Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy Birthday to Us~!

Turning six on the busiest time of the year - I am a bit behind with the curiosities and with updating the download.

In April there will be a major revamp of the blog and website. Keep an eye on it :D

Friday, January 08, 2016

New Year's drawings by other people.

It's been a Long time since I last showed you drawing by readers. Sorry. I did accumulate quite a few (and am missing 3 from this list because I moved the files and don't know where).

The first one is a drawing of Circe I received on Tapastic, it's by Nmsallie.

These other ones are what I call "a sudden battleship" that exploded amongst the members of the Project Balthasar - creators of the side characters living in the Circeius.

And then there were doodles at one point where they started to have fun hahaha.

There were 3 characters I could not introduce to the Circeius for lack of time: the spice seller, the wine guy and the blind fortune teller. I am not giving them up. I may be able to introduce them in later stories. :D

This one may not make sense to you, Mr Anise fighting with vegetables. But you see the carrot and the turnip are the mascotte of the girls who created Argi, Amparo, Lento and Allegra. (there are more of mr Anise little adventure with living vegetables hahaha)