Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stupid jokes are funny!

Oh noooo! I just realized I didn't post in the blog the stupid joke I came up with the other night.
Hahahaha... Stupid jokes are funny, guys! The joke was on me, anyways: I wanted to make an animated gif... I did, but was huge! PS Animation makes heavy gifs hahahaha.

In the end I just posted the 3 drawings on DA (I think I even forgot to post on FB).

Anyways the joke went like this:

You know, when I say: pirates like you've never seen them before...

Sometimes I'm joking...

...others I'm not!

Fantastic! After this thing went online people started voting for the 4 Musketeers in the poll. I guess hunks in cosplay is the real deal <3>Only problem is... I was so sure that Pifo Gaga in Ozland was going to go second or third, after Red Hot Riding Hood... that now I am having problems figuring out the illustration... since I haven't planned the Dumas illustration yet.
Most likely it would be pretty similar to the one above... testosteronic and silly with lots of skin hahaha. When you got babes, you gotta have fun with them, yeah! XD

I was even thinking... the Peter Pan and Wendy Illustration... should be a Peter Pan and Hook Illustration instead... (with Castalia as Peter Pan and Kane as piratelicious Hook).

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Anonymous said...

lol, the pouty chameleon emoticon in the post XD.

Anyway... hooks are zeh kinkeh. And Kane's smirky attitude is quite Hook-compatible :p.