Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Coming soon! Yeah!

Hi there! It was a very long day, for me, today... but it was fun...
Are you peeping at my desk, you moody pirate?
Okay, Kane, I am rendering! You will be out there on time.... So tonight no extra drawing... sorry, the release is tomorrow and I still need to fix a couple of things including a background! ^^"
Oh why did I leave if for last?
And by the way, since you ask questions, let me ask you one: Did you see that your poll is up?
<_3_>___l.... vote for Fickle! Spit!
Noo, we are not voting for Fickle, we are voting for Kane, right here!
I had to make an extra page to hold the poll because there were so many drawings! (of course Polldaddy deformed the images sigh)....

So, Dear Participants to the Wilson Kane contest... don't forget to vote for your own drawing and call your friend to vote for you drawing, so you get to win.
Yes, I am urging you to cheat... we are the pirates, after all!

And yes! You get to pick the dress for Foxy too... so he is not naked anymore! *_*

Yes, he reached puberty! Eh? What does that have to do with his dress? Oh... I think you noticed sexual innuendos in the way some of the dressed do come off...

Yes, Kane, you are very keen and perceptive at times.

Except when you are moody and don't quite catch signs too well when it comes to your own problems either..

Let me ask you one thing....

... did you miss her?

You did, didn't you! Muahahahahah!
Are you fully aware of what's been going on with you and the girl, so far?
You are not... oh, but you will!

Your life is about to change, my man, and when it does... let's see if a Balthasar is really as perfect as he claims to be.
Heh heh heh!

<_3_>___l... what about Fickle?
I'll vote for you, cutie, don't worry! You're just my type... so brown and scaly!

Ehi, you, Pillow Talkers... don't forget about the dialogue game hahahaha.

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