Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tic tac teasing!

I love the smell of teasing in the morning! Of course, as usual, I will not show you everything... muahahahaha.
Are we supposed to put terms and conditions over kissing or should kisses be unconditioned?

Some people might be tired of bargains and deals... like you have to haggle all the time.
Other people find it difficult not cutting the corners.

Who's right and who's wrong? Depends on the counterpart.

For sure there are those who desire and wish to be desired in return. Pursuing is fine, I will pursue you till the end of time if you want me to... show me you want me to.

On the other hand there's the problem that, by winning a kiss in a gamble, the other one feels obliged to comply. Pity love or love that comes out of obligation is very mortifying.
So one can ask or demand but if the other one does not want you... it's useless to force them, right?

Wilson Kane said so: my boys know how to take a "no".

Somehow, I just want you to know, pink is a contagious color.

In short the doctor was not hallucinating, the poor man, life did turn pink.

If others confirm that pink is there... the doctor did find something on the road to Damascus, didn't he?

Fickle is happy, today, we have been downloaded more than 100 times! *_*
Make him happy and vote for Fickle so he'll make more friends hahahaha.
<_3_>___l Fickle wants to see pink too! spit!

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