Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Real beauties...

Alright, guys! We have our fist entry!

Kitsxchan proposed....

This dude for Kane... (name: Bartek Borowiec)

And this pretty boy for Foxy! (dear God this is Mathias Lauridsen! I did not recognize him at first!!!)

She also suggest Hayden Panettiere could be either Lio or Kes...

By the way... elianthos has left a bunch of useful links... to browse:

Hot models 1
Hot models 2
Hot models 3
Hot models 4
Hot models 5

What do you think? *_*

Yay for the first entry!!! And might I add... drool!


Supervillain entered the game!

We have one entry for Cat... but please follow the link to Deviant Art as this guys is a real boy... suggested by tiffc.

And this is Foxy according to ~I-Love-You-Too-Kain

I need water!!!!


Anonymous said...

The first guy really looks the part but not so much the second guy but there both very much hottness.

Kitsxchan said...

Yay im glad you liked them.
the only reason why i chose the second guy was because he looked younger, and thats what i thought about when looking for foxy, just slap a wig and a few earings and he'll be good!

Kitsxchan said...

Oh and before I leave i have one more suggestion for one of the sisters, this is either for Kes or Lio:

hayden panettiere

You know the girl from Heroes? i couldnt decide on a picture so ill leave you to pic one if you think she fits