Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The world ends in 2012?

So does The Pirate Balthasar... but if we could get the world to stick around a little longer we might get the chance to see some special volumes with extra stories for The Pirate Balthasar - with more pirate actions, family love and future generations showing up!
One story I absolutely want to draw is called "Every time we say goodbye" *_* and it would be nice to see some off-springs, eh?

For example, these two... have quite an interesting story to tell: Balthasar and Andromeda.
If you follow the link to Deviant Art it will tell you why, all of a sudden, I stopped my series of themed illustrations to draw these two... but anyways, once out of the system, I have 3 more "too darn hot" in progress and The musketeers will come after the weekend - if all goes as planned! *_*

Balthasar and Andromeda by ~Dedasaur on deviantART

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