Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One more day to play

One more day to play with our Pillow Talk game?

You come up with dialogues for this illustration and I'll put the winner in and post it in the comic - with credits - and as usual there's always a give away drawing.

Your answer MUST be posted here, in the comments (if you cannot post cuz you don't have an ID you can always email tynstudios(at)

Entries so far:


1) ma ma ma ma, oh toh toh toh toh
2) Vvvvvv
3) ...
4) chu


- Perchance to dream... are you following me still?
- hmmm... all reading and no play makes Kane's treasure a dull toy
-just keep reading, 'mmkay. For this voice of yours I could rub your treasure all that you want. TOMORROWzzzz
- I'm so weak *sighs, fingercombs hair*

- *snugglerub* Are you ready yet, pumpkin?
- ... This time *I* get the feathers and the bondage. AND the honey jar.
- hihihi *smooch*

3) - s-so sleepy *leans on arm* s-so warm, my C-Cat...
- (wah, you're so purrrfect I want to eat you and protect you at once)

4)- How's the Doctor tonight? *chu*
- He has never been so fine.
- Indeed you are very fine
- Finely said by the finest lips
- Finely sealed *chuchuchuchuchu*


1) Well this is exciting. I get all worked up and you fall asleep the first chance you get.

2) Mmm so warm. She clings so tightly..gah! Can't breathe!

3) Well that was easy. Asleep like a little kitten..prrr

4) If only I could hold you closer, keep you safe from sickness and despair, always.

NEW ENTRY - Ilaria (in Italian):

Kane: “MERCUZIO: Orsù, signore, la tua passata! [Si battono.]…”

Castalia: *zZz*

Kane: *Ma come già dorme? E fortuna che le stavo leggendo di un duello! Bah tanto vale che passi alla parte che preferisco…

“ Entra Balthasar, con gli stivali…”


Lio: Già sazio, tesorino?

Foxy: Io sazio?? Dopo tutto quel digiuno non sarò mai abbastanza sazio di te…

Lio: Allora sei pronto per la terza portata?

Foxy: Se c’è, lo sarò anche per il dessert…


Piedi: *ronf ronf*

Cat: *E ora?! Fa anche le fusa, la micina… Si, è proprio quella giusta…*


Kes: *pchu pchu gnam*

Doc: Ehi ehi cosa fai con quelle labbrucce? Non sono una ciambella…

Kes: ma... co ste fragranze che emani potresti essere un bel ciambellone... *pchgnum*

Doc: *aiuto*

I am currently finishing up drawing the next update. I think it will be a little chubbier than expected. It's a matter of making things flow nicely.
Plus it's hard to describe Hell breaking loose.

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