Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The meaning of sleeping positions - part 2

We are left analyzing the last two couples, for now... (for Pea and Pifo and Josh we'll have to wait a little longer). So let's finish this sleeping position study with Cat and Callista, and Lio and Foxy.

This is the Sweetheart position or the True love position... some sites refer to it as a position you get from older men with younger women and their will to protect them and literally keep them under their wing.
We have a twist here... Foxy's arm is loose and his body is completely loose and relaxed. He does that thing crossing his leg behind another, which is usually said to be done by insecure people.
To me this is still Lio dominating the game and wanting to be on top and pawning him down. She actually sleeps in the nude... but this drawing is going on the blog, on facebook and Deviant art and bla bla bla... so I sketched some lines around her so that she looks clothed and dropped some green in. Remove that and you have Lio.

Don't laugh... I know... he's got black underwear. He's emo, for God's sake, let him be! (I wanted to give him black bed sheet too but that would be too anachronistic LOL)

This is called an Excalibur position. It is said that people who likes to sleep in the oddest positions, when alone, will adapt and fit the other like a jigsaw puzzle the moment they get into a relationship. If the partner is like that as well you have the supreme Tetris champions of sleeping positions. No matter what: they'll find a way to grab each other with legs or arms and always be in contact and constant proximity.
In our case Cat is a "free faller" and Feetsie is probably between a "longer" and a "fetal". A Longer is very quiet and submissive and Fetal is very complex (it's shy at first but then turns out to be very friendly and easy going). A Free faller is outgoing but has issues with criticism (in our case, Cat is short and feels bad about it hahaha).
We also see who's dominant here and who is dependent... an Excalibur couple is there to proof the World they are meant for each other and they are a match made in Heaven.

Some of you recognized themselves in these, eh? I read many comments on DA and Facebook about: oooh I do that too!

It's a peculiar theme and I've always felt very curious about it. You have other curiosities let me know. Some people are asking very intimate questions... ha ha ha... I don't yet how to deal with the mature content but I will find a script somewhere so that we don't get penalized by google and other places with very strict rules. For our times, these girls would be minors... even though in their times they were not! ^^" How to bend plain logic? We go around it the pirate way, okay?


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the paintings amazing... and i love your analysis of it too.. very interesting

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thanks for the amazing article your very artistic and the analysis was very interesting. :)