Monday, August 02, 2010


Some of you already saw this on DA and Facebook.
I am designing the cover for chapter 7 and this will be the basic drawing.
Then all the purple stuff around I still have to pick.

Cassandra looks scaryyyyyy!
Alright you might notice, pretty soon, that hair is very important in this comic... but particularly for Kes and Wes.
See each couple has some key words.
For example Kane and Castalia have: books, treasure, Fickle.
Cat and Feetsie have: riggings, sweets, sleep.
Kes and wes have: hair, donuts and doors/windows.
Lio and Foxy have: games, tables, hands.

They each have an adjective too XDDD but I don't want to give you all the keys, now, otherwise what should I write about for the next two years?

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