Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Third entry... go real beauty, go!

We have some new entries...

Patricia proposes Gaspard Ulliel for Foxy...

And he is French too!

And Breed did her homework seriously too!
Will you look at this! (but she does not know their names... and neither do I... if you do know let us know!)


Are Cat's eyes like these?

But his face and hair is more like this!


Martin Steeves

By the way... the red head (beautiful hair *_*) guy proposed in the first post is called: Bartek Borowiec and he is Polish!

He is about 20 something years old (just FYI).

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Justyna said...

yeee Bartek Borowiec <3 Polish guys are really cute! (; I still searching for comparing[?] and I'm looking only for polish ;p