Friday, August 13, 2010

Work in progress eh!

As promised in the morning... here are some teasers for you.
So this is roughly what is going to happen soon.
Cat fans... rise and shout!!! Meoooorrrwwww!
Purr Purr...

He is going to be quite the hero! A scene packed with action and lots of luuuuv!

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Anonymous said...

I'm a fanwoman, hear me purrrrrrr *_* .
Breed will dehydrate for sure :D .

I must say your legs and butts are spectacular lately 8D, on top of the general awesomeness.

I'm puzzled by Calli wearing shorts though. Did she lose her pants too along the climbing or I missed an offscreen disrobing moment? (Feetsie is different, yet... could it be even possible etiquette-wise? O_o )

Aw, look at the reaction of the onlookers too (brilliant detail, brilliant). Lio is crying and Kes is clinging to the Doc too afraid to look ;_;.