Wednesday, October 31, 2012

La fuori! - Completo

Come da richiesta ecco la versione riveduta e correta dello speciale "La' fuori".

 Vale la pena rileggerlo anche solo per le correzioni :D

Out there! - Special - Complete

For all those who waited for it, here's the complete release of Out there! Enjoy!
There are some changes in the dialogues and typos should all be fixed.

Make up! - Page 8 - END

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lucerio - page 9

Let's rate the specials.

I understand that some specials were not liked as much as others, be it the drawing style or the seriousness of the story... so let me see which one you liked the most so that I can stay away from the stories you are not quite so interested in reading and are not your cup of tea.
Limits and boundaries are good things as they challenge creativity.

I've decided to do ratings instead of polls so that you could express your opinion on all of them instead of just having to pick one.
Be honest!

I know you are very nice people and would want to go 5 stars on all of them :D, thank you but
please don't.

I would like for you to really:

1) pick your favorite
2) then rate the others according to the order of preference from most favorite to least favorite.
3) Leave a comment if possible to explain your choice.

This is very important as Make up! is about to end and we need to choose what should go next and what tone should it have.

In the meantime I would like to thank you all for helping me with the Calendar. It has been decided that it will have a Realistic style and it will be a combination of cute/romantic little scenes.


From The Pirate Balthasar - BLOG

Our Night

From The Pirate Balthasar - BLOG


From The Pirate Balthasar - BLOG

Lost and Found

From The Pirate Balthasar - BLOG


From The Pirate Balthasar - BLOG

He's oursss!

From The Pirate Balthasar - BLOG

Out there

From The Pirate Balthasar - BLOG

Make up!

From The Pirate Balthasar - BLOG

Make up! - page 5

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lucerio - page 8

I hope you are enjoying this. I thought it would a cute little story to share during Halloween :D

Make up! - page 4

Happy Halloween 1

Today I'm a little late with the page, so I have to inverte the release with the greetings.
I hope you don't mind.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Lucerio - page 7

Recap of the Recap

This was posted before the comics ended. Let's see how far we got into our list.


These one will be about the scene I had to delete because they could not fit. 

One of this stories is called The Storm it's about how the ship deals with the storm when there are 5 girls on board. (storyboarded already)

The Pirate Balthasar - Before!

Content planned:
1) How Kane met Foxy
2) How Kane met Cat
3) How Kane met Westley
4) A series of adventures in Bologna, one of which will be investigating a murder.

If you have any ideas for this let me know. 

Will follow another series which I plan to call: The Pirate Balthasar - Adventure!

Possible content:
1) A visit to Badia (sicily) Balthasar vs. the Mafia.
2) Balthasar vs. Circes (a witch)
3) and the one story I hinted about in the promo (the one with Kane kissing Castalia's leg): Castalia's great adventure!
4) How durians arrived in Italy: Balthasar in Malaysia. 

If you have any ideas for this let me know.

Will follow another series probably called: The Pirate Balthasar - Next!

Possible contents:
1) Every time we say goodbye. I might call this series "The pirate's wife" (Kes and Wes and lots of baby Itzak). So far I have 3 stories in mind for this serie: Froggy (about wes and itzak - storyboarded already), the Turks (this one is a bit sad) and How to be a Pirate wife (the girls).
2) Balthasar and Andromeda (The next generation)
3) (and this one I am still trying to gather my thoughts about but it's like a 10 years after).

And why not? I will also attempt: The Pirate Balthasar XXI!

Since you seemed to enjoy the illustrations so much.
God knows what the style will be for these specials... and let's hope I'll be granted health, wealth and time to achieve such a scheme.

So far it seems like we are doing okay.
Then I posted an announcement for the story Olympics
and all your ideas became:


The Ninja idea I kinda used it for the Cat Special!
(we shall use it again and it could become our meme hahaha)

- Pifo Beauty Corner 
- The librarian

Were the first to be "completed". Since Pifo Beauty Corner had a script a started with that one.

So what shall we do next? I was thinking.... how about I let you choose?

Make up! - page 3

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lucerio - page 4

I think you are going to enjoy tomorrow's update.

Pifo's beauty corner has a short introduction (with historical fun facts) but then we start with a truly useful tutorial! :D It will be Pifolicious!

Make up! - Cover

Oh, no! Pifo took over the comic and now has created a beauty corner!
Are you keen to know what's a good way to apply make up according to Pifo?

This special is the first one belonging to the Balthasar Project - the text was written by a friend of mine who is a make up blogger. This is her facebook page: Soffice Lavanda  (it's only Italian but she has pictures and if you ask her questions in English she can reply to you quite fluently) :D

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lucerio - page 3

Coming up next!

I have a huge list of things to do and very little time to do it (I got involved, without my consent, in something really time consuming that hopefully will be done by Wednesday).

- I need to make website buttons for the different series. Some people want to read the romance, other the adventures. I think the regular series and the specials could be offered as different things.

- I have to start on the calendar and thank you on all the ones who participated in the polls and chose the topics.

- I owe you lots of illustrations, some are work in progress: disneyfied characters, steampunk, space pirates, gender bender, character as animals, Halloween, etc etc.

- we need the Ultimate Poll for the Castalia stylized special. (but that is not urgent).

- Not to mention I have to publish the comic in Italian on scribd for the the Balthasar log.

But most of all COMING UP NEXT!

We have 100 more pages before the volume ends.

I have a lot of stories in mind to finish the volume but you might not want to read them all... sooooo... what if you got to choose what comes next?
Would you like to do that?

Out there! - Page 23 - END

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Out there! - Fan art -

Hi guy,
I think some of you may already have seen this drawing on facebook, since this is where Elisa posted it.

It was inspired by current events in the story.
Isn't it just great? So soft and delicate?

By the way Elisa has a website -click here- where you can go and see the rest of her works!
So pay her a visit! :D

Out there! - page 20

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lucerio _cover

Hi guys,
this is a comic I drew back in the 80's when I was about 14/15 years old, for some competition of which I can't remember details.

As I went back home for the holidays I found it in one of my drawers and thought you might get a kick out of it, since it's rather funny for many possible ways.

 You will notice that my research on Victorian life was not very good, although I did my homework on costumes (but then again I was always fond of costumes) and so there will be quite a few historical mistakes.

 It's inspired by horror stories written during the romantic period (I was always a big fan of ghost/horror stories, the kinds they use to tell each other on Christmas eve) particuarly by Th√®ophile Gautier who is also mentioned in the comic itself.

It's the story of Fanny. She is a famous writer, albeit she gets published under the pen name: Lucerio.

Everybody believes she is a man and she even invented a very romantic biography for her male alias. Until one day, while going Christmas shopping, Fanny meets a mysterious man who introduces himself as Lucerio in person.

Is this some kind of trick?

Out there! - Page 19

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lio Rococo Punk

Some of you asked for Steampunk...

Okay it's not really Steampunk (I have to confess I don't fully grasp the concept of Steampunk: it should be victorian plus mecha)... this is more like.. Rococopunk? Maybe!

Anyway this is Lio a rose amongst roses!

Steampunk was requested and I am doing my best - maybe for the next one I might stick with the actual Victorian setting but I kinda like ruffles so I might go back to the 1700 instead.

Out there! - page 18

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh, my... dress!

 I was watching this show called If Walls could talk, something elianthos passed to me on dvd and that I truly enjoyed, and as Lucy Worsley was trying to replicate a dance of the XVII century (at one point they pick the 1660 because of the restoration in the U.k. which is very interesting to compare with what was going on in the rest of Europe)... anyways as she was trying the dance I noticed that her dance partner had his dress tailored after the fashion I picked for Westley' wedding dress.

That was interesting as I did pick a dress in British fashion for that day, the only difference is that Westley tied the pants around the knees in the ducth fashion.

That's because his fashion sense is a bit dated, comes from all over the places (North and South Europe) and because he is not high class after all... so he might have the clothing but he wears them whichever way he likes and can.
Probably he also likes to roll up his socks on top of his pants too.

Anyways it was interesting to see that I still remembered my costumes right.
If you were interested to see where the red crevatte and ribbons came from it is also from Dutch fashion.

I think paintings are the best source of information ever, for historical reconstructions... look how cute these girls dresses are!