Saturday, September 04, 2010

Chapter 8 - Cover

Goodmorning! It's a very nice saturday morning, here in Singapore!
I will be taking part of the day off and go buy some groceries hahaha.

First things first: Thank you all very much for all the messages I've found today. Grazie di cuore!
It was very nice to wake up to so many encouraging messages, here on SmackJeeves, Deviant Art and Facebook.

I always say that I draw this comic for myself - even though Fickle wants to be voted (I guess chameleons need attentions) - but it's always good to know that other people enjoy what I enjoy.

I've had a very hard week, did not take the last week-end off at all, and I've been having working hours that kept me in school until 8pm. Balthasar keeps me going and if you like it too and show appreciation it gives me the extra boost! I want to do more!

By the way, I received a spectacular and super hilarious fan-fic. I will be drawing a cover for it and post a pdf for you to read!

So, today I will post again... I posted the Pifo special everywhere but here hahaha and I need to post it here too, right?
Soon my space on SmackJeeves will be gone and so I'll have to remove Volume 1 (I'm a bit worried about that) so I am looking for a different way to host this (worpress included).
Today I will show you a sneak peak at what will be the cover of chapter 8.

Something very important will happen to Kane and Castalia in this chapter and they will look quite nuts hahahaha, that's the kind of guys they are... remember to place them in a context: the kind of world they want to live in. :D

So have a good week-end, I'm going to get breakfast now!


Anonymous said...

Is the fanfic the fanfic I'm thinking of? XD *_*
So you did read the improved version after all. And you told me nothing! ARGH! XDDD

Yay, the chapter cover in all his glossy hair glory !
I've ended up modifying my Talia closeup after seeing it, the gesture resemblance otherwise was freaking me out. Mind-melding of the unholy? XD


What do you mean about lacking SJ space? O_O

dedasaur said...

there's like a little counter at the bottom of the webcomic... which tells me how full my account is.
So I have 274 paged there and I have only a little chunk left to fill and am wondering if it will be enough for volume 2.

So I am looking into wordpress to see if I can actually host volume 1 there so I can keep posting the pages on SJ.

Anonymous said...

@Deda: have you tried asking the SJ admins for a workaround already? If you remove the first volume all the people's comments will go poof ;_;
If you want I'll give you my password and you can use my SJ account to keep posting some more >3... I'll register a new one for commenting XD.