Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am compiling the chapter and sending it out to proof.
In the meantime I was commissioned drawings and stuff but eating peanuts and listening to happy working songs really does not put you in the right mood.
I wanted to start 2 series of illustrations: 1) Too darn hot 2) Baby it's cold outside. (I'm always referring to old songs, I know hahaha)

I am starting with adjectives instead.
Somewhere, earlier on in this blog, I mentioned that I work with symbols and words to establish certain things - in order to be consistent.
So I use keywords and try to keep them in mind so that my story does not go out of track and each character follows his/her own arc without failing his/her karma! ;D

One of the adjectives I chose for Westley is euphoric.
It's the effect love has on his heart.
When people fall in love they can chemically react in different ways: some fall in a slump, other feel hunger and desire burning up and have this continuous longing expression on their face, other feels jumpy and all over the place, always tense.
To Westley life turns pink and he feels like smiling all the time.

Oh, and you will see him smile a lot. Even when things get tough and don't go as well as hoped, even in the utmost despair, while thinking "I'll never get the girl"... the moment Cassandra steps in he smiles and feels euphoric.
He'll smile after a fight, he'll smile if his heart aches, he'll smile even if things are going for the worst... he just cannot get the frigging grin off his face.
He would even smile with tears in his eyes! Ha ha ha.

This is coming from a guy who never did smile sincerely... 'till there was her.


Rachele said...

Bellissima l'immagine... intendo, sia l'illustrazione che l'immagine che hai dato con le parole :)
Sorridere sempre e comunque, anche nella disperazione, anche quando penserà di non riuscire a stare insieme a lei... ma sorridere sempre, per il solo fatto che lei esista...
Come dire... ci sono incontri che ti illuminano la vita per sempre... ^^ (per mia fortuna, ne ho avuto anche io, a livello di amicizie, che mi fanno esattamente questo effetto, quindi comprendo Westley...LOL)

Anonymous said...


Al commento intelligente hanno già provveduto, indi fangirlo.