Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kane Fan Art

It's kind of sad that it came after the contest was done... but I guess it would have been a tough choice, though, between this one and the one Boys in Love had made for the contest, eh?
Anyways, our lady of greens, elianthos has her on version of the unmasked Wilson Kane and his gorgeous hair and mesmerizing eyes! *ç* (me boy looks so pwetty!)

<_3_>_-shivers-_l Fickle likes, vote for Fickle, spit!
I bet he wants a portrait too... didn't you see the one I made of you with Kane?
I guess you didn't like it because you looked scared and were pooping too! Hahahahahaha.

I think I found an idea for the Musketeers... finally!

Caught by ~elianthos80 on deviantART

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