Monday, August 30, 2010

More Chubby notes and blabber

Sorry I was absent today, all day, but we started project week in school and this is going to be fun!
In my spare time I still worked on TPB, anyways, the lettering is done and from tomorrow I start rendering.
Update is coming up really fast... on friday! I will make it... Deda, fight! <_0_>__l Fight, spit!
I forgot to post more of the chubby notes because I went on a flash doll rampage hahahaha.
I made a couple more of these and, yes, they will be turned into wallpapers too, if you like... but after the update. Plus I am planning an one page special for Pifo.
Today I also received an interesting request/commission.

My colleague gave me an interesting idea, today, during our tea break (we were actually working on a story, over tea break, ha haha so much for a break!)... and I am going to pick his brain very often on this because he is very good at coming up with ideas and creates very cool t-shirts.
So he kinda commissioned a more manly design look for the guys to work with and manly colors too.
In short I will be doing a Men Pocky version of the guys hahahaha.
(Too bad I'm more into strawberry flavor).

I think this would be interesting and will widen the range of drawings I dedicated to this comic, so far.
We have vector, flat looking illustration, more soft and pencil looking ones and the chibi ones... The Fan Art will be more in my own, personal, textured style (it will look very Disney meets Kanashimi no Belladonna on acid LOL).

I am already drawing the cover for chapter 8, as well. And the Cover for volume 2... entered its final design stage.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Kanashimi no Belladonna raep scene scared the sh*t out of me, but was otherwise COOLNESS^3.
I'm pretty eager to see the your style... unmasked ;) .