Saturday, August 07, 2010

Very long Blabber day!

Happy Saturday! I will be drawing today! MUAHAHAHAHAH... because it rains... hopefully the rain will stop soon too because today the Youth Olympic flame will pass under my house and I want to see that!

I wonder if this Youth Olympic thingy they came up with, in Singapore, will actually start on the right footing. It's amazing how much they invest on their young ones here... in my Country if you are young you are nothing, you are a youngster, you don't know any better... even if you are a genius at 16, you have to go abroad to prove it and then they go: oooh, she was a genius after all, yay, she's Italian! LOL Funny people they are.

They have schools like I've never seen in my life, here! They also have the best of two Worlds and most of them don't realize it! And Gee, if I could do cartoons when I was 16... Balthasar would be an animated series, by now, with hundred over episodes! hahahahaha.

Let's try this again! :D
No, guys, seriously me and the web go opposite ways... you might have realized by now how much I suck at this. The moment I touch something it breaks... one of these days my mac will pull a hammer out of a usb port and smack me in the head like a stupid mole even though I'm a lizard or shriek: do not touch me with your filthy hands, you filthy pirate! (oooh that's so Pea there!) I do feel macs have the ability to put you in your place with a glance, like Pea does!

But you are Web Native, right? Yeees you are. And you are creative, right? Yes, you are...

So unfortunately the web needs to be taken care of, because Balthasar was born on the web.
I don't draw this comic for money or fame or anything... I do it for a very personal reason, for fun and because it just makes my day to see your reactions.

Now Balthasar is... about my culture, see? I blabber about the Mediterranean and stuff that used to happens in that area centuries ago. I know from the stats that people from all over the World reads it, so apparently my area is interesting... we have visits from North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa. How cool is that? We're an international band of pirates! ^_X/ Ahr!

It would be interesting to see your culture injected into mine... the "Asian" version of Balthasar, for example! As I said once: if you write a fanfiction and everybody likes it I would definitely turn it into a comic. It's what the Japanese call Dōjinshi!
Of course I love fanarts too.

I will pay the best WORK in nature, of course, cuz art is not about the money, right? (oh, they are so not gonna do it now, Deda!) And you can ask me anything from original drawings to "I want you to draw a Ufo into the comic". ANYTHING!
And of course, if you want to know it... no matter what the shipping cost, every contest gets this kind of reward: Original Artwork. So, for example Callista in Wonderland with the Cheshire Cat... that's a give away. It will not be digital! I will not keep it.
It's for you...

<--- I wanted to go downtown and buy watercolor and gouache this morning... but the sky is raining down on Earth and I bet Orchard Road is going to flood again. See?
Oh no, now my students know where I live! (I can spy on you from my balcony MUAHAHAHAHAH, work hard!)
BTW I will organize movie night two weeks from now... we shall be watching Amadeus. Just need to figure out what facility to book.

Please create WITH me! It will be fun... exit the passive mode, interact, do stuff together and see how big we can get, how far we can go... Let's go get the World Out There with Castalia! Eh? Hahahahaha

This days I'm working with some music... I want to do a small project, while school is on break... and it would be one of those things that would make you really happy - I hope. Aside from the fact that I am drawing ahead and trying to go one chapter ahead of releases so, eventually, I don't skip releases if times get tough around school (I will be getting around 150 students next semester, things can get hectic XD).

Where are you, right now, Deda?

Do you want to know? You have the right to know.

1) Storyboard: I am done storyboarding, which means I have the whole story from the beginning to the very end.... (if you click on the above calendar you can see all the releases all the way until 2012, yes, 2012). But I am fixing stuff around... for example, my climax needs some more intensity... I'm reworking a few things. So I am adding a few pages and taking away other pages that do not work but, more or less, release dates will be the ones you see in the calendar.

2) Flash dolls: there's only 4 missing and Foxy's needs a change of clothes: Lio, Foxy, Martin, Josh.

3) Book covers: volume two has been sketched back and front and is now in the working in Photoshop. The front cover should be up right after chapter 6 is done.

4) Chapter covers: chapter 7 is in the work in Photoshop right now. Chapter 8 is on the sketching table.

4) Characters sheets: there's only 2 missing: Martin and Josh.

5) I'll start Cube dolls soon. Once the flash dolls are out and I figure out how the template works. That way you can have your own Balthasar toys.

What else have you been doing, Deda?

I found a composition for the Callista in Wonderland illustration and am trying out ideas for Pifo over the Rainbow. I'm also sketching little things to put in the freetalk... related to One Piece, to answer the question "would Kane read One Piece?", you have no idea! The outcomes can be disastrous! Something to make Cat and the Doctor very pissed.

I've sketched 2 of the guys (Westley and Cat) for the Calvin Klein style illustration (this was for the 300 fans bet, and I bet I will be done when I reach 400 fans LOL).
I finished the Big Boys sketch and I need to clean it up to make the t-shirt logo thingy XD.

Okay, this was a very long and useless blabber to read.
Life is turning pink in 4 days... I am going to draw, now.
Have a good week-end!

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