Monday, August 16, 2010

Illustrations - song and dance

In the past few days I have been uploading these sketches to DA and SmackJeeves (they are the extras to be added at the end of the chapters for volume 2).

These illustrations I called: song and dance.

In DA I attached the text of a song but, to be honest, I do listen to particular songs when I write the PB because they inspired a certain mood and ideas in the story.
Cat and Feetsie, at the moment, have a contemporary song called: you raise me up.

Originally, though, I had associated the couple with these songs:

Cat & Callista: Someone to watch over me.
Kane & Castalia: You are the top.
Westley & Cassandra: In the still of the night.
Foxy & Calliope: Let's do it

That makes one George Gershwin song and three Cole Porter songs.

Deda likes oldies? No, Deda has no knowledge whatsoever of music after 1940! I hear it on the radio and just does not stick into my head (some songs do, what people call "classics"... I know those) but if they do stick into my head, they don't stay very long.

I have some more Gershwin songs in mind and I think that Ira Gershwin (Georgie's brother) and Cole Porter have a fantastic way with words. How should we say... they have rhymes and reasons! Ha ha ha.
Anyways... if you have a song in mind (I know I have been suggested a few) let me know because they might inspire more drawings from me.

Actually I have received a commission for a Westley and Cassandra drawing which leads me to the next series of illustrations: Sleeping habits! :D

I am sorry for the Pifo and Pea fans. You'll have tons of Illustrations regarding their love life once their love story begins. Don't panic... Pifo in love turns into a beauty! He'll have very cute drawings and he deserves that.

Pea in love... is a lioness!

BTW Pifo's song is: S'wonderful
Josh's song is: At last
Pea's song is: The man I love

If you would like to actually listens to the tracks, let me know. I will look for them on the tube.

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