Friday, September 10, 2010

tic tic tac!

Aaaah, I am almost done with rendering.
Part 1 is done, I leave Castalia and Kane behind and go see what the rest of the group is doing... which means: splash of colors!
I have to say that, from this moment on, Wilson Kane will crack me up like there's no tomorrow.
I like how Castalia grows fonder and fonder of him while the poor guy keeps crashing on her unexpectedly.
How much longer can he possibly withstand all these quirks penting up... God knows!
He might blow up, one day.

For being someone who likes to be in control of his own destiny, falling for a person that is most impossible to control must be really tough... she is ignorant... she is a tomboy... she is not completely aware of flowers and bees... doesnt' get things right away and, at times, turns into a ferret and bites.
When she should be mad at him she does not get mad. She does not ask questions either.

Then she says or does something that shows her wisdom, beyond her years and beyond any books he has read... she is street smart, of course. Plus she is a Botticelli with feet!
Oh, the man is going to go nuts.

In the end I found a nice blue/green for the flashback.
This should work...
It looks pretty nice on the page! :D

Now, time to pass to full color... the doctor is going for the girl and finally steps into action.

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