Sunday, November 29, 2020

Discord and Podcasts

 Hi guys,

as you may have realized I have run out of time to update the blog.

A quick update for this year:

- The Other Side Story and The Pirate Balthasar are about to converge

- The Mark of Cain has reaching Ptolemaic Egypt/Roman Empire

- Goldenice is finally in the middle of the heist

- Cicadas sings in winter is approaching its denument

I will still use the blog for major announcement and broadcast and updates but right now if you want a more direct conversation with me you can come to Discord:

You will find a series of channels here where I post tutorials and I answer your questions.

I also started recording the curiosities in the form of a podcast. 

So far I've recorded about 4.

Discord is also where you can post the questions I can answer in the podcast.

I am trying to record also quick tips - I am supposed to learn Tik Tok for work - and will be sharing them to Discord too :)

Talk to you really soon,