Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Internet! Nooo!

So yesterday I was going to upload this illustration, the one I already posted on Smack Jeeves, so that today I could post the next one.

Somehow they are upgrading the network here, on campus, and the internet was down. With the result that I looked at my drawers and realized I needed socks and I went out to buy some... and ended up looting stores.
I am obsessed with cute socks. Unfortunately for me Orchard Road is evil... it has Kinokuniya, Lego store, Uniqlo and Vintage Toy Store in one block. So I started at Art Friend, where I went looking for blue pencils but - belive me, they don't sell cool erase pencil outside of the U.s. sigh - so I am trying new ones. Then I got a Shin Takahashi book from Kino (last volume of Kimi no Kakera, plus artbook, soooo droooolicious) and tried to order Alary's Sinbad, vol.3. but they said they'll let me know which means... mhhh, probably no.

Then I got cute socks. I was so going to get the ones with the bear shouting Umaaaai, shiawaseeee! (so good, I'm happy) at the honey jar but it came in pink and I don't do pink.
Then I saw the Lego store... ooooh, do I miss my pirate ship and my little shark chewing on the blocky lady (she is so ugly) and saw this: Imperial Flagship!
Now will you look at that, it says... "hard to find" and here it goes for about 200 dollars actually.

I'm afraid it will be gone soon but I drooled on it for about 15 minutes. Because I miss my Pirate ship so much... I ended up buying myself these little friends: Kraken attack.
So I can play with them when I am stressed. Goooo Giant Cephalopod! Chew chew!
I wish I could put one in the Pirate Balthasar... like the one that attacks Captain Nemo but they don't have any in the Mediterranean sea.

Then of course Uniqlo will be the death of me, because I love their UT cartoon t shirts... and I got 3 One Piece t-shirts, two of them say: I will be the King of Pirates! LOL
Do you want to see pictures? :D

Alright, by popular demand (hi Anti-End!)... here's some pictures! XDD

This is the black one. I also got a baby blue one and another black one... those I am washing now btw LOLz.

Here's the lego set. I shall put it together in my spare time, the one I don't use to draw.

More pictures are posted in my personal blog. I keep that one in Italian but pictures are universal.


May Fan said...

I vote yes to the one piece pirate shirts! :)

Btw hi! I'm Anti-end on smackjeeves I've checked out your blog before but I never got the chance to leave a message :D I really like your webcomi. It always puts me in a nice mood :3

May Fan (anti-end)

May Fan said...

whaaa~~ I'm so damn jealous!! :3 that's too cool!!
> A < Your making want to get back into legos!! XD

dedasaur said...

Lego can be preeeetty evil! Hahahahaha