Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Pirate Balthasar T-shirt

So Society6 is the only one that would actually print white before printing the image. therefore I will place the t-shirt for sale here. Now, nevermind what the previews looks like, you can actually buy a brown tshirt (which is the most appealing to me and I might get one too :D) I will place some of the other product that I usually keep on zazzle in here too as I've heard that the print quality is far superior. -->

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Da pagina 60 a pagina 62

Avrete notato che Shockdom sta avendo problemi. Posto qui le ultime tre pagine uscite per facilitare la continuità della lettura. :D


Monday, June 10, 2013

Piko the toad headed agama

Some people have been asking about Piko.
He is a toad headed (or toad head) agama probably the Arabian kind... haven't drawn him with a black tail so he might not be a black tail agama hahaha.

Anyway we don't have these kinds of babies here in Singapore (nor in Italy) but there are plenty of agamids on school grounds and just today I dropped my lunch and conversation halfway (leaving my poor friend hanging) because I spotted one by the pond.

I love running after lizards. As soon as it saw me it curled its tail and became very territorial and then smiled.
I always tell my students: when they smile, run!

Agamas are like the reptile version of grumpy cat, particularly this kind.
When upset it kinds frills up a bit and so it looks like it's smiling or laughing, then suddenly has this serious expression on its face.

You should look for videos on youtube. They are funny!

Initially I was thinking of a gecko... because I have 4 in my house (wild ones) but these are more fun.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Cat fanart

Everybody loves Cat... including her, whaleseeker.

Click on her name to follow her work on Deviant Art and leave a nice comment under her drawings :D