Monday, May 31, 2010

tic tac 13!

Clean up is done and scanning too.
Starting tomorrow we render and letter :D Yay|
The last two pages might look odd - sorry guys my scanner died on me.

Oh Deda, Deda where have you been? Why the long silence? 2 whole days without posting.
Sorry, guys, I was shooting a movie for the "48 hours film fest", it's been hard but fun and I almost died of hunger and fatigue! WAHAHAHAHA.

You might be glad to know that I had to travel soooo much by train that I managed to storyboard all the way to chapter 12 so... I officially have planned the next 2 volumes for The Pirate Balthasar... and oooh you are so going to love chapter 11/12! XDDD Something really cool is going to happen!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tic tac 12!

Did you miss me yesterday? I missed you.
Another uninteresting post, except I can now tell you I am done drawing and will start clean up today!
As you can see the gossip society is still very active! It will get worse! Hahahaha.
In this part of the chapter Cat is absolutely my hero!
Such a little guy with such a big heart (and muscles and... well Pifo might tell you about it one day - he SEES stuff!).

So I didn't post yesterday because I was drawing and I am working these days and have deadlines - actually one is today - so this kinda messes up my schedule a lot.
I even went to get my blood test today - and I want to start a petition to have cute, braided doctors in hospitals from now on! ;_;

I am constantly updating the agenda above, I reached December already!
I spend a lot of time commuting and waiting here and there, for papers and work. So I carry my sketchbook around and keep on storyboarding.
I am currently sketching chapter 10 (that's in volume 3, you guys, and something really cool and matrimonial is about to happen! :D).
Okay I gotta go and work and draw... you want to read the comic, not my blabbers, right?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wilson Kane - Contest 2

According to Carla... the actual Pirate Balthasar is the former "Bobo, clown of the seven seas" which explains why being part of his crew is so much fun!

Here we go with our second contestant... this is getting tough! I don't know why but being such a One Piece sucker... it kinda reminds me of Buggy and it makes me all happy and ticklish hi hi hi!

Also... today was Towel day... I didn't go out so I could not celebrate it (it would have been fun to go out with a towel). If you are Adams' fans you know what I am talking about.
If you don't know... let me tell ya... Wilson Kane celebrated his way!
Sorry ^^ this is terrible, I know! But I was drawing storyboards for chapter 9, today, so since that part has hot springs in it I got inspired/misled and carried away... by the theme.
Bad bad towel!

This was all very uninteresting! It's 10:39 and I am still working... so I needed a break, a silly one! Forgive me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tic tac 11!

Oh so many tic tacs this week.
Alright, guys, I am four pages away from finishing drawing the chapter and after that is clean up, rendering, lettering... the usual stuff.
Today I was in school all day though, as my students had to present their project, and on my way back home I fell...
I was on the train and while I was putting my stuff in the overhead compartment this guy stretched his leg and I tripped over it.
He caught me - or at least he tried to catch me - but I landed with both hands on the dirty floor (I HATE REGIONAL TRAINS THEY ARE FILTHY!).

Now this could have made some good comic/romance material... if it wasn't that the guy was an idiot and instead of asking "are you alright" just said something like "thank goodness I have a good knee". So I stood at and glared at him and said: maybe you should keep your good knee under your seat instead of stretching it behind girls to trip them!

In short I let him understand that it was his fault and I did not appreciate his attempt to catch me - since it failed. Keep your hands off me!

What can I say, good opportunities for shoujo manga don't apply to pirate girls *_*! Yay!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wilson Kane - Contest

We have a first participant to the Contest!!!
You won't believe this... but this is one tough cookie to challenge!

So bring it on you guys!
For the "non-drawers" category our friend and follower Ring!


I wanted a Honma so much *ç* but i have to confess I drooled over the Black Jack version (and Mickey Mouse too but let's not go there ^^")... is the unibrow the correct answer? Or is it the Scar? XDDD

Who knows....

tic tac 10!

Bonjour! I'm falling in love with French comicbook artists and I feel very French this week.
So... you might have noticed I have been very quiet after the release.
Are you resting, Deda? No flash dolls, no tic tacs... you are busy compiling Volume 1 and don't talk to us anymore...

Well, truth be told I took thursday off and went to drool in front of some Caravaggio paintings in Rome - inspiring? No, just to die for! *ç* I fainted a couple of times especially when I saw the Supper at Emmaus - the one he did for himself - with the super duper gorgeous Jesus frowning at the bread: you bad bad loaf!
I'd go totally Pifo on this: oh Yef! Fcold me! I'm a bad loaf of Bvead!

Then I went and got some Indian food - super delicious but the lady put too much garlic (and God knows I cannot take garlic) and spent the rest of the day killing people with my breath every time I burped! =_= GARLIC CANNOT BE DIGESTED... you have to hope it will die and decompose in your stomach.

But so then since I didn't blabber a lot I did some tech stuff... I put the extra pages here on top, so I don't have to keep avatars and wallpapers on the side column (it was getting busy, wasn't it?) and I put the nice calendar that, by the way, was upgraded today since I did storyboards for chapter 9 (eventually released on December).

Yes I am getting ahead of myself but I thought that since I am moving in June and have to spend about 12 hours on a plane to Singapore - plus the first 3/4 days there will be hectic - I should probably storyboard now and draw the trip away hoping there won't be too much turbulence on the way.

As for this week... I will draw, draw and draw. I have to finish and clean up this part by saturday. I will be out for the week-end (participating to a film contest) and will be leaving for Turin on monday which means: scanned, cleaned up drawing have to be on my Mac (his Highness, my darling, Prince Charming, master and Lord of my poor little life) and come with me so that I can work on the train and be ready to upload the chapter when I return and after my student's finals!

Pretty busy schedule, eh, and I am packing too! XDDDD

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hey guys, I added a calendar, actually more of an agenda on top of the blog.
This way you'll always know when and what I will upload next.
Consider I calculated roughly the estimated time of the releases... mhhh because so far I was able to do a page per day, more or less, so I based my calculation off of the time I spent on the last two chapters.
Hopefully when the new job kicks in I will be able to keep up! ^_^/
I hope you find this useful.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Guess your Wilson Kane - CONTEST

Hi guys!
Here's the base for the "draw your own Wilson Kane" contest.


(he looks creepy! hahahaha I know)
This is for those of you who don't feel sure they may be able to do it but would like to participate anyways cuz it would be fun.
As you may have noticed by reading the comic... I like joking a lot so you can really do anything you like with this and be creative about it!
I hope to get many Wilson Kanes, may the best pirate win! ^_X/


I've added this post at the end of the first post as well since it's the one linked on top of our home page! :D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Pirate Balthasar - Volume 1 - Cover

oooh it's not centered!!! O_o
Patience! I'll fix it for the pdf.
How's this for a cover to volume 1?

You might be thinking:
- Are you going to put a different sister on each volume cover? Yes, I will!
- Does this mean Balthasar will last only five volumes? No, it doesn't! I originally planned it as a six volumes long serie (Pif' would have his cover too) but I am still planning stuff around.

Pifo animated gif.

How are you today? I feel better after uploading... like I can relax for an hour or two.
Will soon be writing about useful things though, but today I am resting a bit.

Yesterday, apparently, Pifo was the hit! LOLZ and so I was in a silly/happy mood and made an animated gif of him drooling after power!


Power is powerful and makes everyone so powersome! Hahahahahha.
And since it's so hard to understand what he says... because he is hard to understand, else he wouldn't be Pifo, try and just trade all his V with R and F with S and you should be able to figure out a little more.

I think the girls are used to him now but the pirates still don't get him most of the time.

Accuvfed boov --- what he calls Kane - would be "accursed boor"... which doesn't make much sense but then again this is the guy who was reading the Odylliad! (that should be something like the Iliad and the Odyssey got married and had a weird baby!)

I hope you enjoyed the little note about "man overboard". If you consider most sailors didn't know how to swim... Foxy is one lucky guy! :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Pirate Balthasar - Chapter 4 B - in English! (release)

Yeah, so SmackJeeves is loading the files now and it will take about 1 hour!!! It's 6:50 now at my watch and the websites says all the pages will be up by 7:39.

If you cannot wait... here's chapter 4B on issuu for ya! (of course the first 12 pages are the old ones, you know I add the new ones at the end so that the story continues).

The Pirate Balthasar - Capitolo 4B - in Italiano! (release)

Eccoci qua, ragazzi, la seconda parte del capitolo 4, baciati dalla (s)fortuna e dal fuso orario vi beccate l'uscita in anticipo rispetto alla versione inglese.

Attenzione... L'uscita della prossima porzione di capitolo farà concludere il primo volume. Compilerò un mega pdf con tutti gli estra del caso per poter essere scaricato (e sto lavorando alla copertina del primo volume - se ci riesco)
Buona lettura!

tic tac 9!

Here we go, guys!
14 hours to go! I am finishing the last page now and all is left to do is spell-check and proof the whole thing!

I will upload on SmackJeeves first, then on Issu (since I need to make pdf files).
The wait is almost over... my wacom tablet is almost dead (but I made it!) XDDD

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Guess your Wilson Kane - CONTEST

Heeeere we gooooo!

I am rendering and lettering and halfway done... Thank God it's sunday today and I get to work more on the comic.
I survived the wedding, yesterday, it was actually lots of fun and if you want to know what a wedding in Saint Peter is like... I'd have to say: romantic, private, weird... and when you get out of the chapel... crowded with tourists who takes pictures of the bride! LOL
It was over-directed too and the priest was so mean to all of us (relax, dude, it's a wedding!)... it made think all the while: no wonder the Church is living a crisis and people change religion. He really spoiled the day and I wanted to throw a shoe at him for making my cousin sad.

That's why I thought: I did well, to pick friars! When it comes to Balthasar we'll only see Franciscans celebrating the weddings we'll see in the story. Guess how many? XDDD



Contest Contest!!!!

I'll organize many of them at the same time with very long deadlines... so you can pick the ones you like best and have plenty of time to do your stuff. *_*
For the Wilson Kane contest I'll have the regular one start first and then I will add the one for non-drawing people - after I am done uploading the chapter.

Here's how it goes:

Try and imagine what Wilson Kane looks like without his mask.

- you can draw him the way you want to - even naked LOL - long, short hair, I leave you complete freedom.
- the drawings can be in color or just in pencil.
- shall we say we submit them all by the end of august? (that should give you plenty of time).
- we'll choose the winner with a poll so everybody gets to vote. The poll will last a month.
- the winner will get an original drawing by yours truly, I will ship it via regular mail, and can ask anything she/he wants. I mean you could say: I want Pifo on a Horse... the horse might not come out well but you'll have Pifo on a horse. LOL


- of course you can upload your own drawing anywhere you like: Deviant Art, Photobucket, Picasa and Facebook.
- you can also email the drawing here: tynstudios(at) and I will upload it for you.
- you can post the links in the "reply/comment" of the blog, on facebook, send me a note on Deviant Art or send it via email.

With you permission I'll create an album on photobucket and one on facebook and post them both here, on the top, for everyone to see.
So, yeah, your drawings will be public otherwise we won't be able to vote it.

Upcoming contest will see other types of rewards as well like... an outfit you design inserted in the story. A character designed by you in the story. But let's focus on one game at the time.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask so I can change this post and make the rules clearer.
Thank you all, I hope to see many drawings and... may the best pirate win!


Hi guys!
Here's the base for the "draw your own Wilson Kane" contest.


(he looks creepy! hahahaha I know)
This is for those of you who don't feel sure they may be able to do it but would like to participate anyways cuz it would be fun.
As you may have noticed by reading the comic... I like joking a lot so you can really do anything you like with this and be creative about it!
I hope to get many Wilson Kanes, may the best pirate win! ^_X/

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wedding present and a contest?

I have to go to a wedding tomorrow and the bride and groom asked me for some drawings as a present.
They asked for robots at first but it was a total disaster XDD So they said: pirates!
Ohhh good!
I made these watercolor illustrations of Wilson Kane and Castalia and decided to mount them on a canvas.

I wanted to find a frame with a passepartout but the store I went to was sold out.
So I started using gels, gesso, glue and gold dust to make something that would look good with their black furniture.

I am still varnishing these - cuz she needs to be able to dust them - so the paper looks wobbly in these pictures but once the gel dries the matte will be all even and they should look nice and shiny too! The reflections you see is the gold dust.
I took these pictures in direct sunlight so they look weird, lol, but they do have a nice antique feel to them

And now to the important matters!

I am 4 pages into the installment and now that I am done with this Art Attack thingy I can go on working.

I was pondering though... How well do you like contest with actual drawings as a prize?

I was planning to start a new game: try and guess what Wilson Kane looks like without his mask and was thinking of opening two different contests!
One where you draw the whole thing yourself and can be creative about it.
The other one for people who don't draw but want to play as well (where I would draw most of the face except the part hidden by the mask and you would have to try and draw THAT part only).
Of course the winner will be chosen with a poll!

I need an answer on this though because I would have to draw the partial Kane on purpose.

The winners of the contests could ask me any kind of drawing and I would ship it to them - the actual paper drawing (that is if you think that an actual drawing good enough to be a prize, otherwise you name it! XD It would be fun to organize this together and then let SmackJeeves know about it).

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chapter 4 B - Preview!

Here's a little preview... at least I can post a preview by the end of countdown!

I don't think I will be able to make it before tuesday actually!
Unfortunately I had to work today and I will be able to do more Balthasar tonight and tomorrow.
Then saturday I have to go to a wedding, sunday I can work in the afternoon and monday I teach the whole day.

So I wonder if I can make it by tuesday, then I'll make it by tuesday!
Busy week-end too. The wedding is so far: all the way to Rome - in Saint Peter, nonetheless!

<--- in the meantime please enjoy the pin-up! ^^"

I need to improve my calculation skills!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

tic tac 8!

I am finally done cleaning up and scanning and so I am finally editing!

Please let's give a round of applause to my little helper - who scanned all the pages I was drawing while I was drawing.
This is my dad, Mario, who learned at 72 how to use a scanner and photoshop and makes wonderful scans of my drawings for the Pirate Balthasar!

So once again, as you can see, I am late =_= and it is not because of work or health problems... No!
This time around I was dumb enough to calculate I could draw 15 pages in the same time span I can draw 10 or 12 pages... and made them pretty crowded too! XDD

So I hope you have rss feeds to Smackjeeves or just keep on coming here to hear me blabber about silly things hahahaha... but I really have to make the first page in full color and you'll see why when the installment is out! ^__^/

tic tac 7!

Real quick message today... because I could not work yesterday I've decided to do more stuff today. So sorry if I didn't post anything interesting.

You might be happy to know, though, that I've cleaned up 10 pages already and that I am left with 5 pages to clean up and then I can start rendering and lettering.

There's also an extra pin-up this time around! Which I will upload at the end of this installment - to tease you a bit! :D

So sorry for no freebies and just a Tic Tac post today but the countdown says it clearly I have 2 days left and I need to work on the comic, right? :D

Monday, May 10, 2010

work in progress

Hi guys! I have not been around today... sorry. I took my student to the zoo to draw animals.
Now now do not imagine me as a nice teacher surrounded by little shrieking kids... my students are like 20/22 years old.
We need to make an illustration about Pinocchio and so they needed to know how a fox and a cat would look like, not to mention cricket.
I hope the trip was inspirational for them. Me... I had a blast and I can't wait to see their pictures.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Flash Pifo Dress up Doll

flash Pifo dress up doll by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

I don't know if you guys have Firefox or Safari or explorer... If I upload this on Firefox I cannot see it clearly, if I upload it with Safari... Firefox doesn't open it.
Macs are great but not so good for surfing the net, yet.

Same goes for the post... I try to make them readable and in order but every time I open a different browser I have too many spaces in one and too little in the other! Sigh.

Just in case you click on the image and go play with Pifo on Deviant Art. I will hopefully find a solution one day <--- consider me being total pirate and absolutely web monkey! =_= If I cannot fix it with a complex knot I cannot fix it at all. LOL

Saturday, May 08, 2010

the pirate Balthasar - work in progress

I actually have 3 pictures of my work in progress but I think I'll upload them in 3 different post otherwise you'll get bored.
Anyway... here's a little preview of what you'll see in the next 15 pages!
You've got to love Pifo for being so incredibly charming! LOL

The pirate Balthasar - announcement

Hi guys! (<--- this is not the post for today, I'll post a work in progress soon since I am done drawing and I can start cleaning up :D Happy?)

Actually I wanted to inform you about one little thing: if you see me update Smackjeeves often these days is because I am compiling VOLUME 1. See with chapter 4 Volume 1 will be done, so I am adding all those materials that I had presented here and around the web (like ads, coming soon, characters sheets and so on) and the Index to give a sense of continuity to the book.

I'll eventually make a cover for the volume although... I am kinda having difficulties thinking about the image I want to portray! Hahahaha any suggestions or requests are welcome.

In the end I'll make a pdf with the complete volume for you to download and keep! ^_^

Friday, May 07, 2010

Famous Illustrators - NC Wyeth

Here's another illustrator that made pirates what they are known to be today, with their romanticism and colorful adventures.

N.C. Wyeth. He was another famous American illustrator and probably the best at illustrating Stevenson's Treasure Island. He is probably most famous for illustrating Robin Hood and giving him the famous green tights hahahaha. He also depicted a wonderful King Arthur... ah, so romantic!

What I actually like about his illustrations is the atmosphere... the dramatic light... the way he creates the perspective sense of distance.

I'll show you some example of my favorite Pirate Pieces (although I recommend you to check out his Robin Hood stuff, it's just brilliant).

Pretty powerful eh?

B. Bones is my very favorite. To me it embodies the way I've always imagined Long Johns Silver, before he lost his leg. So massive and sturdy!
But he is not Silver... in fact this guy here is Long John Silver!

And now some samples of that dramatic light I was talking about.

Look at the cast shadows! They determine so strongly how the figure stand out against the background. They work, dark against light, to enhance the focal point and help you see things clearly.

Even if you don't love Jim you ought to love him here. His gesture of surprise, the face hidden by the hair, shows simply by the simple movement of his hand letting the coins slide from the palm to the sack!

And now.... Pirate Fight! LOL

These are very old, traditional looking illustrations... but we owe them a lot.
I hope you enjoy looking at them with me! ^__^/

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cassiopea Flash Dress Up Doll

Flash Cassiopea dress up doll by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

I transformed Cassiopea in a flash doll as well! Have fun! :D

p.s. drawing is going fine... this part of the chapter will have 15 pages! Wow!

Polls blabber.

Hi guys,
I was checking the polls today...
seems like Cassandra is a big winner so far! She has so many fans... I wonder if it's due to the fact that she is a cool girl, with a feisty attitude... or 'cuz she sparks the interest of a certain doctor (even though, up to now, they totally hate each other! - oh, hate is the closest thing to love LOL).

Castalia is second followed by Feetsie but it's almost a tie.

As for the guys... Wilson Kane is the King of the World! Ha ha ha. Now that's what I call a protagonist.
Westley comes in second place followed by Cat.

I wonder how these things will change with time as the story develops! *_*
And actually I would be curious to know what made you choose that character... so if you want to comment your choice... go ahead!
I can't wait to hear you reasons! :D

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Flash Kane Dress up Doll

I left you all alone today.... did you miss me? I missed you.
I have so much work unfortunately these days so... I only have a few minutes to dedicate to my blog.
So here's a little thingy for you... a Flash version of the Kane doll.
I'm getting a hang of this LOL XDD
I hope you like them more now that you are able to move clothes around! :D

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Flash dress up dolls

flash castalia dress up doll by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

Natasha made me notice on Facebook that it is no easy to play with my dolls as they are.
I take for granted, for instance, that you all have photoshop or something of the sort and have spare time to use a magic wand to cut out the clothes and put them on separate layers.
If you would like to have printable versions of these, let me know... I can add dielines and tabs and will have to turn the files into CMYK - so that the colors stay nice when you print them.

So I searched for a nice tutorial and I found a useful one on Deviant Art and it worked! Hopefully - consider I'm on a mac and that my version of Flash keeps saying my action scripting sucks cuz it's a version 2.0!

Eventually that's what came out... click on the image, you can drag the clothes around and put them on her so you cane see what she looks like in all of her outfit.

At this point... I'll make Flash versions of the other ones as well! ^_^

Monday, May 03, 2010

Castalia Dress Up Doll

Here you go... I had left you without dolls in order to finish the chapter.
So tonight I felt guilty and while watching TV (Voyager inspires me) I designed a Castalia doll for you!

I hope you like it.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Il Pirata Baldassarre - Capitolo 4 A/B

Eccoci qui con la versione italiana del fumetto!
Chiedo ancora scusa per il ritardo, spero ne sia valsa la pena.
Mi raccomando parlate di noi in giro... e ricordate: se amate i Pirati i pirati amano voi - oggi ne abbiamo rapita un'altra... XD Benvenuta a bordo Breed!

Buona lettura!

Chapter 4 A/B - Release!

It's out! It's out!

Chapter 4 A is out on SmackJeeves!

I am so sorry to have kept you waiting.
So go go, Run!

The full release will be available in about an hour! (you know how SmackJeeves delays its uploads)

Read it! Vote it! Comment it! Despise me XDDD!

I am currently proofing it, so if you find mistakes, please let me know.
The chapter will be soon uploaded on Issuu, the Italian version will follow.

Scusate ragazzi se vi faccio attendere ancora un pochino per la versione italiana! ^^"