Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Help Help!

If you are good and creative with banners and are willing to help me... I am supposed to put a nice new banner on SmackJeeves (so far I adapted the one on top of the blog).
The banner should be the size of the one I uploaded here (click on it to download it at actual size).
If you have free time and want to help me I would very much appreciate it, since my webdesign skills suck so much XD.

Btw, next week I am going to learn how to make a terrarium in a bottle... I will be hunting for pirate ships this weekend so I can put a small one inside my bottle and have a little ship lost in the jungle! XD I will post pictures, eventually, even though it's something whimsical!

Somebody asked me if Kane would read One Piece.
You should ask him, not me! LOL
He will answer your question in the freetalk at the end of volume 2 ;)

I am done with clean up and edit. I am lettering already and will be rendering tomorrow.
Will I upload early? Probably not this time around... I think I will work my way ahead of schedule... if I could be one chapter ahead of releases I could do real "coming soon".
I'll go for it.

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