Wednesday, September 08, 2010

flashback uh-oh!

Did I share with you guys my silly Pifo avatar?
I use it around forums hahahaha
Italian version sounds more like Quoque-muuuu... new name for Quoque-tu LOL

I am done with clean up and editing so tomorrow I will start lettering and rendering.
While I was thinking that I realized I had not picked a color for flashbacks... I cannot do sepia, duh, the whole thing is already a giant flashback in sepia color of sort ....

How to put a flashback inside a flashback?
I'll think about it... maybe use purple or maybe use green... I don't know yet, that's what I need to figure out and that is why I just tried to get ahead of myself as much as I could today.
Aren't you glad? You finally get to see Kane without his mask!
That's him... the boy... ah bread, lovely Sicilian bread, how much I miss you! *ç*

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