Sunday, October 31, 2010

Il Pirata Baldassarre - Capitolo 8A

Eccoci qui, doppia pubblicazione stasera... includo anche il pdf dello speciale per chi avesse deciso di aspettare per leggerlo tutto d'un fiato!

Capitolo 8

e lo Speciale!

Buona Lettura!

The pirate Balthasar - Chapter 8A

Here we go guys... tonight double release (for those of you who decided they wanted to read Callista's Special all in one go)

Now, for SmackJeeves: if you click on the title of the post it will bring you to the first page of the special... the chapter begins 13 pages after that!

Chapter 8 A (13 pages)

And The Special (13 pages)

Happy Halloween!

I got back to work now.
Render, Deda, render!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Working like crazy!

I hope you enjoyed the special.
I am working like crazy on the new release that is supposed to be out tomorrow. Let me tell you... 5 pages are done... but I have 8 more to go!
So sunday will be... rendering day!!!!

In the meantime here's a little preview and let's see what stuff is the Scandinavian Hunk made of! LOL

I also have a little illustration for you :D

It's Kane's back... yeah, the front was not cooperating...
maybe if you call him loud enough he will turn!

Maybe not... he's not wearing the mask! LOL

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Callista's Song (Reprise) - page 12

Final page of the Special... Tomorrow night!
Callista won't trip anymore! :D

(and 2 more pages for me to clean up)



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Callista's Song (Reprise) - page 10

4 or 5 days left up there... the update should be this coming sunday.
I've only managed to clean up 4 pages... crazy schedule!!! I must do it!!!!! I can do it!!! I hope... I can do it!



Saturday, October 23, 2010


It rained really heavily today and that kept me away from the light table today... so no special tonight.
So I decided to do the one thing I do worst: I fixed the blog.

I think you noticed the buttons up there (so the blog and the "website" are now connected) and I moved stuff around so useful things and playful things are on different sides hahahaha.

Oh yeah, new banner too.
I am also uploading the comic on the website little by little, very little by little, it's super time consuming!!!

So you can browse it with lightbox effect, just like you can browse the gallery and the character sheets! :D
Talking about the character sheets here we go with Quoque and the new presentation page for Josh - since he is coming back in the comic soon!

When? We'll, you'll see him in the next update: Ocboter 31st... hopefully I can make hahahaha! I still have to draw a lot! ^^"

Fan art, fan fiction and everything else.

I am trying to work around Picasa's black outs here.
Uploading images and stuff. Sometimes this thing fails me... then I found the same image loaded tons of times.

I have to catch up with a lot of fan art! This is from elianthos (unlike DA I do not censor just cuz you see a bit of Li'l Wes down there XDD. He is nude, not naked!) she is also working on two more drawings: a Kes and Wes and a Kane and Castalia.

She also produced a nice Cat Pin Up for our friend Breed but... I am still trying to figure out if Picasa has uploaded the picture or not. (and again he is nude, not naked so you get to see his pretty behind)

I am creating extra pages for the blog these days. One will soon include Fan Fictions! The other one will, of course, host all the beautiful Fan Art you produced.

Like I was saying in our Deviant Art group: I am sorry if I don't always ask for your permission to publish this stuff. It's not that I don't want to... believe me... I simply forget!
But Attribution is something I never fail to do. Because I do believe in the Creative Commons and linking back to you to recognize your talent to me is as important as drinking water and putting salt in my food.


How's life with you guys? My first week of school was fun! You probably won't hear very much from me on monday and I'd have to perform a miracle in order to have the special page up on that date.

photo.php.jpgSingapore is currently under a cape of smoke that hides the sun from us.
It sure makes beautiful sunsets but it smells bad too.
Indonesian farmers set their fields on fire every year in october, in unison, it's like the whole Country is on fire... but lucky them, unlucky us, the wind blows the stuff this way.
Malaysia reached toxic levels a few days ago and they had to close offices and schools.
It seems like it's getting better but, let me tell you... this stuff smells bad, the air is hazy and we all have sore throats and splitting headaches. In this mess we started our first week of school and I keep drawing at the same time and I try to read a book at night and watch TV.
I think, in order to stay up... I think I drink more than 3 liters of water per day.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

callista's Song (Reprise) - page 5



Work in progress... more...

Some more work in progress.
So... the countdown up there works for you guys? It has not disappeared?
I hope so...
I have drawn 8 pages of the 14 that are supposed to be part of the next update.
Here are some more sketches... and we see some new faces.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Callista's Song (Reprise) - page 1

Callista's Song Page 2.... Maybe I can make it:



work in progress

The first four pages of our next update.
The moment of truth is approaching... in life, like in fashion, one day you are in and the next day you are out. XDDD

I wonder if there's a lesson to be learned from all of this!


I put the latest wallpapers in the wallpapers page... (the page is not aligned for some reason but I will be fixing the problem soon) XDDD.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Callista's Song Reprise - page 1

I've mentioned that I wanted to upload one page of special every day for about 14 days... so here we go:
Page 1.



Chapter 7 D - Curiosities

Not many curiosities to talk about in 9 pages...
Except... that Rose is posing as Rose from Titanic for a nude - but looks like a Goya painting instead lol.

When you set a mood for comedy is tough not to laugh at love, even if it's sad.
Unchained Moolody of course spoofed a couple of movies and The Pirate Balthasar itself with the pink factor and the hand factor.

Nothing is sacred!

Castalia dressed as Christopher Columbus seems to have been quite successful... maybe that's the right outfit for her.
Hahahaha... of course if she were Columbus she would proclaim the land San Salvador in the name of God and the King (actually more of the Queen) of Spain.
Sort of a pun played on the fact that Columbus did take off from Portugal instead and its wine, Porto, is sooooo good!

Another touch of color this week... and Botticelli shows up again in Kane's vision... only this time cute, little cupid... is there with an expression that says: gotcha, sucker!
This is La Primavera. It's a gorgeous painting seen up close and from afar. It's huge and so full of details and it might not talk about Spring at all but uses metaphors to depict other things but we won't bother with this.

Stick around for a surprise.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Pirate Balthasar - Chapter 7D - END OF CHAPTER

As promised... if you click on the title of the post it will take you to SmackJeeves to read from the first page of this release, which is Page 40!

Here are the final 6 pages to the chapter, plus a 3 pages special that's full of bullish*t - but when you'll see the bull you'll know what I am talking about! è_é Bad bull! Bad bull!
As this past week was kind of tiring and stressful - I risked to be put in the looney bin for laughing alone, sitting at my desk, in an office of 9 people... while drawing a holy cow of a flashback - and school starts tomorrow with his hectic schedule... I need to be petted and loved like poor Foxy without a Lio.
But you can be my Lio... so... you can make me happy by spreading the love for The Pirate Balthasar so that our crew can get bigger (and I will go shopping for a bigger ship too) muahahahaha. Spam it around, kidnap people, secretly embed it somewhere and board people's website muahahahahahr!

I will suspend the Pin-up series for a while because I have decided to try and upload the Cat and Feetsie special while working on the comic - if I can manage... on a daily basis would be nice... let's see what I can do! :D

Il Pirata Baldassarre - Capitolo 7D - FINE CAPITOLO

Queste ultime nove pagine sono piene di vaccate... ma non vi preoccupate è solo perché a dirle è Rose!
Buona lettura... non dimenticatevi di spacciare il fumettino in giro, parlatene con gli amici, postatelo in embed nel vostro blogghino... in questo periodo di immensa stanchezza Deda ha proprio bisogno di un po' di coccoline!
Come sempre fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate... sappiate solo che ho rischiato la chiamata al manicomio mentre scrivevo le pagine dello speciale... perché ridere da soli in un ufficio di 9 persone ha un che di sospetto.
Buona lettura!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tic tac and fan art.

Hi guys...
In case you haven't noticed there is a group on Deviant Art for the Pirate Balthasar where I will slowly upload all the comic and the artwork related to the comic.
Some fan arts though are not made by members of DA and are sent to me via Facebook and so I have to upload them here.
It's not the case of this Deviation though, called Midnight Snack and representing Callista with a cute hat... snacking on honey!

Midnight snack by ~yayina90 on deviantART

Remember to visit yaya's page and leave her a nice message.

Now regarding our tic tac the release is undergoing proof and might come out one day earlier which is on the 17th! That is to say... tomorrow.

There are mainly two reasons:
1) I don't know how tired I would be monday night - it's the first day of school and I teach two classes on that day.
2) The content is slightly different from what stated in the calendar because what is stated on the calendar has actually turned into a special: Callista's song Reprise.

I wanted that to be more interactive but I'm afraid it cannot be done... therefore it will be made as a regular special but I don't want it to bump down the other releases and so I want to take advantage of the extra two days (tomorrow and what's left of monday) to sketch the special.
Keep the fingers crossed for me.

Honey, are you coming to bed 1

One more day to release... this time I am way behind but today is saturday and I get to draw the whole day so... no worries.

And here we have Castalia, the first pin up dedicated to the girls... whereby the question asked is actually an invitation...
Sooo, Castalia, will it be theory or practice tonight?
Who knows both the book and the girl seem pretty alluring LOL.

Okay, time to get to work.
Oh, I added a new poll just to figure out if you are happy with the way I release the comic or if you would like to have some changes in it.

Thank you all and have a great week-end.

Friday, October 15, 2010

honey, I am going to bed... 6 and 7

I am not positive to have shown all the stuff that's been produced for the comic in this blog.
I think I posted all of the drawings and the fan art but I might be mistaken... so... I will go through it to see if anything is missing and make sure to make a big catching up post this weekend.

I will also update the gallery on the site:
Where I only keep the artwork and soon I shall find a way to host the comic in a non-flash manner.

Today's pin ups are... of course... can you guess? Ahahahahaha.
Both of them are still very young and growing up and will do that weird yet marvelous thing kids do... over the summer... you know... first their hands get big, then the forearm, then one day they wake up super tall and all their muscles are aching... and by the end of the third month they have turned from the I-am-not-so-sure-maybe-child-maybe-not looking thing kids usually are when they reach puberty to... teen! The teens turn into adult in a more gradual manner.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

tic tac yeah!

The chapter opened on Wilson Kane and will close on him.
Here's some of the things you'll see in the next 6 pages.

The Special will be about Pifo, Rose and Quoque... The True Love Society!
We'll know a bit of Rose's past - I hope you missed her because I missed her sooo much!
And something's stirring inside of poor Pifo.