Friday, August 27, 2010

Tic tac... something!

I lost count of my tic tacs! Hahahaha

So... apparently Castalia is still polishing the treasure, Kane has lots of treasure... probably that's why he doesn't attack any passing ships... mhhh, I wonder. The guys get to talk around the dinner table, probably about Kane's behavior. Bad, bad Kane!

The editing is almost done, but I have to seriously work this weekend so I won't see lettering and rendering until monday!

Tomorrow I'll post some little chibi drawings. I watched Amadeus today! That movie is soooo darn good and Mozart makes me see pink and cute stuff... like pink elephants even though I don't drink and don't get drunk ahahahahaha.

Actually I draw chibipirates on my chibinotebook when I go out on saturdays and sit to drink kopi... and I was on meeting today and I doodle while I listen to meetings and many more chibi pirtes came out.

I guess I'll do a set of stationary with them hahahahaha.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*My Wes sense is tingling* avvistato il dottore coi capelli sciolti ARF *_* . Mo' vieeeni.
Inoltre, sento odore di guys' talk FuccoFa 8D.
... Scusa, ma in un punto c'è Kane che sta mimando la forma delle poppe con le mani XD?

Il set di cancelleria coi chibi pirati. VOJO T_T .

*mi sono arenata con le ragazze, oggi disegnare mi veniva una ciofeca. Spero meglio domani ;_; *