Friday, August 13, 2010

Fan art and contest

Hello guys! So... we have fan arts and contest drawings today! (and one little teaser from me).

Apparently life in pink has inspired our friend elianthos to perform some of the stuff she is best at: fan arts!

This is the link to her Deviant Art page: click!

And these are some of the wonders she published:

I am posting the line art as well because I know a lot of people usually ask her to color her drawings (she gets that a lot, really!) and maybe you would be inspired too.
She is doing her color version with a touch pad on her almost dying laptop - something that would really give you a carpal tunnel! (you better take care, my green lady!)

The third entry refers to our contest: the fox is naked.
I postponed the deadline for this contest because it was too close and people wanted to draw.
Also... Wilson Kane's contest is ending soon which means... we'll get to vote shortly.
I've got more entries for the non artist competition and it's going to be fun, because they are so creative and... hilarious!

Of course there is one more submission from elianthos... she is the smut/passion/love queen!
I will put a link to that image because she put a mature content tag on it.

I don't know how you feel about nudity (eventually, when something hot happens in the comic I will put a tag to warn you and if you are not okay you can skip that part, it's only fair).

For all the Foxy and Lio fans out there... here's the sweet sweet love she decided to depict in her wonderful piece called: untied!

If you are not a Deviant Art user... no worries.
This is her livejournal page, completely uncensored!!!
Apparently life turns pink for Lio and Foxy too! Hahahahaha.

Now here's the little teaser from me:

Stay tuned for more... I will upload in the afternoon again! :D

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Anonymous said...

*blushing madly*
oh noes, you've revealed the boobs page XD

*hides and hunts for carpal seafood*