Friday, February 26, 2010

Grandma's funeral!

My grandmother died last wednesday.
I had to fly back to Sicily for her funeral.
The weather forecast was terrible and I have to say it rained both inside and outside the house.
On the following day, though, my grandma definitely decided she would not go to church under the rain and so we woke up to find a beautiful blue sky and such a warm sun!
People who hadn't seen each other for ages, finally got to meet and talk again.
There are always tears and laughters at funeral... I am on the laughter side.
So we started talking about all the fun this woman was, all the stories she knew, all the things she did and it was nice.
In church, her daughters (my mom and auntie) asked me to read a poetry on their behalf... partly because I was the only one who wasn't crying and managed not to.
I had never given a speech at a funeral. I said: grandma, your daughters want me to read this to you... I am not as good as you were with poetry but I'll try...
I read the thing but wasn't actually seeing the words, they did not represent my feelings.
So when the priest asked me if I wanted to say something... I said: I do... and I speak on behalf of my sister as well.
And I said: "I would be a sad person today, with a sad life, if my grandma had never existed... we were happy children, that's why. When I was little she was far better than TV, Books, School and Toys. She would toss us in her garden and then light up a fire and on that she would roast a steak (usually liver on thursday, which I didn't like very much) and then she would cut the meat in little pieces and follow me around the garden and tell me a story, a riddle, a rigmarole, a poetry: c'era una volta un Re, Bifé, Viscotta e Minè, che aveva una Figghia, Befigghia, Viscotta e Minigghia...
By the time the story was over, the steak was over too. That's how I grew up. Thank you, grandma."

My grandma was a great storyteller and she knew so many things. While growing up I though: I wish I could do that too... I wish I could be able to tell story so enchanting that people would forget what they are doing while they listen to it... and eat liver even if they don't like it very much!

I think this is why I am who I am... and I think in respect to my grandma I will make the deadline. I did not leave Balthasar behind, it's here with me, it gets me going... so chapter two will be out in 22 days, right on schedule and it will be released in loving memory of my grandma: who taught me that stories are powerful and necessary to our happiness.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The names : Baldassarre/Balthasar

I explained previously why I picked the girls' names to be Callista, Castalia, Cassiopea, Cassandra and Calliope.

Now it's the boy's turn.

But first of all, let's start with Baldassarre (Balthasar) himself.

Why: The Pirate Balthasar?

To be honest, ever since I came up with this story, when I was a kid, my friend and I would just call it: Pirates! (we still do, actually). I spent most of my high school years, then, writing stuff for Pirates, doing sketches, costumes, layouts and was never completely happy with the outcome. I mean the story was nice but it wasn't that original, it lost some of its comedy bits towards the end and it was plain and straight another version of The Black Corsair from Emilio Salgari.
One night, that I was supposed to go to a party for women's day, my friend and I met early and started talking about stuff and I proposed the idea of making the girl's cousin... funny and Pifo was born! We never made it to that party!

To be honest... it wasn't Pifo yet, it was Niccolò Machiavelli's grandson.
I had Roxanne instead of Castalia.
Kyle Kemp instead of Wilson Kane.
Jesse and Nestor instead of Cat and Foxy.
Roxanne had a cousin, Isa, who was much like Calliope. There was a cabin boy, who would turn out to be a girl... (can't remember her name, now O_o) and there was Westley! So Westley was there all along. Good boy!

Most of the quarrels you are going to see in this version of the story between I-am-not-going-to-say-who... were Kyle and Roxanne's. He had a sad past and she was the cure. How boring is that?

So my friend and I decided to add so much comedy to it that we ended up having too much material in our hands and still I wasn't happy with the main plot line. That's when the stories divorced, ha ha ha! Kyle and Roxanne took a different direction, they stayed on land, all the songs went with them (yes, it was a Musical) and the whole story became this weird, surreal comedy we enjoyed so much more writing and reading and singing a loud than a regular revenge story! (Besides one cannot think of writing a revenge story and really believe to surpass the Count of Montecristo! Better give it up! Dumas had said it all!)

So... everything else were... leftovers! What do you do with leftovers when you don't want to waste a thing? You add other ingredients, you microwave them and come up with new names and give the notes an order and turn them into something else. Balthasar became a novel... from which I then cut out snippets to make a musical (yes, I worked in the theater why shouldn't I give it a try with Balthasar as well... since the previous musicals had gone so well?).

But before this I have to explain why the leftovers became Balthasar!
I was in College, then, I lived with my sister and her friends from the dorms would come and visit her for coffee. They kept talking about this guy, which they called: Il pirata Baldassarre (the Pirate Balthasar). Apparently Baldassare was his last name and they called him a pirate because he had a goatee and earrings - which wasn't very common back then!
I think they mentioned he had black hair, black eyes and that he was super handsome and tall... I honestly never saw him, although I was dying to see a real pirate! On one hand I wasn't much of a socializer and on the other hand, when I got the occasion to actually see him... I turned my head the other way, afraid that the actual sight of the Pirate Balthasar would not meet my expectations... and I had already created Wilson Kane's image in my head.
That nickname... had such a nice ring to it, I should probably pay the rights to the girl who came up with it... but I don't know if I should credit Anna or Miranda for this... they were already talking about him with my sister, the name was prepackaged and delivered to me!

I absolutely loved it! I adopted it! I still like it a lot!

So Baldassarre ended up being Greek first... till I decided to make him Italian, or better yet, Sicilian... even though Baldassarre is not a Sicilian last name at all - but that's a detail, now, the Baldassarre could have migrated to Badia from Puglia! (I am not going to tell this story though!)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Clean up in process

Here we go, I have started the clean up of the drawings...
what? That's not how you do it in comics? Oh, I know.... but actually I don't have a clue on how to make a comic so I do it the animator way.
That's animation paper there (no, I don't have a peg bar because that paper was cut ^^" thinking I would never use it for cleaning up drawings ^^") and my hand made light table.
That's right, I had to build my own light table hahahaha. It's not very bright and I don't know if I was lucky with the sort of light I picked but it works nicely to me, it's not too strong and helps me focus on one area at the time.
This is the process that was missing in the previous chapter... that actually had my bluepencil drawings cleaned up in photoshop (and it took for ever and didn't even come out right).
Hopefuly this time around you'll see some nice and clean linework!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting there...

It's almost midnight... and I've finally finished my blue pencil pages.
I have to get some better paper though, this one's too thin and rough!
So tomorrow I'll start on the clean up... my light table will be happy about it!

I'll have to do some backgrounds on separate paper too, just to make sure I am consistent.

Preview... of chapter 2...

IT: Uuuuh che bravo gggiovine, che bravo gggiovine! --

EN: Oooh, goodbooooy gooodoboy!

Ehi, what's going on? What are the twins doing to Foxy???

Locations - the sea

We're done with characters for now... (well, as soon as I'll introduce others I'll talk about them too but... talking about them now would be a spoiler)... so let's talk about locations.

As I previously said... forget about the Caribbean!

The Pirate Balthasar is about barbary coast pirates so we'll definitely stay always in the Mediterranean sea. The places we'll visit will have no sandy beaches. There's a lot of volcanic islands with black beaches. The sea is turqoise here, not green or deep blue. It's clear and shiny, it's warm with small waves, has no white sharks (we've only sea like 160 of them in 30 years).
There are sharks though....

We have/had 80 different species of sharks here, 15 of which are, alas, extinct already and 5 of which are going toward extinction: verdesca (blue shark), squalo volpe (fox shark), squalo martello (hammer shark) , smeriglio and mako (this one's mean).

We'll see a lot of this guy for some reasons I will not explain now. It's a verdesca (prionace glauca), it's used for shark fin soup, it feeds on blue fish and has a deep blue skin. But you won't see it swim in circles around anybody and you won't see anybody walk the plank because "walking the plank" was invented by Hollywood and pirates would punish people in different ways... they were creative and cruel... but we'll talk about it another time.

Some of the islands we'll see are based on real island but I won't make names... except once, for Sicily.
The Mediterranean is populated by many different cultures and so the architecture, agriculture and landscapes will change.
A Greek island doesn't look anything like and Italian or ex-Yugoslavian island. Corsica and Sardinian were worlds of their own and the Spanish island (and Spain in general) still show a lot of the Arabic influence.

We will not go up North, as it was dangerous to the pirates to venture far into the Tirrenian sea. So we'll get to see a lot of the vulcanin islands in the South with their black beaches.
Raven Island (Isola del Corvo) will be one of them.
We'll also visit the Island of March (Isola di Marzo) and the Baronet's Island (which has nothing on it but goats hahaha).
Don't look for them on the map... they are not there ^_-- but I know where they are!

So, now that we've established where we are, let's set our navigation course. Take your astrolabe and your charts...

Oh, and grab your Piri Reis, we might want to explore Africa too although Alidivento will never go too far into the Atlantic Ocean... some pirates are superstitious!

Balthasar is one of them!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fan art!


Yes, we have fan art!
Actually this is more of a present from my friend Elianthos who adopted the comic right away and loved it like nurturing mother would!

She is the one who suggested adding The Pirate Balthasar on smackjeeves... and I'll never thank her enough (so I am paying her in Nature with a fan service drawing XD).

We have a new host!

I heard that flipping through the issuu file is not the most comfortable thing in the world (besides... I keep uploading the wrong html here aaaaand... did not consider the monitor resolution properly : silly me, I thought Issuu would take care of it).

So, thanks to a friend's suggestion (grazie, elici)... I have opened an account on SmackJeeves (<---- being a fan of Wodehouse I took this as a sign).
I posted the link to the side of the blogger and will post it here again... from now one, every time I upload a new chapter with a preview here, the link to smackjeeves, as an alternative, will follow!
It's nice, you don't have to zoom in on the pages, it lacks quality on the images but still you can read it comfortably!

So far I have uploaded the two promos and will probably spend the rest of the afternoon uploading Chapter I for your comfort!
Thank you all for the feedback and the great comments! It's very helpful!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Josh Habel

Hair: dark brown
Eyes: dark brown, almost black.

The Prize-Master.

Here's a guy we don't see often but that we do see in crucial moments, eh?

He showed up once, already, and was thunderstruck by Cassiopea's beauty in chapter one... I wonder if that'll create some problems in the future...

Apparently he is very friendly and outgoing. Even so he doesn't like to smile a lot and is very reserved.

As Prize-Master he is in charge of taking back those ships that are conquered and destined to be fixed, then sold back again.

He is very good with knives but not so talented when it comes up to get things right away...

But... he may seem a lot of things and be not what he seems so, keep an eye on him!


Height: 160 cm (5,2 feet tall)
Age: 17
Hair color: Copper red
eyes color: green

And the Human knowledge

Ah, this guy, if he didn't exist someone should invent him! Yes, unwillingly accomplice to much romance... and comic relief... Pifetto is the stupid cousin our beloved twins - or is he?
He left for school only to return with a despicable pronunciation problem.
Supposedly he is engaged to Castalia but he shows to be more interested in wine than in girls! Also he has a thing for cute, frilly stuff... although his taste is not of the superior kind at all!

He likes to strike dramatic poses to enhance the meaning of his profound sentences. Extremely melodramatic and theatrical, care a lot about making a good impression and is a fan of great entrances.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Problems fixed.

Someone made me notice that the Issuu link posted here were not working properly. When I went to check out I realized I had put normal html instead of using the special codes for blogger.
I am sorry for the inconvenience... having to follow a link and waiting for it to load can be quite painful.

I hope to find soon a nice alternative to issuu.

In the meantime I close the day on some 23 pages of Balthasar... and the next one will have some sweet moments in it, a wedding the pirate way and the beginning of a new love story... for Pifo! XD

I also already decided on the drawing for the cover and made some sketches... also I am preparing a nice post for Pifo, as his fans deserve to know more about him!
Coming up next, if you were curious about how I came up with the boys' names... I'll write a post about it too.


Height: 162 cm (5,3 feet tall)
Age: 16
Hair color: ash blond
eyes color: blue

And the Florence Nightingale syndrome

Yes, Calliope might seem boring and monotonous for her continuous focus is other people's health and well being. Apparently her favorite words are: are you feeling well? Are you alright?

She is not very talkative but is a quick learner and knows no fatigue. Probably she wanted to be a doctor, and could have been a good one, and is very eager to be a good nurse and a good help to anyone who asks for her help!

Calliope is a bit of a cry baby! Will slowly adapt to her new life and develop new talents!
One day she'll be exactly what she always wanted to be!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Height: 5,8
Age: 22 years old
Hair: strawberry blond
Eyes: almost purple (like Liz Taylor's)

The surgeon

Yes, our doctor is pretty young but, what can I say?, old times were old times, and one would grew up faster back then. Doctors could be pretty young too. In his case, maybe, he didn't finish his apprenticeship with his teacher and took the way of the sea to escape from... something.

Young as he is, coming in contact with other cultures, he has learned many different ways of taking care of his friends, aside from the traditional surgeon way.
He's tall and skinny like a sharp blade, his tongue is sharp too.
Being the doctor, and what a nasty job that can be, he usually never participate in piratesque's actions.
He takes his job seriously and everything else... not so seriously. That can cause the people to think that he is not reliable.
He likes healthy, chubby girls with a good spirit and good appetite.
His prince-like manners always shine through even though he can have a bad attitude, at times.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


As you can see from the pictures... the storyboard are ready.
I have started doing some larger sketches too.
It looks like chapter 2 will have 45 pages as well, so let's keep the finger crossed I won't have heavy duty works to do this month and I manage to finish everything in 32 days.

The chapter ends with a cliffhanger... maybe do we get to see Wilson Kane without his mask on?

Da quello che si intuisce dalle foto... ho finito gli storyboard.
Ho iniziato a fare anche alcuni schizzi preliminari per le pagine, che saranno 45, come per il primo capitolo!
Speriamo di non ricevere lavori pesanti questo mese, così da poter finire tutto entro in 32 giorni a disposizione.

Il capitolo si chiuderà con un bel cliffhanger, questa volta... forse riusciamo a vedere Wilson Kane senza maschera?



Un messaggio in italiano per ringraziarvi dei complimenti e dei suggerimenti. So che Issuu funziona meglio per alcuni che non per altri... mi dispiace ^^". Forse dipende anche dalla risoluzione del vostro monitor/schermo.

A ogni modo, prometto che nel prossimo capitolo vedrete disegni migliori... ho lavorato a questo fumetto mentre ero praticamente in esilio da casa e non avevo materiali con me, solo il mio computer e gli storyboard. Per cui scusatemi, tranne che per gli sfondi, quelli che vedete sono i miei schizzi ripuliti ^^" non disegni, un vero disastro!

Vi chiedo anche di fidarvi un pochino di me, perché come ambientazione quella che ho scelto è un po' strana e questi pirati sembrano poco piratosi. Su una cosa credetemi, non è lasciato al caso quasi niente!
Dimenticatevi Jack Sparrow e i Pirati dei Caraibi... I Pirati Berberi sono venuti un secolo prima, erano quasi tutti italiani, greci, spagnoli e nord africani con qualche incursione inglese e olandese (gli olandesi erano ottimi costruttori di navi!).

Un po' alla volta parleremo di questa "pirateria de noartri", come si suol dire... e intanto, mentre io ne disegno gli storyboard, mancano solo 32 giorni al secondo capitolo... come da conto alla rovescia!


32 days to chapter 2!!! I am drawing storyboards like crazy now!
Anyway we have to finish talking about the characters, right?
And next I'll have to leave a little message in Italian, if you don't mind.

Height: 162 cm (5,3 feet tall)
Age: 16
Hair color: ash blond
eyes color: blue

The Vain one!

Yes, she is vain... she is elegant and has refined manners. She is a true lady, won't get corrupted by anything that isn't exactly like she thinks it ought to be. She likes beautiful things, dresses, shoes, jewels, and boys... In Japanese, one would say, she is a Menkui - that is... affected by the beauty of beautiful people!

She never acts on impulse and knows exactly what she is doing, most of the times, of course she has some limits too but, she is very careful and plans ahead. She also gives the wrong impression... but remember: good manners and etiquette come first with this girl! She is strict about them!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I realized I explained how I picked the names before finishing the proper introductions. Well, let's finish then!

Height: 162 cm (5,3 feet tall)
Age: 16
Hair color: ash blond
eyes color: blue

The liar!

Cassandra is a very creative, compulsive liar. Of course, nobody believes her so she is a real Cassandra!
She has a very good appetite and a hot temper. If one were to make a list of the twins from the most dominant to the less dominant... Cassandra would be number 3.

But I am telling you, she is not as strong as she makes other believe... she is sweetie and let's consider the fact these 5 girls have never seen the world outside of the Island and have been kept captive in a Military Academy by 3 nuns for 16 years! Townsfolk don't think much about Castalia but the others don't have an easier life... that is why even when she yells: but I am not the crazy one - while kidnapped - the peasants don't care.
Well, it's not the crazy one it's the liar, what's the difference? All the Papadopulos girls are kind of odd, anyway.

So I guess she had to fight against prejudice all her life - in a different way than Castalia who would pick a fight . but still...

I guess, with time, her heart will be woed by a pair of interesting eyes that can see right through her and still find her charming, no matter what!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Capitolo I

Il Pirata Baldassarre - Capitolo I
Eccoci qua, con un'ora di anticipo! Non ho saputo resistere (del resto... era pronto da ieri). Chiedo scusa per l'attesa, spero che ne sia valsa la pena.
Vi chiedo soprattutto, se potete, di lasciarmi un commento sul sistema che utilizzo per mettere sul web questo fumetto.
Al momento sto utilizzando Issuu... infatti se cliccate sul titolo del thread dovrebbe condurvi direttamente alla pagina di Issuu che ospita il capitolo (da là dovreste essere addirittura in grado di scaricare il pdf).
Se Issuu rappresenta un problema... fatemelo sapere e cercherò un sistema alternativo.

Buon San Valentino a tutti e buona lettura!

Chapter 1

The Pirate Balthasar - Chapter 1

This is it! Finally here... I know, I have been rambling about this for so long!
Well, I hope it didn't disappoint you.

I would like to ask you any feedback... mostly about the system I used to upload these.
I am using isuu... if you click on the title of the post it will bring you directly to the Issu page hosting this. So you can chose if you'd rather read it from the blog or go directly to the source.

It this hosting method doesn't suit you, please let me know and I'll try a different type of hosting system.
I also want you to know that if you go to issuu you can actually download the pdf of this chapter.

Only few hours to go

Only a few more hours and chapter one will be online.
Be prepared for the file is quite big and if you have problem with Issuu's visualization let me know and I'll find and alternative system to upload our chapters.

Btw, in the meantime we have sailed on Facebook's waters too:

Come and join our facebook page and be part of the crew!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Chapter 1 - cover

This is it!

I am done lettering and now I am creating my pdf's and doing spell check (but I cannot guarantee there'll be no mistakes, so if you find any, please let me know).

Chapter I will be like a nice Valentine present.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I start by saying that I'm 5 pages away from finishing chapter I.

Let's introduce our pilot, Foxy!

Height: 5,7
Age: 19 years old
Hair: black
Eyes: black/Dark blue

Foxy the Pilot

Here's our little emo pilot! Yes, he is not very talkative and yes he is not very sharp - even though his name might seem to hint otherwise.
He is Cat's best friend and buddy, he can be mischievous without realizing it and he is hypochondriac! That brings him to worry about things and people and sometimes his conversation is about health...
Touching things that could be covered in germs can be alarming to him so he double check: do I really have to? - to see if he can avoid it.
Of course that and being on a pirate ship don't go well together hahahaha so he vexes Cat to be sure the ship is always clean and neat - else he might go nuts.

Gloomy and concerned about everything, he still manages to be around his shiny, positive friends in a calm way... which doesn't mean, though, that he can handle everything with no stress at all!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The names!

We are going to have 5 girls with peculiar names in this story, they all start with a C and they all have Greeks origins.
Eventually I boy will show up... with the same characteristic, but this will happen very far into the story.

I will not reveal soon why the girls have these names and so you stay with the fact that they grew up in a small Greek island, they do speak Greek and have a Greek upbringing.
Of course nothing is never what it looks like.

This is the reason why, here, I am going to explain HOW I chose these names and why. :D

It all started with...
Castalia : who risked to be called Sibyl. That is because every time I get to go to the Sistine Chapel... I stuck my nose up and look at her: the Delphic sibyl. Then one thought led to another... why call her sibyl? Why not making her the sibyl? She could be from Delphi! But then again Sibyl is not a very Greek name. So I went and studied a bit about Delphi and there I found the coolest story ever: Castalia was a nymph and Apollo wanted to kidnap her, but she fled and drowned in a spring. Another version say that Apollo turned her into a spring, the Castalian Spring, who has the power to inspire all those who drink its waters.
We have a kidnapping here and my girl needed to be inspiring. So I thought: Castalia has a nice ring to it. - and Castalia was.

As the spine of the story progressed and I decided to create gags and misunderstandings... the other girls were born and I needed names for them too. I was once listening to a radio program and found out the guy talking was named Calisto. You know... Piedi/Feet was already Piedi/Feet in my head. She is based off of my best friend in Italy and... Calli - in Italy - means corn (you know, the ones you get on the feet) and the callista is a chiropodist. The pun on words tempted me. And Callista was born.
The original name is actually Calisto, she was a huntress, loved by Zeus. The name means "most beautiful". Another perfect Greek name and now I had Castalia and Callista.

So two names with C's... what about the other girls? They needed a perfect Greek names beginning with C as well, right?

Calliope: we all know who Calliope is, she is one of the Muses and Orpheus' mom. She inspired Homer to write Iliad and Odyssey. Her name means "she has a beautiful voice". Although in my story Calliope sounds quite monotonous and has a vocation for nursing others... she will be quite inspirational at some point so the name was a-okay!

Cassiopea: I needed someone elegant and vain. Oh, Cassiopea, you could not escape from me.
Andromeda's mom caused a big fuss about beauty and elegance, didn't she? She said that she and her daughter were far more beautiful of the Nereids and the Nereids, daughters of Poseidon, got so upset that demanded Andromeda's head... well sort of, there's a flood and an horacle and a seamonster in the story... but in the end she got chained to a rock to be fed to the monster but, lucky for her, Perseus came to her rescue and we all know how the story ends.
But what of Cassiopea after her daughter's happy ending? Well, Poseidon turned her into a constellation, after she died, so that sometimes she would hang in the sky... upside down!

Cassandra: since my Cassandra is a compulsive liar... a creative liar... I needed someone very famous for her. Cassandra, whom nobody believed, was given by Apollo the power to see the future. Well, she could predict the destruction of Troy, for example. Of course nobody believed her because Apollo gave her the powers but did not receive what he wanted in return (lol) therefore, out of spite, he cursed her: you will see things but nobody will believe you.
So she was taken for a fool and a liar.
My Castalia is too creative in her lies and that is the main reason why nobody believes her!

The boy's name is Callimaco... but we'll talk about him when the time comes.

Monday, February 08, 2010



Height: 162 cm (5,3 feet tall)
Age: 16
Hair color: ash blond
eyes color: blue

The Stumbling one

Even though she has a beautiful name, Callista is also known as Piedi or Feet due to the fact she stumbles a lot (truth be told she has a big heart and big feet as well and wear small shoes to hide them).

Stumbling with her feet makes her stumble with words too, so stuttering and stumbling she cannot avoid. She trips and falls with spututunf or gets stuck on b-b-b-beginning of sentences!

She is a shy, simple girl, not too brave but direct when needed.
Eventually all she needs is self confidence and someone special who'll make her understand that having big feet isn't always an ugly feature! People with big feet stand tall and strong!

Friday, February 05, 2010

A little preview

A little preview of what will happen in chapter one!

Some cheese lines here but... wait to see the practical reaction of the
actual Pirate Balthasar!

Coming soon!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


The boatswain

Height: 5,6 feet tall.
Age: around 20 years old
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: green/golden

He looks like an unrefined and rude guy but he has a very good heart. His duty is to keep the deck and the crew in order - the crew fears him due to his skin color.

He is friendly but stern and finds it hard to integrate with the rest of the crew.
He can be stingy with money but not with feelings.
Kane has found him in very sad circumstances, he set him free and gave him a new name, a new life and serenity.

When he meets Callista he finally finds someone who doesn't see walls and respects him for what he is able to do.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Wilson Kane

Here's our protagonist.

Height: 5,97 feet tall
Age: unknown
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: dark brown, almost black.


He is an interesting fella. Very hard to figure out what he thinks.
There's a secret about his identity and his past... and he seems to be bothered by it. He likes books and reads a lot - to him books are the real treasure - and likes comfy but simple clothes. Sometimes he goes around dressed like an Arabian, speaks many languages and every single things he does comes as a surprise but demonstrate that his past must have been truly complicated too. He never lies but likes to tell the truth a bit at the time. He also likes reptiles and his toilette set.
The thin he hates the most is: potatoes!

Monday, February 01, 2010

45 pages!

I finished inking the first chapter and I can now officially say that it will be 45 pages long!
Starting today I'll be rendering and adding the lettering... work permitting since I have two deadlines (one this week and the other one on the 15th).