Monday, September 20, 2010

Too darn hot 4

We stop our "too darn hot" series here, for now...
More to come in the future when certain things will no longer be considered spoilers.
Also I will be uploading the corrected version of elianthos' drawing soon, since she fixed her Foxy's portrait.

How was your talk like a pirate day? This is how mine went... I went to see parrots.
That's right!

I went to Jurong's Bird Park and was blown away by the beauty of the place.
I think I found a friend too.
Having a parrot (lorrie) next to me... totally made my pirate day very piratey! *_*

He wanted food from me and was meowing like a cat!
I guess I am not pirate enough to kidnap him hahahaha.

Eventually I made a second friend who will definitely become Balthasar's pet when we go into that story! She was soooo pretty.

I also met an owl... and I swear she looked like Pea, especially when she tilted the head up and stared at me so coolly!

By the way... for about a minute or so... I think I saw Heaven!

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