Friday, December 24, 2010

Fifth entry... ooooh!

Here we go... this game is getting more and more fun!

Some anonymous user left his/her entrance for the Papadopulos... (come forth anonymous, don't be afraid): Jessica Stam!

She thought this looked like Pea:

and this one looked like Lio:

and the one on the right could be Castalia:

She/he also said I draw a lot of 3/4 up shot and not just for Pea that look like this:

Then she/he proposes Romulo Pires for Josh:

...and this boy, called Raphael Sanders for Foxy:

Now Kyra also entered the game with some Juicy stuff!!!

Proposing Jason Lewis - the REAL Absolut (e) Hunk - for the doctor.

And David Gandy (the Dolce & Gabbana man) for Wilson Kane:

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