Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too darn hot 2

So DA forces me to put a mature content tag on it... even though, to me, it's sensual and not sexual or whatever. Apparently it's because I know the story and others don't so I see it a sweet picture and to them, if I am not careful, is underage erotica! XDD

Anyways, hopefully you don't mind either. Nevertheless, as I mentioned, these are called "too darn hot" for a reason.

A little warning to Cat's fans.... step away from the computer, fainting on the keyboard causes horrible marks!

A small consideration on this scene... Cat looks so sweet all the time but he really is hungry too. He is not very successful with girls, like the others, partly because he is a moor and partly because he is very short. So when someone like Feetsie shows up and is willing to give you all the love you ever lacked... Cat go at it like a starving person to an all you can eat buffet! XD

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Anonymous said...

That Cat managed to keep a sweet and caring side - as shown towards all of the girls on board - , in spite of his past, his looks and of his being twice an outcast in a way (his ethnicity and the branding... ) only makes him more endearing imho.
He has earned his meal :p . And a lady who is willing to make him purr and take care of his tartufo*, beside the more tender feelings.

*Sovvy, but a fangirl can speculate on her hidden arm... ;p