Friday, January 29, 2010



Height: 162 cm (5,3 feet tall)
Age: 16
Hair color: ash blond
eyes color: blue

The Crazy One!

Our protagonist... is a very strange girl. She likes to forge swords and then goes to the local tavern every night to test if it does work... or if it does not. Most of the time the sword breaks on the head of some poor peasant and she starts a fight way too often... so much that the townsfolk can't stand her anymore, they call her The Crazy One and try to avoid her!
She has almost forgotten her real name... because everybody calls her that!

She lives with her Uncle Aristotle, his 8 Swiss guards, her 3 aunties (all of them nuns), her sisters and a cousin who went to school but came back more stupid than before and with a despicable pronunciation problem.

She looks like a boy (cut her hair short because helps her out with the forging of the sword and the training with the sword as well), just like her sisters she is way too skinny for beauty standards of that time - the uncle does not feed them well - and a particular trait of her is: her hands are huge.
A normal person hands go from chin to a little over the eyebrows. Hers are as big as her face. This might come from many years of handling tools (she also has strong arms muscles and larger shoulders than her sisters). Her hands are also... not so soft and not very lady like.

Why she acts so strangely... you'll have to find out. Who's taking her away from this routine? You'll have to find out that too.

Don't miss the first chapter of The Pirate Balthasar... soon on these pages!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Work in progress

I will keep you waiting a while, I am sorry, but the very first chapter of the Pirate Balthasar will be quite long.
So far I penciled in 33 pages (and I have to pencil 6 more at least), I cleaned up 25 pages and colored around 8 pages (7 of them are lettered).
I can usually pencil about 4 paged per day (I have to work too, sorry ^^), clean about 6 pages per night and color and letter 3 of them.
So I am sorry to keep you waiting, hopefully more people will find out about this comics in the meantime, thanks to the promos... and we'll gain some new friends to our pirates.

I am trying hard to make it so that the wait will be worth the while... it's a funny and romantic chapter. It introduces all the main characters and set ups are always very difficult.
I want you to know, though, that I have the whole story in mind. I know exactly where this is going and it will not stray.

You might not believe this, the first idea for The Pirate Balthasar was born in 1988. The story was worked on with my friend Giorgia (whose sense of humor helped me spice up my way of writing) for over 6 years. We had then produced so much material that we split the story in two different stories.

Some of it was turned into a Musical, the other part was turned into a novel of about 380 pages.

But honestly the comic was always the main nature of THIS specific story. It was born as such.
It all started with a masked pirate and a girl looking for her roots.
That remains in the story... everything else grew up to be something more!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Pirate Balthasar - promo 2

Hello, here's is promo 2.
You can either flip through the flash file uploaded here and hosted on Issu:

Or you can choose to read it on:
where you can flip through the pages and won't have to zoom in at all!

The Pirate Balthasar - promo 1

You can either scroll through issuu flash preview:

Or... if the file is too big and uneasy to read, you can read the comic on:
which is a nice picture viewer specialized in comics! (and you won't have to zoom in).