Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Contest OVER!

Alrighty matey! Today our two contests ended and now... mhhh it's time to vote! Yah?
I am going to put polls in the sidebar (since the Fan Art poll also ended).

For Foxy's contest... we have 3 entries:
Dress A
You can get a better look here
Dress B
You can get a better look here

by elianthos80

Dress C You can get a better look here

by Boys-In-Love

Our Friend Boys-In-Love already won (as she was the only participant) thanks to this beauty here, in the category ARTISTS for the Draw your Wilson Kane contest. So you can ask anything you want from me (except for my kidneys cuz they are no good, I'm telling ya! ahr ahr ahr).

Now... for the NON ARTISTS category... we have soooo many entries!
I need to figure out a way to make a poll!
In the meantime... vote for the Fox and vote for Fickle <_3_>___l

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