Saturday, September 11, 2010


Why don't you post today if the chapter is done, Deda?

I try to avoid certain dates if I can. Today is 911.
I was living in the U.s. when 911 happened.
Me, when I think of that day, I think of the many losses and what brought people to commit such actions.
I think of the fear.,, about the fact that I could not look at the sky the same way for many years.
I think of the horrible feeling of time standing still, the Earth standing still... and the silence that follows is something that could drive you insane.
I think of all the consequences that event has brought upon us. I think of all the people who sacrificed a lot for others and are not treated as the heroes they are.
I think of all the things that have been hidden from us and the lies that followed.

I think of all the horrible stories I've read and heard after that day... of what people saw and how they lost everything.

My nephew and niece were born in a world with no Twin Towers.
I went up on those, even though I am scared of heights, and I swear... it was the first time I realized Earth, our Gaia, really is round: the horizon curved. It was such a clear morning...

Because today is 911 it cannot be a TPB's day.

Today is not a day we need to remember... it's day we cannot forget.

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