Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Embraced, pampered and gay!

We continue with our adjectives, today, and I'll show you more fan art tomorrow! :D
This time around the magic word is: embraced
Although it is not clearly an adjective, but a verb - I could not find an adjective to describe Cat and Callista's situation, if you can help me with this concept I would be really happy! ^////^
It is to be intended in its double meaning: enveloped and accepted.
Not discriminated! <--- here's the key. So their story is about acceptance.
The important ideas to keep in mind are: I don't feel different and I feel your warmth.

It sure feels nice to know that someone cares for you.
Our friend Foxy has a perfect nurse all for himself, now, doesn't he? hahahahha
So he feels pampered... loved... protected and healthy! He has to, right? I don't think Lio would let it be otherwise.

He's a lucky fella, so nicely taken care of by a sweet wolf in lamb's clothing such as Lio. Will she find a way to his smile? Who knows...
They are the youngest couple on board and act like cheesy teenagers at times but they are cute.
There will be a point where Lio feels pampered too and a very lucky girl.

And here's our last illustration for today...
Hey, it's about time we talked about how Pifo feels around the guys he likes.
What's the adjective I am looking for? Joyful, cheerful... happy...
mhhhh..... gay!

Yup, he definitely feels gay and gay the right way! I feel gay around him too, because he makes me laugh so much and keeps me happy.

Why shouldn't he feel gay, right? It's like he died and went to gay and women's Heaven: the ship is packed with juicy looking pirates! They are nice to him! They are friendly with him... they go to the bathroom with him... eventually take a bath with him... naked... he sees everything... measures everything... compares... (Pifo let's trade place!)

Oooh it's enough to die of a nosebleed or a heart attack... or something else... yeah.

We will follow his gay adventures and be gay with him when he finally finds true love and puts an end to his much suffered unrequited love for Kane... and the Doctor... and a couple of other people - oh, all at the same time! Not one after the other. ^__^ - but mostly Kane and the Doctor will always be his true love, both of them (that's a good boy!).

What say you, Fickle?

Fickle says: <3>_l ---- (Fffffff, Kane is my pet! Vote for Fickle!)

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