit the target without being pushy.

So she was not sure it was a dream, she thought it was a dream and acted accordingly but it led her nowhere.
A direct question popped, when she felt Cat was very well disposed to conversation, helped her achieve her goal. So she knew.

A black florin. It was introduced in the first chapter of the story, when the former Balthasar talks to the King of Pirates, Gilbert Sullivan. That scene takes place after Kane's ship had sailed away so Kane does not know who sent him the florin. He assumes it comes from his father.
So now we know that a lot of people, including his father, want him dead and this must have something to do with the "diatribe" Callimaco was talking about.

So... a lot of people asked me if the black florin was like the black spot. Somehow... The black spot was invented by R.L. Stevenson for Treasure Island... it was a piece of paper that was blackened on one side and carried the sentence on the other side. It's a very clever narrative device and I needed something like that.

But it needed it to fit my time period and location...

Why a black florin? We know from chapter 2 that the currency used is the scudi and also some paper money had started circulating in Europe.

A florin is a very ancient coin and it could be white or black (moneta bianca and moneta nera). The first ones were made of silver, the second ones had copper and silver in it and had a lesser value.
That's why I picked it: a black florin is a useless coin and it's sent to show how useless the person who receives it is.. therefore the community wants to dispose of him. It's a death sentence.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Il Pirata Baldassarre - Capitolo 13 C

E buona lettura a tutti, ci risentiamo domani per le curiosities :D

The Pirate Balthasar - Chapter 13 C

I know the timing is a bit off this week...
I hope you enjoy the release and remember to come back tomorrow for the curiosities :D
Remember that you can click on the title of the post to visit Smack Jeeves instead.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hang in there! - and fan art

Hello mates,
the update will be up in a few hours so hang in there.
Today I am uploading the promised sketches/work in progress from elianthos.

She has also prepared some portraits of Giovannino (those I will link in a different way - she has uploaded them to her live journal and put age restriction, I cannot do that here so I will link the page directly)... so stick around to see what will come next.

The first sketch is called Lemon Time, you can visit her account on deviant art and leave her some nice messages of appreciation.

The second sketch is a quick study of Pea.

You know the drill... click on the hyperlink to reach her Deviant Art account (the specific page where the drawing is hosted) and leave her a nice message.

Happy posting, everyone!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Volume 4 back cover sketch

And this should be the back cover of volume 4.
More or less same style of rendering and color scheme.

I have a feeling he will look better than Lio because of the dark color of his hair.

It should be nice *___*/

I honestly drew this sketch, the one with Lio and a third one during a meeting. I think I spent about 25/30 minutes on each of them. The meeting was 2 hours long but I started drawing halfway through it :D!

And that's what meeting are for...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Colored line art

Today I have a nice colored line art by i-inspire to share with you guys.

It's watercolor (something I cannot do too well). The color and pigments are sooo rich *_* don't you think? And I really like the light wash in the background, such a lovely gradient. Please visit her DA page and leave a nice comment for her! :D

I know elianthos also has another sketch/work in progress of the doc and I also have some more sketches to share with you in the next few days.... BUT... update is coming soon, so I am currently preparing for that.

Fixing all the typos that people were so nice to point at on Smack Jeeves and Deviant Art and compiling the pdf.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cover of volume 4, WIP

Yesterday I posted a sketch of my idea for the cover of Volume 4.
Originally I wanted this thing to look like a fashion drawing or a fashion picture on a fashion magazine. Somehow Lio shouts fashion to me.

But it would not sit well with the rest of the covers.
In the end I think I'll go with a soft, pastel or watercolor look for this drawing to make it look like a portrait.... definitely.

I imagine it to be beige, with tints of colors and white highlights.

I'll probably use burgundy for the graphic part of the cover.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fan art, reminders and surprise!

This is the newest fan art by elianthos, it's called "reaching out".
We'd say, in Italy, it falls smoothly like cheese on maccheroni pasta... we are going to have a lot of Lio and Foxy in the next update (the one currently released on dailies).

She also has a line art/sketch of this piece. So go visit her page and leave some nice comments under her drawings! Thank you.


First reminder:
Only 8 days left to vote on the poll for the favorite illustration.
If your illustration set is not winning... be a pirate about it, kidnap your friends and tell them to vote. LOL

Second reminder:
The O.c. game is still open!

And here's the Surprise!

We are going to have 2 chapter covers with Cat and Callista.
And here's the preliminary sketch for the Volume Cover.

I chose the pose to the right! :D

Monday, June 13, 2011


Here's the final element, the fifth element... the union of man and woman...
Looool, sorry, stupid joke, I had to crack it.

Aether is the ancient fifth element... hard to explain what it is as it is hard to figure out what it is... some substance in the air, but not related to air, related to the star and space...

Too deep, too deep!

I hope you enjoy it.

The original version... with transparencies.

Aether by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Colored line art

There it is, the beautiful line art rendering by ~SlipshodTiming I was talking about yesterday.

She took the Callista in Wonderland and render it this way, very warm and soft!

Isn't this nice?

Just so you know I just finished the last of the elements and will be uploading it tomorrow! (and maybe I'll make a wallpaper with them, like for the 5 senses :D).

Have a good sunday.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

9 Cat

One little kitty, two little kitty, many little kitties... 9 big Cats!

Enjoy your weekend, I have soooo many chores to deal with today! (groceries, laundry, etc etc).

I leave you in good feline company.

Tomorrow I will upload a very nice colored line art (I received it today but I had already programmed to upload Cat) so it will be your Sunday present! :D

Friday, June 10, 2011

9 Westley

Late posting today, sorry, I was very very very busy - kidnapped by aliens type - busy, this morning.

I am continuing the little sets of 9 faces hahahaha. I think they are cute (I definitely have to start and vector them fast to make t-shirts for everyone).

By the way I am going to try and print my own Wilson Kane t-shirt this week-end, if I can manage to... I hope they can print it fast and nicely.

I chose a very cool off-white cotton t-shirt! :D
Let's keep our finger crossed.

Thursday, June 09, 2011


One more element to go, people... aether is on its way!

Remind your friend to come and vote for the theme of the next illustration (or illustrations set, seeing where the polls are going hahaha look at n.2!).

I am finally catching up with everything and will be back into full throttle soon.

Now, let's see... I bet blogger is being evil as usual and will not show the nice gif floating with a transparent background.
How about I also embed the Deviant Art version of it?

Fire by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Chapter 13 B - Curiosities

So the only curiosity we have this time around is about grappa and the truth about the soup is finally revealed: it was super alcoholic.

As usual I link to Wikipedia but PLEASE do not rely on it as your only source, research the things properly (in books would be better :D)

Grappa, can be easily googled, it's an Italian type of distilled beverage, we usually sip at the end of a meal, as a digestive or take in small shots.

Sometimes you can cook with it but the alcohol would evaporate in the process... unless you simmer.

Yes, do not go and read the silly and superficial and not so well researched answers you get from the internet... people type fast and don't think before hand, give immediate responses and opinion without stopping to think (switch the brain on, people!!! XDD).
The web makes us all passive aggressive nowadays and also creates new form of bullism... but they talk from theory and not from personal experience.

If you simmer, instead of bringing your soup/fondue to boiling, you don't get rid of all the alcohol.
So if people tells you: you got drunk on soup/fondue, are you an idiot?
They are being ignorant and/or never tried the real deal.

You can get drunk or super tipsy from something cooked the proper way. Fondue should never reach a boiling state, it should only simmer and depending on how much alcohol you put in there, if you have a heavy hand, you can get your guests drunk.

I got very tipsy on fondue once, it was cooked with grappa and white wine. Fact is the fondue was cooked properly, which means the cheese was melted and left simmering and alcohol stayed right where it was supposed to be. It was very very good and I love cheese so I kept on eating and eating.
I only felt just the bitter flavor, like an after taste but it did not bother me... the alcohol would kick in later, when I realized that I was already sitting on the floor. It was hilarious!

I wanted to bring in this experience because I always thought it to be funny to get drunk from food... and also people take in alcohol in different ways.

Apparently Callista gets tipsy and passes out.
Cat was probably afraid of not being able to keep a clear mind and went for fresh air.
Lio assaulted Foxy.
The doctor could not take the spiciness and stayed sober and he tried to prevent Cassandra from going back to the evil "Ourssss" monster state.
Josh can take his alcohol - maybe because he is a big guy- so he only felt happier than usual.
Foxy probably got tamer.
Castalia did not have any and she passed out overwhelmed by emotions (which is exactly what happened to Kane in chapter 8).
As for Kane... he got... sort of... "sweet".

Okay, anyways, thank you for waiting so long. The answer to: what was in the mysterious soup? - is finally out: alcohol.
And that's what got everybody acting weird.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Another Oc entry!

So Blogger is being evil this morning and does not let me upload pictures....

Hence if you click on this it will bring you to photobucket.


This entry comes from Mallory who has just started her comic on Smack Jeeves called Regency! (click on the title to visit her comic).

In the meantime meet:

Katharina Althanasius Wolf

Height: 5’7” (Foxy’s height)

Age: 19

Hair: Dark Strawberry Blond

Eyes: Pale Blue

"Katharina Wolf is a young German woman living along the Mediterranean Coast with her scientist father. Her mother has passed away and so her life is just a matter of following her father around Europe while he researches.

She’s seen in the background looking for something first. Then has a yelling fit in German looking up at the sky, “Heinrich! Raus aus dem Fenster! Sie sind ein Schmerz in meinem…” (Heinrich! Get out of the window! You are a pain in my…) Josh turns back to move to her.

“Can I help you…” She interrupts by yelling at the window again where there is a gray kitten.

“Damnit! Get down!” He blinks at her, taken a back as she starts hopping at the window. Carefully he reaches up and pulls the kitten down handing it to her. She glances at him, glares and then turns to walk away quickly. The cat meows and she turns to look down at it. “No, Heinrich, he was not THAT handsome…” She looks back flushes and then skitters away behind a building. Josh is left bewildered. Kane steps in.

“Who was that?”

“I have no idea….but I wouldn’t mind finding out.”

The end."

Uuuuh, Josh is in this one! *_*

Monday, June 06, 2011

Il Pirata Baldassarre - Capitolo 13 B

Ed eccoci qua con una nuova uscita di ben 11 paginette,
Vorrei dare un caloroso benvenuto ai nuovi lettori che ci hanno scoperto da poco su Shockdom (il blog - e il fumetto - sono parecchio piu' avanti... ho scoperto quel sito relativamente da poco, ma prima o poi ci mettiamo in pari ;D).

Benvenuti a bordo! :D

The Pirate Balthasar - Chapter 13B

Hello, here's our batch release for chapter 13 B.
As usual if you click on the title of the post it will bring you to Smack Jeeves exactly at the first page of this batch (that is if you want to read it on Smack Jeeves).
Thank you for all your suggestions and typos corrections... sometimes I don't make it on time for current release so the fix page would be up in the next one.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

OC game: third entry!

Here's our third entry for our OC game.
It's from Kanako and you can visit her Deviant Art account!

Here's the description of her character:

Second child of a wealthy Sicilian family, Allegra has a strong temper. She speaks only when requested and says what she’s expected to say, but what really talks is her eyes’ expressions. She could speak calm and sweet and yet looking at you with a killing gaze.
She’s quite skinny but she had a substantial dowry, which allowed her father to marry her with the current chief of Martin Steeves. Her husband isn’t strong enough to cope with her and he ended yielding to Allegra’s will. So in the end are Allegra and her father who command in her husband’s place and send Martin after Kane (that’s because of something really old pending between Allegra’s grandfather Costanzo and Kane’s grandfather... you know, family duty XD)
About her appearance in the comic, I imagine a scene like this: Martin doing his report to his chief and Allegra standing behind her husband’s chair, commenting and advising both her husband and the captain XD And her poor husband sink into the chair XD

Dramatic music cues iiiiiin!
Thank you for the entry!

Update is coming soon, have a good sunday everyone.

Friday, June 03, 2011

OC game still open

Hi guys, just to remind you that the Original Character contest will be open until the end of June.
The link to the specs for the game are here, to the left side of the blog.

You can participate with a drawing or with a piece of written description.
So the game is opened to everyone.

In the meantime I will like to thank you for voting in the poll for the illustrations theme, I can't believe we have already so many votes! It's awesome!

Sorry for not uploading anything particularly cool today and for posting so late but Friday is a veeeery long day at work! :D

Thursday, June 02, 2011

9 Lio

As promised here's the 9 Lio expression set.

Now it's time to move onto the boys! *_*
(and start to vector the previous ones for t-shirt *_*).

But today busy busy day.

Remember that the OC contest is still open.
That you can submit new Real beauties any time and... enjoy the current poll! :D

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Fan Art - The Ring of Fynn

One Ring to rule them all...
One Ring to make them go: oursssss!
The Ring of Fynn be fallen (like, literally falling) upon the people of Shallallas and be worshiped and honored and...

Okay this stopped making sense at the second line already.

All this fuss to say that elianthos, ho ho ho, was once again inspired by the mighty doctatorship of our beloved Mr. Fynn and delivered these two pieces today.

I kinda prefer this version here because I like how dark the pupils are, creating a very powerful focal point and giving him such and intense look.

Inteeeeenssssse - Shallalas meltdown in progress!

If you care to leave a message under her drawings (or complain that she does not produce as many as you would like her to muahahha - evil me)... click on her nick and follow her/stalk her on Deviant Art!

I forgot to upload the 9 Lios! >:( (let me clean it up first).