Wednesday, December 29, 2010

tic tac back!

The nature of our tic tacs might have changed... at least until I get a new camera!
Mine has a had a little accident with food and leakage... to cut the story short it's broken.

So... no more tic tacs? For a while I could not post anything then I thought: "I could change the way I post preview" - finger to my chin... "because right now I have everything ready until page 50 of chapter 9".

That means... until page 45 - end of the chapter - plus 5 pages into the special... that will consist of 6 pages (page 6 I am cleaning up) and I am already drawing chapter 10.
I already posted the cover for chapter 10... I think I am doing good. Let's hope to keep it up after my parents arrive here in Singapore! hahahahaha.

And those up there are some of the scenes you'll get to seen pretty soon.

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