Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chapter 10 cover

With only a few pages to go, before chapter 9 ends... and having a little special ready too (which will be uploaded daily on the blog too)... some of you might be wondering: who will get on the cover of chapter 10?

Well, it's about time Pifo and his Eternal Love(s) get on the cover!
So here we have him as beautiful as he could possibly be... finally on the cover of chapter 10!

Some of you might have noticed that the releases are still the same when it comes to number of pages, more or less, but the content has shifted or changed.

Some things are moving into the specials and new ideas surfaced along the way but... most of the stuff that's mentioned in the calendar will be there... just not when promised. But that' a good thing... because the aunties are coming back! *_*

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