Monday, August 23, 2010

Westley fan art and love sharing.

I was going to post some illustrations today (I'll post them later) but then I woke up to find a beautiful surprise:

It's called: you make me all flutter.

Aaah the butterfly effect was inspirational! ^___^
You can get the original here, add to favorites and leave a comment... elianthos never disappoint us! *_*

The fans are pretty strong in this doctor, mhhh! (Yoda says).
My reaction to it was totally WOOOOAH (I still am wooooahing a lot, in spite of the fact my co-workers giggle at me for going woooah every 4 and a half minutes.)

When I'll settle I'll give proper comment... maybe... wooooah!
Fickle, what say you?
<3> d
Oh, thumbs up! Wait... do you even have thumbs?

I also got these pictures from our friend Perversion:

Here's her mobile phone.

... and here's her desktop.

As I keep saying... if you love the pirates, pirates love you back! I will look into a proper format for mobile desktops ^__^ gelaskins and everything you might be interested into. I'm open to suggestions.
I guess I also have to make a proper wallpaper with the "sleeping position" series too.

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