Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Scouting Bologna

Hi guys,

I had my eye surgery last week - I was blind from my left eye - and I had to be away from the computer. I am recovering wonderfully.
Considering it spent almost 15 years in the dark my left eye is getting used to the light quite fast too. The surgery was not easy and my vision is not 100% back yet but it’s enough for now to make me realize the world is wide and shorter and rounder than I remembered it and more colorful too hahaha. 

Of course for a week I could not draw, read, watch TV, check messages, check the computer except for 10 minutes every other hour, to learn to focus - which I still haven’t mastered, especially when I have to shift from object far away to close ones.

 Since I was not able to do anything and bored to death - as you can see from the scribbly drawing - I have decided to take the guys to Bologna, where the doctor gave us a tour of his school too. (I also collected some background information on a location I could not access via google street view).

I will be out again tomorrow for a check up so I hope you don’t mind thant this week I only could upload one update for the Pirate Balthasar and one for The Flower and the Nose - next week everything should be back to normal (hopefully).

 P.s. I think some of this blurred pictures can give you an idea of my struggle with “focus” hahaha.