Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cosimo and Tirzah

Here's the promised illustration for today: Cosimo and Tirzah.
Very easy to tell who is who, right?

Interesting enough, Cosimo is a sweet boy and Tirzah just looks scary but she is a bit more like Cassandra.
Being both very calm and slow their story takes a while to pick up hahahaha.
It might interest you to know that he is the doctor and she is the pilot on Balthasar's ship.


Anonymous said...

Waaah <3 .
Cosimo is just so handsome and sort of sweet (he has his mom's eyes expression :3), Tirzah is the spitting image of the Doc in his intense moments XD *_*.
Her name rings a bell but I can't remember, >.< .
Ok, I caved in and googled it. Yay, Song of Songs ref! *__*
'Tirzah is also mentioned in Song of Songs verse 6:4 where the lover compares his beloved's beauty to that of Tirzah.'<-- wiki
My, my, Wes must be a very proud daddy :D *_* .

dedasaur said...

Yes... Biblical names sprouting out like mushrooms!

Also... my love for Ben Hur shines through like crazy eh?