Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am going to post some more work in progress, starting tomorrow... so for today I leave you with the final illustration for our adjective series.

There we have, our fabulous pirate couple! Wilson Kane and his wife!

In this chapter - chapter six - we see poor Kane go evil on the people around him and yes, you don't want to be on his wrong side when he is like that. Mh, now the evil mood is actually... his normal state =_=" which doesn't make him very likeable.

But why should I pick a nice guy for my protagonist, isn't that like a shortcut, the easy way out? Writing about the perfect man, always so charming and sexy and kind and gallant and... whatever, like that stuff does exist! Men are men and women are women, perfection is not of this world!
The guy is pretty nuts, that's what makes him fun! People are made of flesh and bones and no matter how hot a guy or a girl might look... they have imperfections too.
Kane is moody but we kinda knew that, didn't we?

The cheerful and smiling Wilson Kane, that's outside of the norm and that's why the guys need to act quick: the cheerful and smiling Kane cut them some slack! Who wouldn't want him like that all the time, then? Go, guys, do something! Not out of your own generosity (who cares if the dude is happy?) but for your own good and out of sheer selfishness... here, out of the goodness of your hearts: be happy, we'll be happier too. Yeah!

So the funny and happy Wilson Kane only came to be when Castalia arrived.
Some people are meant to be there for us, to sooth us. Sometimes they just have to stand there, right next to you. I have a friend like this... whenever I feel agitated I just go see her. I don't even have to vent my frustration... she just grins and goes: gupi, what have you been up to? Let's have some tea and talk.
She just irradiates positive energy.
I wish I were that kind of person... I'm the one who makes you giggle all the time. I don't know how good that is hahahahaha.

Now, Kane and Castalia vibrate next to each other. They calm each other down by a lot... which kinda takes the funkiness out of the girl and the moodiness out of the guy. Until they find a way to get a perfect balance and energize each other.

Because they feel so calm, when they are together, they act with extreme familiarity since the very beginning and they let each other do all kinds of stuff to the other... for example... Kane doesn't mind to have his face touched because he knows the girl would not take the mask off.

Castalia is the kind of girl who does not ask questions, she thinks that people have their reasons to do what they do, so she sits around and waits.

This will develop into a supreme bond of trust. Interferences to this perfect balance could have painful outcomes.
Fickle, you are out of the picture this time...
<_3_>___l "Fickle doesn't mind, Castalia feeds him. Spit. Vote for Fickle"

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