Friday, August 27, 2010

wallpaper 7

I don't have a new drawing for you today but I have a freebie.
I finally turned this drawing into a wallpaper so, for the Kes and Wes fan, you can finally change the old one with the new one, if you want to.

Also, this morning, I opened Tumblr to realize... you can recommend the blog into a specific category: comics!

I mostly talk about Balthasar on that too because... well I connected the FB page to twitter and twitter fo tumblr so only Balthasar goes around (because what ends up on tumblr comes back on my FB personal account LOL - so I spam myself a lot too).

But if you use it and want to recommend it here's the link:

Don't waste the buck on the pirate sticker, no matter how cool it looks! Everybody puts sticker and then they never stand out LOL. Deda has to figure out how to have this thing fit in the page with the other wallpapers... mhhhh....

BTW the comic is coming along pretty well and we'll have a Pifo Special this week too, because I am sure you miss Rose... what do you mean: who is Rose? Ha ha ha ha...

Ah, remember: Wilson Kane and Foxy contests are about to end... and we already have to dialogues entrances in the Pillow talks contest.

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