Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boarding a salame ship!

We are going at it, mateys! Finally boarding a ship, even though our treasure room is fairly full... who could ever resist the temptation of some nice prosciutto and provolone?
Nobody, right?

But hey, wasn't this part supposed to be the one where Hell breaks loose... well, yeah... but it's Hell for the doctor, of course.
Kane is ascending to Heaven with his crew, instead! XDDD

And whatever happened to Pifo?
Oh, the poor creature...
Oh... the horror!

I won't say!


Go and thank elianthos here for the delicious forbidden fruit we get to enjoy today.

I have to do more stuff with food, apparently it inspires... hahahaha. Stay tuned as I will post pictures of the work in progress tonight.
Also... our Pillow Talk is about to end but we have a new entry that I'll make sure to translate into English tonight as well.

Now... work in progress wise... how am I doing? Let me tell you that you will see clean up in photographs today. I am using white paper - ran out of the yellow stuff (how sad). The next issue might be slightly longer than expected, since I had to cut the previous one short! ^^"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Work in progress... oooh!

I've started cleaning up already... and am also compiling and editing the pages already because I kinda lost track of what I'm doing - with all the stuff that's been going on recently.

I got my schedule for the semester... it will be crazy. O_o
For our breakfast set we have: Morning Star or North Star.
Consider that Kane and Castalia live la vida loca... LOL, meaning they live at night. So their breakfast happens during the night.
Besides we saw them steal eggs and tangerines and we know that they spend many hours talking and talking until the sun rises.
So the North Star becomes a Morning Star for them... right?
Sort of! He he.

One more day to play

One more day to play with our Pillow Talk game?

You come up with dialogues for this illustration and I'll put the winner in and post it in the comic - with credits - and as usual there's always a give away drawing.

Your answer MUST be posted here, in the comments (if you cannot post cuz you don't have an ID you can always email tynstudios(at)

Entries so far:


1) ma ma ma ma, oh toh toh toh toh
2) Vvvvvv
3) ...
4) chu


- Perchance to dream... are you following me still?
- hmmm... all reading and no play makes Kane's treasure a dull toy
-just keep reading, 'mmkay. For this voice of yours I could rub your treasure all that you want. TOMORROWzzzz
- I'm so weak *sighs, fingercombs hair*

- *snugglerub* Are you ready yet, pumpkin?
- ... This time *I* get the feathers and the bondage. AND the honey jar.
- hihihi *smooch*

3) - s-so sleepy *leans on arm* s-so warm, my C-Cat...
- (wah, you're so purrrfect I want to eat you and protect you at once)

4)- How's the Doctor tonight? *chu*
- He has never been so fine.
- Indeed you are very fine
- Finely said by the finest lips
- Finely sealed *chuchuchuchuchu*


1) Well this is exciting. I get all worked up and you fall asleep the first chance you get.

2) Mmm so warm. She clings so tightly..gah! Can't breathe!

3) Well that was easy. Asleep like a little kitten..prrr

4) If only I could hold you closer, keep you safe from sickness and despair, always.

NEW ENTRY - Ilaria (in Italian):

Kane: “MERCUZIO: Orsù, signore, la tua passata! [Si battono.]…”

Castalia: *zZz*

Kane: *Ma come già dorme? E fortuna che le stavo leggendo di un duello! Bah tanto vale che passi alla parte che preferisco…

“ Entra Balthasar, con gli stivali…”


Lio: Già sazio, tesorino?

Foxy: Io sazio?? Dopo tutto quel digiuno non sarò mai abbastanza sazio di te…

Lio: Allora sei pronto per la terza portata?

Foxy: Se c’è, lo sarò anche per il dessert…


Piedi: *ronf ronf*

Cat: *E ora?! Fa anche le fusa, la micina… Si, è proprio quella giusta…*


Kes: *pchu pchu gnam*

Doc: Ehi ehi cosa fai con quelle labbrucce? Non sono una ciambella…

Kes: ma... co ste fragranze che emani potresti essere un bel ciambellone... *pchgnum*

Doc: *aiuto*

I am currently finishing up drawing the next update. I think it will be a little chubbier than expected. It's a matter of making things flow nicely.
Plus it's hard to describe Hell breaking loose.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doctor doctor...

our future by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

You are so pink... LOL. Here's the second illustration for the "breakfast serie": Our Future

Mateys, guess what? This doctor of ours... he kidnapped another girl!
How does he do that, without even leaving sick bay?

Please say hello to Kay Elle and her wonderful drawing of Wes and Kes.

Something About You and I by *Kay-Elle on deviantART

And she is also going on the list of people kidnapped by our pirates! *_*
If you want to be kidnapped let me know... all you hate to do is give me the link of the blog or forum or mailing list where you decided to talk about the pirate balthasar and you shall be captured! ^___X/

BTW Fickle and I are drawing already - I am the one drawing he just spits - and are 4 pages into the next release! :D

Monday, September 27, 2010

More fan art!

Elianthos! Who can stop you, now? Who's gonna stop you, now?
Nobody, I'm telling you, nobody!

In just a few days Our Lady of Smutilicious Greenness has produced:



Lio and Foxy

And our beloved quintuplet!
(work in progress still)

Be careful, my lady, Fickle is beginning to wonder where is his picture of a naked blue chameleon girl you promised!

<_3_>____l Fickle wants luv, spit!

Does she have to be blue?
Okay, so he likes blue.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cosimo and Tirzah

Here's the promised illustration for today: Cosimo and Tirzah.
Very easy to tell who is who, right?

Interesting enough, Cosimo is a sweet boy and Tirzah just looks scary but she is a bit more like Cassandra.
Being both very calm and slow their story takes a while to pick up hahahaha.
It might interest you to know that he is the doctor and she is the pilot on Balthasar's ship.

Chapter 7 B - curiosities

A very good day to you, my dear friends... so, it seems like Pifo is no longer enganged... his second fiancée, Cassandra, apparently has the hots for another guy. That's cheating, you know? And doctor, you too... how could you? Poor Pifo!

Anyways... Pifo seeks love... anyone interested? Write a line here and I'll forward it to him. A Pifo is a good thing to have around the house.

This week's release travels on parallel tracks. This will come to happen more often, from this point on, sometimes I will make it obvious, others... it's diluted and you have to pay attention.
Are you an attentive reader?

So kisses are they unconditional or do you need to put conditions?

Apparently for Castalia, being the transparent girl she is... asking or swapping doesn't work. She tried. She got something out of Kane the first time... she got the treasure room the second time... she got yelled at the third time. So she came to the conclusion: no, kisses have to be spontaneous.

The doctor... he would cheat his ways around.
The kiss has a condition: you kiss me. You lost... the fact that I cheated doesn't make you less of a looser. LOL

Our Smooch sound effects works as a transition between an unconditional kiss and the one with conditions. Keep an eye on the chapters were Kane and Westley are dominating: they walk on parallel paths from now on. They walk in opposite directions.

Wilson Kane is such a bigot and a moralist...
No... he couldn't care less.

What he is saying right there is not for Castalia's sake... it's out of his own selfishness. Castalia needs to be more delicate about certain things.
Come on! The man just told you his mom was a "pro", he just told you that her profession killed her, he just told you he doesn't want another mama in his life...
You offer him something very similar to what he's been staring at for the first 8/9 years of his life. "Sir, could you please help me, my kids are starving?" "In return for...""Myself."

So when he asks Castalia: what do I get in return for helping you out... he is not actually asking for something in return... it's his contorted way for asking: what's in it for me?
His contorted way to tease her, pretend to say no, but then whatever... he is just joking.
He gets the one answer he does not want to get. In a way the most offensive part is... being considered just like his mother's clients!
"Why would I want that? Do you think I would want that? Am I like them? Do you think I'm that kind of person?"

And why do something so offensive right after she threw a curved ball at him, twice! She told him she cares for him and that seeing him upset is enough of a punishment.
Hey, but the girl gets reactions out of him... Wilson Kane is coming to life :D.

Now, onto the actual... useful stuff!

La mano a cuoppo! (the cup shaped hand).
What is he doing indeed with that hand? Shaking it up and down.

A lot of people think that the cuoppo is a very common and generic gesture used by Italians.
If you go to the Northern Regions of Italy you would almost never ever see it (unless the person who uses it has ancestors from the South).

In the South of Italy the cuoppo is very popular. But it is not used randomly... for example, I remember when I lived in the U.s., my friends would shake the cuoppo at me and say: forget about it! Or: How you doing?
The first times I was totally left speechless: O_o what?

The gesture and the messages did not go together. Somehow it's as if someone were to give you the finger and say: lovely weather, today, isn't it?

The cuoppo is a quantifying gesture!
It's used for "what" and "why" and "how much"... consider why to be applied to questions such as: why are you doing this? Which implies the quantity of stupidity contained by your action! XD

Now, not many Italians know this. As the cuoppo is something very instinctive and if you were to ask them: why are you using it?
They would just tell you: it's a random gesture!
Which misleads foreigners all the time! That's why in the end they think that the cuoppo is generic and shake it at you in a very rude manner, without knowing how rude that is.
But consider this... there is no such thing as: Standard Italian and Italians are not very aware of what being Italian is all about (besides most of our traditional culture and language is getting lost at a speed that scares me).

Usually Italians shake the cuoppo with a sort of nervousness and turmoil in their hearts. They are mad, they are describing something that upsets them, they are trying to make a point, they want to convey a message across with strength. It is not a relaxed gesture.

Here, Wilson Kane is imitating his grandpa, Cosimo. And grandpa Cosimo is trying to convince the young Kane that being locked up in the treasure room is for his own good. It will make him stronger. It will give him discipline. The cuoppo gives strength to his words: you'll see how much better you'll turn out if I do this to you. You'll see how much stronger this will make you. You'll see how much of a Balthasar you will become.

How much is the key!

I have new Illustrations and Fan Art for you! Stick around. I'll post the first one in a few hours.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Pirate Balthasar - Chapter 7AB

Here we go! The release is ready!
As you usual you can either read it here, using the issuu reader, or click on the title of the post to reach SmackJeeves.

Il Pirata Baldassarre - Capitolo 7AB

Buongiorno e buona lettura, come sempre fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Here's the promised drawing for today.
Some more offsprings... these are easy to guess hahaha.

Today it rained like crazy, so much that the sky turned black and I thought it was 6 pm already... but it was only 4 pm instead.

I finished the proof and am compiling now the pdf's.
The update is coming soon.

By the way, we have a domain:

As of now it's just another blog... but I will upload lightbox there. Unlike this blog here, that one will only host the artwork, without my blabbers. It's a work in progress.

For those of you who haven't noticed:

You cannot download the chapter from issuu anymore because, the moment I compile the volume and put it for download here the chapter gets blocked there. In short you have to download the full volume.

That's because the chapters on Issuu are my first upload... then I happen to read them again and find mistakes and fix them. Of course the current volume 1 has mistakes too.
When I will compile volume 2 I will make a megafile with volume 1 and 2 together and will fix all the mistakes that have escaped to my attention (and my proof readers') the first time.

I do this because I have very little time to work on the updates and shit happens all the time. If I re-read and fix I cannot upload on Issuu again (it will change my link and I would have to change all my links in the blog as well). So I compile a volume that has less mistakes and upload it.

Eventually I'll do this 5 times, for each volume. Hopefully, one day, we'll have 5 volumes and all of them will be almost perfect... which will make Fickle happy!

Tic tac and tic and tac!

The new release is being proofed.
So this post will be used for some reminders, since release date is very close (but stick around I will upload another illustration tonight).

First reminder:

Did you remember to vote for Kane? Click Here! and vote your favorite Kane.

Did you remember to vote for Foxy's dress? Click on the poll to the left.

Did you remember to vote for Fickle? Click here and make him happy.

Did you come up with a dialogue for Pillow Talk? Click here and play the game.

Did you guess what art pieces inspired the Too Darn Hot illustrations? Click here, one was guessed correctly already but there are 3 more to go.

One more day and we'll see what happens in Heaven.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

And I'm back in the game... perfect timing too: I get to celebrate my birthday with you guys!
So here's a birth related card for myself hahahaha.
Fickle, what say you? Do you like babies?

<_3_>___l Fickles wants blue babies, spit!

Oh, that's right, Fickle wants to marry a blue chameleon. Hahahahaha.
So, sorry for keeping silent...

I am rendering and have 4 more pages to go. I thought I would not be able to make it for the update, this time... so close to my birthday... it looks like I will!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guess what?

I may have said this before... but The Pirate Balthasar is full of famous stuff. I like art and movies so I often put the stuff I like inside the stuff I like. Lots of stuff, in short.

Here how it goes. Even for the "too darn hot" illustrations I took inspiration from 3 famous paintings and one sculpture. Would you like to try and guess?
It could be a fun game!

Whoever guess them right can commission me anything XDDD even a naked picture of Fickle!

In the meantime, I am slowly proceeding to complete this next release. I got enlightened about one thing, along the way, which will make Hell a bit more pitiful for all of us... but in a most effective way.
Sometimes, for certain types of emotions... you really have to go all out and shout.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fan art galore to come!

Sorry guys, work is keeping me busy so I am lettering like crazy and had to put everything else on hold.
Lucky for me elianthos is on a rampage and 3 more drawings (Cat, the doctor and the sisters) will be coming our ways really soon.

You can go and see the Work in progress on her deviant art page!

In the meantime, as I promised, here is the Foxy - like a Virgin - with corrections... she has updated the drawing recently and deserves a new exposure then.

I've lettered all the way until page 17! The chapter will be out on time and, after this release, next week, I should be able to pick up again the usual pace with the illustrations coming and everything else.

Did you remember to vote for Fickle?

Too darn hot 4

We stop our "too darn hot" series here, for now...
More to come in the future when certain things will no longer be considered spoilers.
Also I will be uploading the corrected version of elianthos' drawing soon, since she fixed her Foxy's portrait.

How was your talk like a pirate day? This is how mine went... I went to see parrots.
That's right!

I went to Jurong's Bird Park and was blown away by the beauty of the place.
I think I found a friend too.
Having a parrot (lorrie) next to me... totally made my pirate day very piratey! *_*

He wanted food from me and was meowing like a cat!
I guess I am not pirate enough to kidnap him hahahaha.

Eventually I made a second friend who will definitely become Balthasar's pet when we go into that story! She was soooo pretty.

I also met an owl... and I swear she looked like Pea, especially when she tilted the head up and stared at me so coolly!

By the way... for about a minute or so... I think I saw Heaven!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talk like a pirate day!

Aye, matey, t'day's the day we always wait fer the whole yeahrrr!
T'day is "talk like a pirate day". Me living in the future can announce this to ye: Talk like a pirate, ye scruvy dogs, fer t'day ye can!
September 19th is the day!

Sailing I will be to a bird park, mateys, to find me a parrot to put on my shoulder.
Enjoy the best day of the yeaahr! Better then Xmes.... than wedding night... than burhtday.

Today is pirate day! Yo-ho!

a new fan art series!

Uuuuh looks like elianthos has started a new series!
Focusing on the boys again!

Once again remember to visit DA and leave her a nice comment or say hello to her here or in the group on Facebook, since she recently joined.

As for me... I have visitors these days so I am mostly focusing on the comic but resting a bit from the illustration before I continue with The Breakfast Series (and The Musketeers are coming nice but will take a bit... I think I designed a very complicated background hahahaha)

Update will be out in a few days!

Are you excited? *_*

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fan art: Balthasar and Andromeda love before this century!

It's so so nice to wake up in the morning and see Fan Art waiting for you! First of all, please visit the artist's Deviant Art page and leave a comment.
The mature filter is on, because DA has strict rules on nudity... so I'll post the actual picture here. I am sure you don't mind, we are amongst pirates!

So, mates, apparently this is calling for a sixth volume with extras and specials... and Balthasar and Andromeda will be in it. :D Happy?
If you cannot post a message for Boys-in-love on DA you can comment here and I'll make sure to paste and copy the messages over for her.

She is going to have a tough week ahead so a little encouragement might help.
Our friend elianthos, instead, posted this very nice portrait of Pifo...
I am telling you, folks, Pifo will take over the World.

Be careful Fickle... people will vote for him, not you!
<_3_>___l Fickle will be voted! spit!

In your lover's eyes. by *elianthos80 on deviantART

Friday, September 17, 2010

Too darn hot 3

As I promised here's the third Too Darn hot.
It came out too smooth and almost looking like a chapbook cover hahahahaha.
I realized only this morning... that I did not put the brush tip in my wacom's pen but the hard design tip and that is why things came out smooth!

In a way the fluffiness I don't mind but it does not match the others' style. It does look like a chapbook cover... Fabio anyone? hahahahaha

Pillow Talk - forget me not!

Remember our Pillow Talk game?

You come up with dialogues for this illustration and I'll put the winner in and post it in the comic - with credits - and as usual there's always a give away drawing.

We'll play with this 'till the end of September. I'll make sure to remind you often. Your answer MUST be posted here, in the comments (if you cannot post cuz you don't have an ID you can always email tynstudios(at)

Entries so far:


1) ma ma ma ma, oh toh toh toh toh
2) Vvvvvv
3) ...
4) chu


- Perchance to dream... are you following me still?
- hmmm... all reading and no play makes Kane's treasure a dull toy
-just keep reading, 'mmkay. For this voice of yours I could rub your treasure all that you want. TOMORROWzzzz
- I'm so weak *sighs, fingercombs hair*

- *snugglerub* Are you ready yet, pumpkin?
- ... This time *I* get the feathers and the bondage. AND the honey jar.
- hihihi *smooch*

3) - s-so sleepy *leans on arm* s-so warm, my C-Cat...
- (wah, you're so purrrfect I want to eat you and protect you at once)

4)- How's the Doctor tonight? *chu*
- He has never been so fine.
- Indeed you are very fine
- Finely said by the finest lips
- Finely sealed *chuchuchuchuchu*


1) Well this is exciting. I get all worked up and you fall asleep the first chance you get.

2) Mmm so warm. She clings so tightly..gah! Can't breathe!

3) Well that was easy. Asleep like a little kitten..prrr

4) If only I could hold you closer, keep you safe from sickness and despair, always.

These are nice! I want to hear more!!!!! Mooooooaaaar! Moooooar!

I'll post a new "too darn hot" today so... circle around this ship like nice little sharks - beware of Quoque!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too darn hot 2

So DA forces me to put a mature content tag on it... even though, to me, it's sensual and not sexual or whatever. Apparently it's because I know the story and others don't so I see it a sweet picture and to them, if I am not careful, is underage erotica! XDD

Anyways, hopefully you don't mind either. Nevertheless, as I mentioned, these are called "too darn hot" for a reason.

A little warning to Cat's fans.... step away from the computer, fainting on the keyboard causes horrible marks!

A small consideration on this scene... Cat looks so sweet all the time but he really is hungry too. He is not very successful with girls, like the others, partly because he is a moor and partly because he is very short. So when someone like Feetsie shows up and is willing to give you all the love you ever lacked... Cat go at it like a starving person to an all you can eat buffet! XD

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Castalia-Kane Special

I have another present for you, today.
It's called... what did Castalia really see that night?

English Version...

Versione Italiana dello speciale: Cos'ha visto Castalia, veramente, quella sera?

Hahahaha... please don't kill me... it's was Fickle's idea!

<_3_>___l --- I spit on you, lady, Fickle only wants to be voted! Spit.

The world ends in 2012?

So does The Pirate Balthasar... but if we could get the world to stick around a little longer we might get the chance to see some special volumes with extra stories for The Pirate Balthasar - with more pirate actions, family love and future generations showing up!
One story I absolutely want to draw is called "Every time we say goodbye" *_* and it would be nice to see some off-springs, eh?

For example, these two... have quite an interesting story to tell: Balthasar and Andromeda.
If you follow the link to Deviant Art it will tell you why, all of a sudden, I stopped my series of themed illustrations to draw these two... but anyways, once out of the system, I have 3 more "too darn hot" in progress and The musketeers will come after the weekend - if all goes as planned! *_*

Balthasar and Andromeda by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tic tac teasing!

I love the smell of teasing in the morning! Of course, as usual, I will not show you everything... muahahahaha.
Are we supposed to put terms and conditions over kissing or should kisses be unconditioned?

Some people might be tired of bargains and deals... like you have to haggle all the time.
Other people find it difficult not cutting the corners.

Who's right and who's wrong? Depends on the counterpart.

For sure there are those who desire and wish to be desired in return. Pursuing is fine, I will pursue you till the end of time if you want me to... show me you want me to.

On the other hand there's the problem that, by winning a kiss in a gamble, the other one feels obliged to comply. Pity love or love that comes out of obligation is very mortifying.
So one can ask or demand but if the other one does not want you... it's useless to force them, right?

Wilson Kane said so: my boys know how to take a "no".

Somehow, I just want you to know, pink is a contagious color.

In short the doctor was not hallucinating, the poor man, life did turn pink.

If others confirm that pink is there... the doctor did find something on the road to Damascus, didn't he?

Fickle is happy, today, we have been downloaded more than 100 times! *_*
Make him happy and vote for Fickle so he'll make more friends hahahaha.
<_3_>___l Fickle wants to see pink too! spit!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Chapter 7 A - curiosities

We start today's curiosities by talking about potatoes and their history.
What Quoque Tu prepared for Castalia is probably a dish like the one to the side: nice juicy potatoes in saffron sauce! I adore it. The use of apricots, sugar, citrus, sweet melons, rice, saffron, raisins, nutmeg, clove, pepper, pine nuts, cinnamon (along with fried preparations) is a sign of Arab influences from the Arab domination of Sicily in the 10th and 11th centuries. (Wikipedia)

Let's go back to our spuds, now!. This thing called potato, arrived in Europe from the New World between 1550 and 1580.
For many many years it was cultivated by botanists out of curiosity. It made cute flowers, sure... but its leaves were considered poisonous and so the whole plant was considered dangerous.
You have to consider what kind of diet people had back in the XVII century, even the poor ones (based on legumes and cereals). You also have to consider the kind of agriculture they had back then. They followed the seasons and they rotated the crops in the fields in order to keep the nutrition in the soil.
Eventually most farmers realized that potatoes, by growing underground, were a safe thing to cultivate and you know why? Because soldiers and bandit invading your village and pillaging crops... would never dig!

Guess where the thing spread the most and in the fastest way too? One of the most invaded and pillaged Countries of all times: Italy.
Now, cultivating potatoes in a large scale where it was not impossible was even prohibited. It would require too much land and there goes the rotation and the whole cultivation system. That's why people would have small patches to grow potatoes and mainly it was not meant to be for humans. Try and feed potatoes to a pig... how they love it!
They grow big and chubby and imagine all the nice little sausages, pancetta, lard and prosciutto you can make out of a chubby pig. Now that stuff would feed you and give you nutrition for a very long time... for carbs... you have bread (we are not talking about white bread, of course).

Eventually very poor farmers and very poor people would adapt to eat potatoes and, little by little, potatoes entered the European food chain.

So what Castalia gets is... pigs food. What Kane gets is... all that his mom could afford to feed him.

One should only be surprised to see him live past his fifth year and manage to enter the statistic that would see him live until his seventies.

But... what is the boy dreaming of? Sesame bread!
Now this bread is made of semolina flour, not white flour. Some people on the web states it can be kept for several days... but it's not true: you have to eat it on the very same day, the day after you'd eat rubber. No matter what they say, fresh is best!
What Kane is looking at are freshly baked Mafaldas and Filoni put in a basket, ready to be delivered door to door. You need to try some of this, when it's warm and freshly baked... it smells fantastic and taste so good (to me it's the best bread in the World).
Even if you love potatoes you'd totally understand what the poor boy is going through when bread smells so delicious!

I stole this picture from Wikipedia...
Again... we see no forks on these pirates' table.
In the packed dinner Cat gives Kane we see a bowl, 4 pieces of focaccia bread (but I think it's Naan) and 2 spoons.
Napkins? Forge about it! Did you know that up until the 1700 people would wipe their mouths on their sleeves or use the tablecloth? Now the tablecloth would touch the floor, where all kinds of little critters could be found, and they would pick the very edge of the tablecloth, the one that touched the ground, and wipe themselves off. They would not change it nor wash it for weeks either. I am not talking about the poor people, I am talking about Marie Antoinette and buddies too!
That kind of people... fancily dressed and heavily perfumed, to cover up the nasty body odors since they almost never bathe, all covered in makeups and with scabs on the palm of their hands.

No fork... again it's something that was born back in the days, disappeared and then came back. The World started using the fork in the 1800 or so. Before that... eh, yeah, Italians were using forks already in the 1600 because it made them look dainty. Now forks, back then, were really like forks... with two points and sharp ones too. Imagine rolling maccheroni with that! Ha ha ha.
Would it surprise you if I told you that the Church condemned the use of forks? Not because it looks like the fork the Devil has (and I am beginning to wonder if that is when the fork became the Devil's most favorite tool LOL)... but because being dainty is sinful.

So everybody would either use spoon or hands! Hands were very common for eating meats... honestly I think that table manner still says to use hands for certain types of meats. To me - I am vegetarian - hands must be used for pizza!

Another Italian saying for you, today: Fortunato in amor non giochi a carte!
(if you are lucky with love, don't play card games). Also known as: fortunato al gioco, sfortunato in amore - lucky at cards, unlucky in love (this is used everywhere though).

Hence Cat proposes to find a boyfriend for Kes, so she'll finally stop winning. Ironically enough, when the doctor shows up, she does loose! LOL.
Maybe some sayings are true.

And we find out about another golden rule for pirates: no gambling on board!

Because the problem of gambling is... loosing! Right?
People start a fight and there are problems and then certain things might happen in hot blood and if you are feeling too hot you'd have to go jump jump.


Before you ask: yes, Kane has a brother, we will see him again very soon.. XD

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Pirate Balthasar - Chapter 7A

A gewdmorning to you, mateys!
Go grab the release before it runs away too fast.
Issuu is here and smack jeeves is just one click away! You only need to click on the title of the post to reach it!

Il Pirata Baldassarre - Capitolo 7A

Buongiorno ciurma! Prima che vi metta a scorticare il ponte con le spazzole... fatevi un giro su issuu.
E' uscito è uscito acchiappatelo... nooooo, capitoletto in fugaaa!

Buona lettura!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Why don't you post today if the chapter is done, Deda?

I try to avoid certain dates if I can. Today is 911.
I was living in the U.s. when 911 happened.
Me, when I think of that day, I think of the many losses and what brought people to commit such actions.
I think of the fear.,, about the fact that I could not look at the sky the same way for many years.
I think of the horrible feeling of time standing still, the Earth standing still... and the silence that follows is something that could drive you insane.
I think of all the consequences that event has brought upon us. I think of all the people who sacrificed a lot for others and are not treated as the heroes they are.
I think of all the things that have been hidden from us and the lies that followed.

I think of all the horrible stories I've read and heard after that day... of what people saw and how they lost everything.

My nephew and niece were born in a world with no Twin Towers.
I went up on those, even though I am scared of heights, and I swear... it was the first time I realized Earth, our Gaia, really is round: the horizon curved. It was such a clear morning...

Because today is 911 it cannot be a TPB's day.

Today is not a day we need to remember... it's day we cannot forget.

More fan arts!

Goodmoning mateys!
With the update ready... I tackle some chores around the house today and will post an illustration later on, today.

In the meantime our rampant elianthos has finished her portraits series with the last 3 sisters.

Good for her, she managed to draw Pea too! (I want to draw Pea too! Not faaair! TT__TT)

So here we go: Feetsie/Callista

Yearning by ~elianthos80 on deviantART

Our beloved Miss Pea!

Fulfilling by ~elianthos80 on deviantART

And our feisty Cassandra/Kes... in a moment of sweetness.

Wonder by ~elianthos80 on deviantART
She's soooo beautiful here. I can totally tell elianthos loves this couple.

Be nice to our talented fan-artist... drop by her DA page and leave a line to compliment her drawings, if you like them (I'm sure you do, I find them so full of emotions! *_*)

Friday, September 10, 2010

coming very very soon!

This image is making me laugh so much on DA.
People are actually answering the question. It's like: sign the petition to have Cassandra kiss the doctor. It's for you future!

Of course it's for my future too!
But... my updates is ready and proofed and, let me tell you, it was a painful delivery.
Such a messy week it was ... some sentences did not make sense at all.
Hopefully you will enjoy this 11 pages and start the countdown to the next issue.
Coming very very soon... it might be a happy saturday, tomorrow.

Since it's ready... why not?

tic tic tac!

Aaaah, I am almost done with rendering.
Part 1 is done, I leave Castalia and Kane behind and go see what the rest of the group is doing... which means: splash of colors!
I have to say that, from this moment on, Wilson Kane will crack me up like there's no tomorrow.
I like how Castalia grows fonder and fonder of him while the poor guy keeps crashing on her unexpectedly.
How much longer can he possibly withstand all these quirks penting up... God knows!
He might blow up, one day.

For being someone who likes to be in control of his own destiny, falling for a person that is most impossible to control must be really tough... she is ignorant... she is a tomboy... she is not completely aware of flowers and bees... doesnt' get things right away and, at times, turns into a ferret and bites.
When she should be mad at him she does not get mad. She does not ask questions either.

Then she says or does something that shows her wisdom, beyond her years and beyond any books he has read... she is street smart, of course. Plus she is a Botticelli with feet!
Oh, the man is going to go nuts.

In the end I found a nice blue/green for the flashback.
This should work...
It looks pretty nice on the page! :D

Now, time to pass to full color... the doctor is going for the girl and finally steps into action.

On a winter night....

Today is rendering day. The storm is about to hit - guess somewhere the roads will soon be flooded too - I leave you with another silly drawing, because I am working on winter outfit for volume 3. Although I am still not sure about Kane's pants/boots combination, me boy will be wearing darker colors in winter. I might change her bottoms too cuz they look like pajamas to me. hahahaha

Night and day by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Too darn hot 1

Remember when I said that I wanted to make a series of drawings called "too darn hot"?
Here's number 1. For some reason DA eats up my reds and Facebook doesn't! :D
I am done lettering and will be finally rendering tomorrow... and update is approaching.
But, no worries no worries, lah! There's a long week-end ahead of me... I shall draw moooooar!

too darn hot 1 by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

Kane Fan Art

It's kind of sad that it came after the contest was done... but I guess it would have been a tough choice, though, between this one and the one Boys in Love had made for the contest, eh?
Anyways, our lady of greens, elianthos has her on version of the unmasked Wilson Kane and his gorgeous hair and mesmerizing eyes! *ç* (me boy looks so pwetty!)

<_3_>_-shivers-_l Fickle likes, vote for Fickle, spit!
I bet he wants a portrait too... didn't you see the one I made of you with Kane?
I guess you didn't like it because you looked scared and were pooping too! Hahahahahaha.

I think I found an idea for the Musketeers... finally!

Caught by ~elianthos80 on deviantART

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

flashback uh-oh!

Did I share with you guys my silly Pifo avatar?
I use it around forums hahahaha
Italian version sounds more like Quoque-muuuu... new name for Quoque-tu LOL

I am done with clean up and editing so tomorrow I will start lettering and rendering.
While I was thinking that I realized I had not picked a color for flashbacks... I cannot do sepia, duh, the whole thing is already a giant flashback in sepia color of sort ....

How to put a flashback inside a flashback?
I'll think about it... maybe use purple or maybe use green... I don't know yet, that's what I need to figure out and that is why I just tried to get ahead of myself as much as I could today.
Aren't you glad? You finally get to see Kane without his mask!
That's him... the boy... ah bread, lovely Sicilian bread, how much I miss you! *ç*

with a tic and a tac

I know you love me when I do this.
Wonder what's going on?
I am cleaning up today and should be able to update on time thanks to the coming holiday, here in Singapore!

How do Heaven and Hell look like?
Since last time I showed you Hate before Love... this time around I will show you Heaven before Hell!

So get ready, because for the next two weeks we'll be in Heaven, starting from this coming update...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

volume 2 - cover

Hello people, today I woke up and my blog wants me to transliterate everything in tamil, for some reason (even though I switch transliteration off). It's the magic associated with school computer and network, I guess.

I drew 6 of the 10 (now probably 11) pages that are supposed to go in the next update so, drawing will probably be done today and clean up will be started tomorrow.
In the meantime, while I go get my coffee and my sketchbook at home - because I rushed out and left it on my table - you might want to check out my idea of cover for volume 2. It's still a bit of a work in progress and I might update the actual one this coming week-end!

At the same time... I need to die on the Musketeers hahahahaha.
Fickle is still sleeping so I spare you... but I hope you voted for him on twc or he spits and toss a tantrum at me when he wakes up.

Volume 2 cover by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

Monday, September 06, 2010

Fan Art: Castalia!

And while I draw the next release... I'm on page 2 already (and it might be slightly longer than 10 pages, this release)... elianthos continues her series of beauyotiful portraits!
And this time I'm all a-flutter like a little humming bird in luuuv!
Bzzz bzzz so cute so cute bzzzz!
My pwweeeetty Castalia!
And Fickle is happy too because he loves his papa, right Fickle?
<_3_>___l Vote for Fickle, spit!
Right! =__= (it's like talking to a wall!)

Home by ~elianthos80 on deviantART

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Feetsie in Wonderland and Cheshire Cat!

My turn, now to follow the results of our Fan Art poll...

And here we have the Champion over Champions, with 40 Votes:

Feetsie in Wonderland and Cheshire Cat!

Feetsie and Cat in wonderland by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

...our number 2 was: 3 musketeers. I have to work on the release tomorrow, because it's only 7 days away and I also have to upload the front cover of Volume 2.
Plus we have new fan arts... so keep in touch! :D

Fan art: Lio!

Close. - Can you see me? - by ~elianthos80 on deviantART

Elianthos is on a rampage! She is finishing up the close up series with the girls!
I can't wait to see the other!
It's so nice to wake up in the morning and find messages and drawings waiting for you! *_*

Remember to go visit her page on Deviant Art and leave a message for her!
She is producing some wonderful art pieces recently, isn't she? *_*
Fickle, you like?
<_3_>_--shiver--___l Fickle likes... and wants fancy portrait too, spit!

We're on a commission today, boy, let's go! :D

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Pifetto Special n. 1

As promised here's the second post of the day... with our Pifo's Special.
I took the whole afternoon off - got a new pirate lego... and new bandanas! Alright! I finally got a black bandana (fount it a Daiso - gotta love Daiso, everything there is just 2Sin'Dollars!)
I met a frog shaped like a snake's head on the way back home. She was so cute... pretending to be a snake, even sticks her tongue out at me ahahhaha... oh Fickle got a crush on her right away!
Anyway, here we go:

Speciale Pifo n. 1 - in Italiano!

Pifo Special n. 1 - in English!

Chapter 8 - Cover

Goodmorning! It's a very nice saturday morning, here in Singapore!
I will be taking part of the day off and go buy some groceries hahaha.

First things first: Thank you all very much for all the messages I've found today. Grazie di cuore!
It was very nice to wake up to so many encouraging messages, here on SmackJeeves, Deviant Art and Facebook.

I always say that I draw this comic for myself - even though Fickle wants to be voted (I guess chameleons need attentions) - but it's always good to know that other people enjoy what I enjoy.

I've had a very hard week, did not take the last week-end off at all, and I've been having working hours that kept me in school until 8pm. Balthasar keeps me going and if you like it too and show appreciation it gives me the extra boost! I want to do more!

By the way, I received a spectacular and super hilarious fan-fic. I will be drawing a cover for it and post a pdf for you to read!

So, today I will post again... I posted the Pifo special everywhere but here hahaha and I need to post it here too, right?
Soon my space on SmackJeeves will be gone and so I'll have to remove Volume 1 (I'm a bit worried about that) so I am looking for a different way to host this (worpress included).
Today I will show you a sneak peak at what will be the cover of chapter 8.

Something very important will happen to Kane and Castalia in this chapter and they will look quite nuts hahahaha, that's the kind of guys they are... remember to place them in a context: the kind of world they want to live in. :D

So have a good week-end, I'm going to get breakfast now!